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Acupuncture For Cervical Health

Acupuncture is amongst the most popular forms of Asian modalities that have been used for centuries to treat and protect against different body disorders. Even though it has always been used as a common practice in many Chinese clinics and health centers, it is now gaining popularity amongst the other regions of the world due to its high effectiveness and safety profiles.

The Cervix is an organ in the body that connects the vagina to the uterine cavity. It is fibromuscular in nature and is often described as being cylindrical in shape. The average female Cervix is 4 cm in length and 3 cm in diameter. The size of the Cervix may vary between pregnant women and nulliparous women, as that of a parous woman is larger. (1)

Cervical Health and Mucus Production

Cervical health is closely associated with the amount and consistency of the Mucus being produced. In Chinese medicine, the Mucus produced in the Cervix is referred to as ‘an abundance of yin,’ which is important to maintain the growth and development of follicles of the female reproductive tract. The Mucus is produced in the Cervix in response to the rise in Estrogen Hormone. The levels of Estrogen may initially be below at the start of the menstrual cycle but rise up to the ovulation period. After this, the levels of the hormone drop once again. These fluctuations in the Estrogen hormone are responsible for the changes of Mucus production seen throughout the cycle instead of being constant. Hence the appearance and texture of Mucus can help the health professional determine whether the females are fertile.

Generally, the Mucus in the Cervix has two main functions in the body, which include:

  • Help the sperm move up the Cervix to reach the egg and fertilize it during the Ovulation period.
  • To prevent the harmful substances from moving up the Cervix and potentially causing an infection of inflammatory change in the female reproductive tract.
acupuncture for cervical health

Cervical Health in Pregnant Women

The Cervix plays an important role not only in the induction of pregnancy but also in its maintenance. Hence a female with Cervical Insufficiency or an incompetent cervix may be unable to keep her pregnancy, leading to a miscarriage or premature birth of the baby.

Females with a healthy Cervix during pregnancy develop a mucus plug, which is essentially a collection of Mucus in the Cervical Canal. The mucus plug is commonly formed during early pregnancy and prevents infecting particles or bacteria from entering the uterus and affecting the developing baby. Once the development of the baby is completed and the Cervix is prepared for labor, the mucus plug is lost – and is a known symptom of later pregnancy. 

By protecting the Cervix from foreign particles, Mucus Plug may have an important protective role against infections like the Herpes virus, which are known to cause neurologic injuries to the developing fetus. (2)

This has been further investigated in a study by Karen Racicot et al., which was conducted on 8 to 12 weeks old adult mice. The results of the study showed that female mice which have been infected with a viral infection have significant changes in their Cervix, which lowered their protective capacity against bacterial infections. These infections of the Cervix also lowered the overall immunity in the mice due to a compromise in their innate immunity. (3)

acupuncture for cervical health 2

How Acupuncture Help Maintain A Healthy Cervix Function

Acupuncture can help maintain a healthy cervix by improving the quality of the cervical Mucus being performed and helping the Cervix perform its functions.

Increased Fertility

Numerous studies have shown the ability of Acupuncture to improve fertility in females. A paper published by Napadow et al. elaborates the cervical, uterine, and ovarian blood flow regulating effects of Acupuncture. This is caused by the ability of Acupuncture to activate the ovarian sympathetic system, which induces a reflex response increasing the total blood flow. The regulation of blood flow promotes the thickening of cervical and uterine walls and improves fertility. (4)

This was further backed up by a case report conducted by Zhu J, including a 28-year-old couple who had been trying to conceive for a year without any success. The results of the study showed that after being treated with Acupuncture for 35 to 40 minutes once a week for three months, they were able to conceive. (5)

Induction of Labour

Labour induction is often necessary for pregnant females in their last trimester, particularly if their pregnancy is going beyond a due date or if there is a rupture of their membranes, the mother is suffering from Eclampsia or poor growth of the baby. A study conducted by Smith CA e al. included a total of 22 trials and more than 3400 pregnant females. The results of the trials found Acupuncture to promote the state of the Cervix in less than 24 hours and prepare the females for labor. (6)

Anti-Inflammatory Effects

One of the most studied effects of Acupuncture on the Cervix is its ability to treat and manage inflammatory states and sexually transmitted diseases. The way in which Acupuncture is able to protect the Cervix against infections and diseases is that it helps regulate the inflammatory response of the body and prevents immune overreaction.

A study conducted by Wang et al. showed the effectiveness of manual Acupuncture on inflamed regions of the body. The study showed that Acupuncture is not only able to inhibit the production of inflammation-promoting substances but also promotes the release of anti-inflammatory cells like M2 Macrophages. This also helps inhibit the action of Cytokines like TNF Alpha and Interleukin 1, which are known for their ability to cause inflammation in the body. (7)

Hence, by promoting immunity and preventing the release of pro-inflammatory substances, Acupuncture is trusted by the majority of health practitioners and is being used more and more due to its high safety, low cost, and easy operability. This also makes it especially effective for infections of the Cervix like Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, as seen in a systemic review conducted by Posadzki et al. in 2021, including nine randomized clinical trials. (8)

Acupuncture can be extremely useful to women’s overall health. Infertility, turning breech infants, initiating birth, and clearing infections are all things that acupuncture has proven to aid with. The cervix is a little part of the uterus.

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