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GinSen Black Cohosh ....

MauraAble to Sleep Better

Came across this brand on amazon, its my second purchase. These really do the trick. It's have proved to be a good solution. I do still get sweats but nowhere near as bad and I am now able to sleep.

LynneMy Last hope

These were my last hope at stopping my hot flushes. This worked for me. You have to take the tablets for at least a month to get results

AnnieI couldn't live without them.

My symptoms were unbearable, unable to sleep at night constant hot flushes, mood swings. Since I started taking Black cohosh it has made a MASSIVE impact on my life. I couldn't live without them.

ChristineFast Delivery

I was doing research for my menopause symptoms and saw many women saying black cohosh had helped them so I thought I'd give it try. So far I am very impressed I have been taking for 3 weeks. Fast delivery, good package.

10% OFF Your 1st Order Using Code: save101st

10% OFF Your 1st Order Use Code: save101st

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Healthy Living With Black Cohosh 

 √ Reduce menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, aid sleep 

 √ Balances hormones, helps with menstrual irregularities & PMS symptoms 

 √ Support Overall Women’s Health  

 √ All natural ingredients


Perimenopause and Menopause

Supports transition through menopause,

calms the mind and eases stress

 √ Made using the finest natural ingredients 

 √ Formulated by women’s health experts with clinical experience

 √ Balance hormones and live healthier life

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