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The Traditional Chinese Medicine Experts offering pioneering treatments, herbal products and free advice to everyone.
When Lily Li Hua founded GinSen in 2002 she set out to gather the greatest traditional Chinese medicine specialists alongside the leading physiotherapists. Here at GinSen today we have an expert team with Chinese Doctors with over 30 years experience in each of their fields.

We specialise in infertility and weight loss treatments and unlike Western medicine, we look at all the surrounding factors that can affect conditions from lifestyle to emotional well being. That’s why we’re London’s Traditional Chinese Medicine Experts.

With over 16 years of experience, we take time to discuss all your needs, condition, medical history and lifestyle in order to find the issues that are affecting your health. We offer support throughout every stage, from initial consultation to your last treatment.

We understand that problems like infertility and weight management can be stressful and upsetting, that’s why everyone, from our front of house team to our doctors and therapists aim to provide a welcoming and calm atmosphere for all patients.

Our unique treatments range from natural, drug-free traditional treatments to pioneering use of traditional Chinese medicine in conjunction with conventional Western medical treatment. We create treatment plans tailored to suit your body, drawing on our range of natural therapies. Our experts will help you discover how acupuncture, Chinese massage and traditional herbal medicine can transform your life.

To learn more arrange a free consultation or pop into one of our clinics today.

You can also call us on 0207 937 7968 or 0207 751 5606 or just drop us a message below.

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The Energy Of Life

Qi – Usually translated as “vital energy” – is considered to be life’s animating force and substance, symbolising life in all its forms: thoughts and emotions, tissue and blood, inner life and outer expression.

Qi is distributed throughout the body by a network of channels or meridiens. Disease is present when the flow of vital energy through the channels is disrupted.

Each of the organs of the body is represented by a channel, and diseases of a particular organ can be treated by using acupuncture points on the channel representing that organ.

The Theory of Balance

Yin and Yang – The two elements of Yin and Yang represent the opposite forces that make up existence. Yin is the female force – receptive and cool in nature. Yang is the male force, representing movement and heat.

Harmony between these two opposing yet complementary forces supports good health, whilst disease results from an imbalance between the two forces.

Resting on these principles is the rest of TCM theory and application, such as the causes of disharmony resulting in imbalances. The art of traditional Chinese medicine is to identify the imbalance accurately so that it can be corrected quite specifically.

The Complete System

Our broad system of identifying and correcting imbalances in the body applies to all aspects of treatment by Traditional Chinese Medicine: acupuncture, herbal medicine, Chinese massage and cupping combined with advice on diet and exercise.

Chinese medicine views the human body with great respect, knowing its infinite capacity to rejuvenate.

Our TeamMeet your specialists

Fertility & TCM Specialist: Jiang Ling Lu
Specialist Jiang Ling Lu: TCM practitioner
Fertility & TCM Specialist: Yanhua Jiang
Specialist Yanhua Jiang: Fertility and TCM Practitioner

MilestonesBrief History of Our Company


GinSen (Dr Lily Therapy Centre) is established at 168 Finchley Road, Hampstead , London NW3 6Jp. Found by Practitioner Li Hua Li,  the clinic treated thousands of patients over a course of five years. This clinic Specialised in Fertility, Infertility, Weight Loss and Skin Disorder.

February, 2006

GinSen moves to 11 Harben Parade, Swiss Cottage, NW3 6JP. The next 10 years see Ginsen make many great achievements in the fields of infertility, weight lose and well being, during that time GinSen also offered local free lessons of Chinese Medicine therapy, reflexology and tongue diagnosis. GinSen continued to build its reputation as the premier TCM practice. Over 8000 people visited during this period.

March, 2009

GinSen opens its third clinic at 97 Southampton Row, London WC1B 4HH. This new clinic focuses on the treatment of Weight Loss, Fertility, Infertility and general Well-being. Practitioner Li Hua Li goes on to be interviewed and is recognised as an expert in her field by national media reporters. The clinic goes on to serve over 4000 patients.

March, 2010

GinSen opens its fourth clinic at 157 Kings Road , London SW3 5Tx

The exposure leads to patients from all over the globe visiting the GinSen clinics. During the last 15 years GinSen has developed a rich experience and expertise in Fertility, Infertility, Weight loss, Research and Therapy.

To date GinSen has been interviewed by BBC Radio 5 Live, The Telegraph, Fertility Road magazine, The Guardian and many other local press associations.