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4 Bupleurum Root Benefits

Bupleurum also known as ‘Chai Hu’ in Chinese Medicine has been a valuable herb for over 2000 years for the health benefits. The roots of the Bupleurum plant offer many medicinal benefits, particularly its ability to cleanse the Liver and natural anti inflammatory properties. 

The foundation of good health in Chinese Medicine is based of free flow of Qi (the vital energy required by the body) and blood. Your Liver in responsible for regulating this Qi and blood throughout the body. When this flow is obstructed or there is a deficiency health issues arise.  Bupleurum root promotes flow of Qi and clear excess heat from the liver system.

Bupleurum root promotes flow of Qi and clear excess heat from the liver system.

Research on Bupleurum Roots 

Pharmacological studies have revealed that Bupleurum root possesses a variety of biological effects, including anti-inflammatory, anticancer, antiviral, antipyretic, antibacterial, antiobesity, immunomodulatory, hepatoprotective, neuroprotective, and autophagic effects. (1)

In the past few decades, Phytochemical studies demonstrated that approximately 74 compounds have been isolated from Bupleurum root including essential oils, triterpenoid saponins, polyacetylenes, flavonoids, lignans, fatty acids, and sterols. Triterpenoid saponins, flavonoids, and essential oil, which possess multiple pharmacological activities, are considered as the main active ingredients of Radix Bupleuri. Compounds called saikosaponins in Bupleurum root have been identified as the main bioactive components responsible for this plant’s medicinal activities. (2)

Benefits of Bupleurum Root 

1. Natural Anti inflammatory properties

Bupleurum root holds powerful anti-inflammatory properties and has been used for the treatment of several types of chronic inflammatory diseases, including skin conditions, excess internal heat, such as liver and kidney yin deficiency. 

2.Promotes Liver Function & Natural Detoxing

Liver is responsible for facilitating digestion and eliminating toxins from the body. Chinese herb Bupleurum is best known for its ability to detox the Liver, improve its overall health and protect it from damage. Bupleurum has also been shown to prevent Liver cancer in patients with cirrhosis. (3)

3. Adrenal Fatigue 

Bupleurum root is high is potassium and known to support adrenal fatigue, along with mood and emotional wellbeing. (4) Often used in conjunction with Licorice and Ginseng to stimulate adrenal function.

4. Increase Immune System Activity 

In a study carried out to analyse the Autophagic effect of Bupleurum, it was noted that Bupleurum regulated the immune responses against invading pathogens by stimulating the secretion of glucocorticoids and inhibiting inflammation (5)

Traditional Use of  Bupleurum Roots 

In Traditional Chinese medicine, Bupleurum roots are thought to target mainly to the Gallbladder and the Liver, it used to promote the movement of Qi  throughout the body. Once the flow of Qi and blood is obstructed, this leads to blockage in Liver Qi and Liver energy channels.

For over 2000 years Bupleurum root has been used to smooth liver, remove any obstructions, support Qi movement, and clear excess heat. Bupleurum is often also prescribed by Chinese herbal practitioner for helping mood balance, hormone disorder, unblocking Qi as well as blood stasis. 

ChaiHu (Bupleurum Root)

ChaiHu (Bupleurum Root) is a herb which is used widely in Chinese Medicine for its detoxification ability. It offers natural anti-inflammatory properties and offers relief from symptoms including fatigue, indigestion, PMS, headaches along with boosting energy and promoting a happy, stress free mind.



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