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Autumn Tips

8 Autumn Health Tips To Stay Strong


As the season of autumn approaches, it is finally time to look forward to cooler, shorter days and get a bit of relief from what seems like endless the summer heat. Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) teach that autumn is a time to move from an external, expansive style to an internal, contractive one.  




When fall approaches, the lungs are letting go of their energy. The lungs are autumn’s yin organ. They are associated with grief which means that when they are not in balance, you will likely have trouble processing loss and sadness. The large intestine is the yang organ to the lung’s yin. As the lungs bring in new, fresh oxygen, the large intestine rids the body of solid waste. Based on this connection between the lungs and the large intestine, autumn is a great time to look closely at what you may be hanging on to, and what is worth letting go. There are a few practices in Chinese medicine for autumn that are encouraged during this season to ensure your body remains in balance. Read on to learn eight tips to stay healthy this autumn season.

  1. Acupuncture: Defined as “a system of medical treatment and ideology based on the principle of applying small needles or pressure to specific points in the body”, acupuncture is used to align qi which is the body’s vital energy. Its goal is to open any blockage of vital energy using channels known as meridians. Acupuncture works to restore balance. It is a great tool to improve autumn wellbeing thanks to its approach of treating the whole body in order to promote healing and balance.


  1. Diet: Like many autumn health tips, eating a healthful diet is good advice to practice all year long. In Chinese medicine for autumn, it is encouraged to fill up on cooling This includes ginger, onions, walnuts, rice, sweet potatoes, and cinnamon. It is also recommended to balance the pungent with the sour to prevent dryness and encourage moisture throughout the body. These foods will help to support the functions of the digestive system including the large intestine. With the drying conditions of autumn, it is also important to include foods that moisturize yin such as mushrooms.
Autumn Tips
  1. Keep Warm: To improve your autumn wellbeing, you will want to ensure that you stay warm. This season is often associated with wind which TCM practitioners associate with a number of diseases. Investing in warm clothing such as hats and scarves is one of the easiest Autumn health tips to follow. Scarves will help to keep the neck and throat protected from the hard winds that can cause illness.


  1. Breathing Exercises: Practices such as Dao Yin will also improve your overall autumn wellbeing.  This activity involves stretching and breathing in order to improve mental focus and direct the flow of qi. It encourages the body to expel old breath while taking in new breath. It encourages long, deep breaths which allow the lungs to get more rest in between each breath.
Autumn Tips
  1. Sleep: Getting good quality sleep is one of the easiest autumn health tips to follow. In TCM, this means getting to be at a decent hour so that you may wake feeling refreshed and ready to face the day. Doing so will allow you to keep your lungs to remain pure and the body tranquil. As part of your autumn wellbeing routine, try to get to sleep at least one hour earlier than your usual time if this is something that your usual schedule can accommodate.


  1. Add Herbs to Your Daily Routine: Chinese medicine for autumn recommends adding herbs to help drive out the dryness that is associated with the season and encourage moisture. Black sesame seeds, known as sesamum indicum, bring moisture to the intestines and help to relieve constipation. Rehmannia will work to nourish the body’s vital energy. Cinnamon works to warm the body and improve circulation. It is also very easy to add to tea and other popular foods. White wood ear can be taken to enrich the lung yin.
Autumn Tips
  1. Make Time to Clear Out and Declutter Your Surroundings: Be sure to make reorganization and cleaning a part of your autumn wellbeing routine. Similar to how the lungs expel old air and refresh themselves with new air, decluttering will bring the opportunity to let go of items you no longer need or use and make room for anything new. This includes physical as well as digital clutter. Take the time to go through computer files and delete what is no longer needed. Be sure to organize the files that remain.


  1. Boost the Immune System: Chinese medicine for autumn encourages patients to make sure that their immune system is getting the needed boost required to fight off the illnesses that are common this time of year. There are a variety of herbs used in TCM that will improve your immune system and overall health. Ginger can be used as a natural antioxidant which also helps to reduce inflammation. Elderberry, another antioxidant, has antihistamine properties. Garlic will help the immune system to fight off cold, improve cholesterol, and even reduce blood pressure.
Autumn Tips

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As the summer months come to a close, now is the perfect time of year to incorporate these autumn health tips into your autumn wellbeing routine. With the heat finally winding down, start planning for how you can incorporate the above tips into your daily life. In addition to a healthful diet and immunity boosting herbs, be sure to get to sleep at an earlier hour, practice deep, cleansing breathing, you’re your head and neck warm, and plan for a proper decluttering of your physical and digital surroundings.  If you have never given any consideration to trying acupuncture, this fall will be the perfect time to give the practice a try. All of those illnesses associated with the season of autumn will not stand a chance against your Chinese medicine autumn wellbeing plan.

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