Water Pill

Water Pill Product


Water Pill by GinSen a Kidney Yang tonic helps body fluid balance. It helps to reduce the accumulation of bodily fluid and promotes natural fat burning along with boosting blood circulation. Based on the principles of Chinese medicine it works by getting to the root cause of water retention.


mushroom remedy

Mushroom Remedy Product


Mushroom Remedy by GinSen is a unique blend of 7 herbs ( mushrooms ) in 1 tablet. These mushroom remedy tablets are ideal to add to your daily routine to improve concentration, energy, support digestion health and enhance immune system function.


chinese herbs for kidney health

The Five Best Chinese Herbs for Kidneys Health Blog Post

The Five Best Chinese Herbs for Kidneys Health In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the kidneys are considered essential organs that produce many vital substances which are needed to live a...
blood sugar remedy

Blood Sugar Remedy Product


Blood Sugar Remedy by GinSen are natural supplements to support body’s natural blood sugar and insulin balance. Expertly formulated by Chinese Medicine experts to support blood glucose level, boost energy, eliminate body water retention, help with food craving and absorption. Made with the finest natural ingredients, these supplements work by getting to the root cause and are ideal to add to your daily routine


Skin Conditions Solution Page

Goodbye To Skin Troubles With Natural Remedy Let Natural Herbs Protect Your SKin  Chinese Medicine views skin disorders a symptom of an underlying imbalance in your body. GinSen's natural skin...

Hormone Balance Natural Solution Page

WhatsApp: +44 (0) 7917885925 Online Consultation Tel Booking : +44 (0)207 937 7968 Video Consultation Take Control Of Your Hormones Naturally Hormonal Imbalance Doesn't Occur Overnight  Hormone Imbalance and its...