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Azoospermia Treatment

No sperm count?

Traditional Chinese Medical Azoospermia Treatment Can Help

Azoospermia Treatment Introduction

Azoospermia is a condition where no sperm is present in a man’s ejaculate. This condition differs from having a low sperm count where some sperm is produced, just in insufficient quantities to induce a pregnancy naturally. A normal sperm count is 15 million per ml or more, men with low sperm counts have a lower sperm count than this and men with azoospermia have no measurable sperm in their ejaculate. Azoospermia is a primary contributor to male infertility and affects approximately 1% of all men. In this article we will explore this condition from a Western as well as a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective and provide helpful advice and natural non invasive evidence based treatment options.

What causes Azoospermia

cause azoospermia

There are two potential causes for Azoospermia. Obstructive and Non Obstructive.

  • Obstructive Azoospermia means that the man is producing sperm but it’s getting blocked from exit so there’s no measurable amount of sperm in his semen.
  • Non Obstructive Azoospermia indicates that the man has poor or no sperm production due to defects in the structure or function of the testicles or other causes.

Obstructive causes may be due to:

  • Blockages along the reproductive tract, for example a varicocele which is an enlargement of the vein in the scrotum that drains the testicles. Blockages can also occur along the epididymis (The coiled tube on the back of each testicle where sperm matures), the vas deferens (The tube that transports sperm from the epididymis) and along the ejaculatory duct (The tube from which the sperm exit into the urethra and mix with fluid to form semen)
  • Damage to the testicular structure or function due to an infection, inflammation or trauma to the testes or prostate
  • Having had a previous vasectomy (planned permanent contraceptive procedure in which the vas deferens are cut or clamped to prevent the flow of sperm).

Non-obstructive causes of azoospermia include:

  • Side effects of some medications such as anti inflammatory drugs, cancer treatments, steroids and antibiotics
  • Smoking, drinking alcohol, and the use of recreational drugs
  • A deficiency of hormones produced by the testes
  • Radiation treatments for cancer
  • Difficulties in ejaculating including conditions such as retrograde ejaculation where semen travels into the bladder instead of out the urethra

Conventional western medical azoospermia treatments include antibiotics, hormone treatment and surgical correction of varicocele or other blockages. There are however a number of ways that TCM can help with no sperm count. Read on for more information.

TCM azoospermia treatment

According to TCM theory azoospermia is interpreted as a result of Kidney Yin Deficiency, Liver Qi Stagnation and Blockages along the meridian system along which our energy – or Qi- flows. In addition deficiencies in Qi and Blood leads to Blood Stasis.

Kidney Yin Deficiency

In TCM terms, a man’s ability to reproduce is governed by his Kidneys which house his constitutional ability to reproduce – known as his Jing Essence. If he is to be able to produce sufficient quantities of viable sperm it is vital that his Kidneys are well nourished.

Liver Qi Stagnation

Our Liver regulates the smooth flow of Blood and Qi (or energy) as it flows around our body. Overworking and sustained high stress levels result in Liver Qi Stagnation. This means that the blood starts to flow sluggishly and is not able to sufficiently nourish the various organs of the body – including the reproductive organs that then start to malfunction and not produce sperm.

Blockages along the meridian

Our energy flows along energetic routes known as meridians. Due to illness, injury or inactivity our energy starts to slow down creating dampness and Stagnant Blood. This dampness is manifest in physical blocks such as varicoceles and infections.

TCM is a research backed effective azoospermia treatment and other recent research demonstrated that TCM can regulate the hypothalamic-pituitary testicular axis – thus boosting the function of the Sertoli and Leydig cells.

Acupuncture for Azoospermia Treatment

Acupuncture uses very fine single use stainless steel needles into specific points along the meridians to correct the imbalances of the various organs. The needles associated with promoting sperm production are located on the legs, the lower back and the lower abdomen. The treatment is pretty much pain free and you may be pleased to know that needles are not inserted anywhere near the testicles!

There is a wide range of research that demonstrates that Acupuncture has been shown to be effective in promoting the healthy production of sperm in men with Azoospermia – it is an effective no sperm count treatment. In addition acupuncture helps to improve sperm mobility, lowers scrotal temperatures and naturally leads to improved testosterone levels. Acupuncture treatment also has a positive impact on psychogenic erectile dysfunction.

Herbal treatment for azoospermia

Sperm Herbs by GinSen are natural herbal supplements that are an effective no sperm count treatment. These natural male fertility supplements contribute to normal male fertility, testosterone levels, sperm count, mobility, and boost libido.

Eggs and Sperm Health Remedy by GinSen are his and her herbal fertility supplements that contribute to normal fertility and reproduction by promoting sperm and egg health. Expertly formulated by fertility experts, these herbal fertility supplements strengthen human reproductive health and assist the body along its path towards a natural conception or improve the chances of successful IVF treatment.

Good Men Remedy are herbal supplements to treat male fertility issues. Expertly formulated by fertility experts, this herbal blend promotes the production and development of sperm while providing nutritional support for reproductive health. Good Men Remedy boosts sperm count, improves sperm volume and motility.

Lifestyle tips

  • Making simple lifestyle changes can have a dramatic role in treating azoospermia and steps can be taken to increase the health of sperm.
  • Avoid tight fitting underwear as an increase in testicular temperature can have adverse effects on sperm production.
  • Smoking, high levels of stress, certain types of medications and recreational drug use all lead to abnormal sperm cells, so limit or cut down on these where possible.
  • Regular exercise, Yoga and meditation can help balance the stress of daily life. Studies have shown that just 30 minutes a day of meditation or yoga help lower blood pressure and increase libido.
  • As it takes a sperm cell between 50-70 days to mature the sooner you start to make lifestyle changes, the sooner your sperm will benefit.


A diet rich in fruits, vegetables and lean meats all support healthy sperm production. Try to avoid too much caffeine, refined sugars, fried foods and hot sauce. Remember, moderation is the key to health and longevity.

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Azoospermia Treatment

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