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chinese medicine for metabolism

How To Boost Metabolism With Chinese Medicine

If you have cut down on your calories and upped your exercise but are still not losing weight a slow metabolism may be the cause. In this article we are going to shine a light on the fascinating subject of metabolism. We’ll find out what this term means from a Western medical perspective and discover how our metabolism works according to Chinese Medicine. We will provide practical hints and tips about how diet and exercise can boost your metabolism and share some Chinese medical insights that will help you to regain control of your health, weight and energy levels.

So, what is our metabolism?

Metabolism describes the rate at which your body expends or burns calories.

Our bodies use up calories in three main ways:

  • Through exercise. When we do more exercise we use up more calories and boost our metabolism.
  • By fuelling the everyday functioning of our bodies – for example producing blood cells, digesting food and breathing
  • Carrying out everyday activities

Several hormones regulate our metabolic rate including Thyroxine – which is released by the Thyroid gland, and Insulin which is produced by the pancreas. Therefore problems with your thyroid gland or pancreas can result in problems with your metabolism and lead to weight gain.

If you have a “Fast” metabolism then you are lucky enough to use up more energy when at rest or during activity. People with this sort of metabolism will tend to need to eat more food in order to maintain their weight. People with a slower metabolism tend to burn up less energy when they exercise or at rest. This means that they may need to eat less food in order to maintain their weight – and it is all too easy for them to gain weight and to become overweight. Our metabolic rate changes throughout our life and when we are over 40 our metabolism can often slow down.

A Chinese Medical Perspective of Metabolism 


According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the speed of your metabolism is governed by the activity of several different Organs including the Kidney, Stomach, Spleen and Liver. Different metabolic problems can be related back to these organs.

Do you suffer from water retention? It could be due to Kidney Yang Deficiency.

Our Kidneys govern all aspects of Yin and Yang – the balance of our body. Yang is the warmth that powers our metabolism. When there is a lack of Kidney Yang our fluids will not be metabolised effectively. Many women with this condition suffer from fluid retention and find it difficult to lose weight.

The correct functioning of your Kidneys is of paramount importance to gaining control of your metabolism. According to TCM they produce a substance called Jing – your vital essence. Jing is stored in your Kidneys and underlies all metabolic processes including growth, digestion and fertility. A healthy Kidney is therefore an essential component of a strong effective metabolism.


Do you find it difficult to stop eating? It could be due to issues with your Stomach and Spleen.

When we overeat heavy, greasy or spicy food or drink too much alcohol Heat starts to accumulate in our Stomach. This Excess Heat causes your food to be digested faster creating an urge to eat even more. Over consumption causes your Spleen to become overloaded and unable to function properly. As a result, excess metabolic products turn into dampness and phlegm creating weight gain. This is backed by medical research.

The organs of your Stomach and Spleen work in tandem and have an important role to play in your metabolism. They regulate how the food you eat is digested, transformed into nutrients and transported around your body. When the function of the Spleen is compromised it is no longer able to effectively shift waste fluids and foods. These start to gather and transform into Dampness which eventually turns into fat.


Is being overweight stressing you out? Your Liver is under pressure.

Our Liver regulates the smooth flow of Qi. When we are under stress due to overwork or intense emotions the Liver’s ability to process Qi becomes impeded, resulting in a sluggish movement of Qi. This Qi starts to adhere along our body’s Meridians – the network through which the energy of our Organs flow – blocking blood flow and impeding the movement of Damp which we have seen results in weight gain. If we are to gain control of our weight and to improve our metabolism rate it is essential that we develop techniques to control our stress levels.

How can Chinese Medicine help me to boost my metabolism?


Acupuncture for metabolism

TCM has a long history of helping people to take control of their weight and improve their metabolic function. Acupuncture also helps to regulate metabolism. Many of us have tried dieting to control our weight and a history of irregular eating and overeating can cause problems to our metabolism. Acupuncture can help to increase your metabolism by stimulating the thyroid and endocrine glands and boosting your energy levels – enabling you to undertake more metabolism boosting exercise.


What about Chinese Herbs for Metabolism?

Chinese Herbs and supplements are natural and gentle on your system and have an excellent track record of helping to boost a sluggish metabolism. When you take the appropriate herbs for your condition your body responds by becoming more balanced – meaning that weight loss becomes less of an effort.

Siberian Ginseng


Siberian Ginseng is a powerful herb which can be added to your daily routine for a wide range of benefits. Ginseng increases energy levels, reduces fatigue and improves lymphatic function. In addition it lowers and stabilises blood sugar levels naturally – it really is is one of the best natural supplements to boost metabolism. Research has shown that Ginseng also helps to sharpen memory. Read more about Siberian Ginseng here.



Metabolism Maintenance


Metabolism Maintenance by GinSen is a natural supplement based on the principles of TCM and is an effective metabolism booster. The supplement was designed specifically to improve metabolic health, lose weight and burn fat naturally. Metabolism Maintenance helps your metabolism operate at its most optimal level and manage your weight and digestion.



Diet and lifestyle tips to help boost your metabolism


  • Try to introduce more short bursts of high intensity exercise into your weekly routine. It can help you to burn more fat by increasing your metabolic rate – even after your workout has finished!


  • Take your time to eat. Research has found that chewing our food properly increases the number of calories the body burns during digestion: about 10 extra calories for a 300-calorie meal. Chewing food more thoroughly increases the blood flow to the stomach and gut and also helps to kick start an effective digestive process – reducing the strain on the Spleen.


  • Introduce more protein into your diet. A higher protein intake increases levels of your appetite-reducing hormones and reduces levels of the hunger causing hormone. By boosting your protein intake you will reduce hunger pangs which will help you to lose weight.

For more information about how Chinese Medicine can help you book your free consultation or treatment today.

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