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astragalus benefits

Why you Need to Add Astragalus (Huang Qi) to your Daily Routine

Huang Qi, which is also known as Astragalus and by its scientific name of Astragalus membranaceus,  is a type of heteropolysaccharide that is extracted from both stems and dried roots of a flowering plant that is native to parts of Asia. Known as Huang Qi by practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) who have been using Astragalus for thousands of years, it is used to replenish Qi and invigorate the spleen. However, these are not the only Astragalus benefits. There are many other positive benefits and effects that can be achieved when adding Huang Qi to your daily routine. Read on to learn more about why you should consider taking Astragalus.

Properties of Astragalus

The Astragalus benefits are rather substantial. It has been shown to improve the proliferation of immune cells by releasing cytokines which play an important role in cell signaling. Huang Qi can inhibit the growth of tumor cells. It also has both antiviral and anti-aging effects. Sufferers of type II diabetes can benefit from Astragalus thanks to its ability to regulate blood glucose.  A known adaptogen, it works to protect the body from both disease and stress.

Huang Qi supplements are made from the root which contains many active plant compounds. Astragalus polysaccharide (APS) is a natural active component of the root that is beneficial to human health.

Astragalus Benefits

Thanks to its many properties, those taking Huang Qi experience a number of positive benefits. Keep reading to learn more about Astragalus benefits.

  • Immune function: Treatment with Huang Qi has been shown to enhance immunity at the cellular level. The compounds in Astragalus help to regulate the immune system by improving the proliferation of immune cells. It affects both the secretion of immunoglobulin as well as the facilitates the conduction of immune signals. Studies have shown that it can even help to promote organ development. Thanks to its anti-tumor properties, Huang Qi was shown to significantly inhibit tumor growth in mice. It improves the function of immune organs by decreasing growth factors which in turn inhibit tumor growth.
  • Astragalus for kidneys: Huang Qi has may help protect the kidneys and reduce the incidences of kidney disease. A study out Xuanwu Hospital of Capital Medical University in Beijing showed that the components found in dried Astragalus roots provided a significant amount of protection against kidney injury which is usually the result of oxidative stress.
  • Diuretic effect: Another Astragalus benefit is its diuretic effect. This means that it works to help the body release excess fluid. Due to this diuretic effect, the preservation of residual renal function in patients undergoing dialysis coupled with the intake of Chinese herbal medicines containing Huang Qi was show in studies to be better than that of the control group.
astragalus benefits
  • May improve heart function: Use of Huang Qi might also improve heart function. A study out of the Department of Cardiovascular Diseases at Wuxi Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Wuxi City looked at the effects of using Astragalus on patients suffering from chronic heart failure. Their results demonstrated that those treated with moderate to high doses of Astragalus showed improved heart function. Left ventricular ejection fraction showed significant improvement. Thanks to these Astragalus benefits, patients also improved their walking distances when compared to the distance they were able to walk prior to treatment.
  • Blood sugar levels: Another benefit of Astragalus is that it aids in the regulation of blood glucose. It does so by increasing the body’s sensitive to insulin which is produced so that the body can metabolize glucose and use it for energy. It improves insulin resistance which can often lead to type II diabetes. Huang Qi can also help to increase the production of insulin to aid in the stabilization of blood glucose. Other complications of diabetes, such as diabetic nephropathy and diabetic cardiomyopathy, can be treated and possibly prevented thanks to these Astragalus benefits.
  • Improves fatigue: Not only is it possible for Huang Qi to reduce fatigue, but it can also improve athletic performance. Use of Astragalus can decrease serum lactase and ammonia levels while increasing the storage of both liver and muscle glycogen. Glycogen stores are used to fuel all exercise activities. Its use has been shown in a study by the School of Nutrition and Health Sciences at the Taipei Medical University to increase exercise performance.
astragalus benefits

How to Take Huang Qi

Astragalus is readily available at drug stores, herbal shops, and online. There are a variety of options available to all consumers. It is found mostly in capsule form. However, there are also drops and extracts available to make it quick and simple to add Huang Qi to your daily routine.  


Considering the global prevalence of both type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease, there are many people who can benefit from the all of the positive effects of taking Huang Qi. As an immune booster with a long history that dates back for centuries, Huang Qi also has benefits for those who seek improvement in their kidney and heart function. Thanks to its ability to regulate blood sugar, it can also be helpful in the prevention of illnesses that are related to type II diabetes. Those suffering from fatigue may also see benefits to their exercise performance when adding Astragalus as a supplement. Thanks to being widely available at many different retailers, it is an affordable alternative to treatment with traditional drugs. If you are considering adding Astragalus to your daily routine, speak with your TCM practitioner to discuss which preparations will work for you so that you that you may achieve optimal results.

Astragalus Herb (Huang Qi)

Astragalus (Huang Qi)

Astragalus herb supplements (Huang Qi) has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine. This powerful herb can be added to your daily routine to strengthen the immune system, increase stamina, strength, and vitality. Astragalus herb tablets are one of the primary immune tonifiers and natural antioxidants that protects the cells from external influences by increasing the antibody production to enhance the immunity system.

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