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chinese herbs for kidney health

The Five Best Chinese Herbs for Kidneys Health

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the kidneys are considered essential organs that produce many vital substances which are needed to live a long and healthy life. They contain jing which is an essence that is said to create both qi and blood. The kidneys are also integral to reproduction as their essence propels the human reproductive system to mature and prepare for procreation. Though all of the body’s organs have their own yin and yang, the kidneys’ yin and yang take center stage when it comes to many bodily functions.

Due to the high number of cases of type two diabetes attributable to the abundance of highly refined sugars in the Western diet, poor kidney health and function is a real concern in modern medicine. Caused by high blood sugar, diabetes is one of the leading causes of kidney failure in the world.

Good kidney health is essential to good overall health. If the kidneys are not functioning at their best, the rest of the organs of the body will feel the effects. The kidneys’ yin fluid works to nurture the body’s organs and tissues, and their yang warms the body while bringing about healthy organ functions. As kidney essence begins to deplete around the late 30s and early 40s, it may be time to consider adding Chinese herbs into the diet to support kidney healthy. Herbs can function as a potent food supplement that replenishes the kidneys’ essential energy. They do so by supplying the kidneys with all of the necessary nutrients they need to continue performing at an optimal level. Read on to learn more about the five best Chinese herbs for kidney health.

Chinese Herbs for Kidney Health


The root of the flowering plant zingiber officinale has been used for the treatment of a variety of ailments for thousands of years in TCM.  It comes in many preparations from tea, root, dried, crystalized, to candied forms. When the kidneys suffer from oxidative stress due to the presence of free radicals, ginger can play a role in alleviating it. Thanks to its high level of antioxidants, ginger can reduce superoxide production and even suppress oxidative damage.

Goji Berries

The fruit of the lycium barbarum tree, goji berries are native to Asia and popular in its cuisine. Like ginger and other Chinese herbs for kidney health, it has been used in TCM for years. When free radicals are present in the body, this can cause damage to DNA, protein, and lipids. As a powerful antioxidant, goji berries help to reduce and eliminate oxidative stress that is caused by these free radicals. They have also been shown to improve immunity and enhance the process of blood cell creation known as hemopoiesis.

Rehmannia Root

Used in TCM to invigorate the kidneys for thousands of years, rehmannia root is also great for kidney health. This root aids in tonifying the kidneys and improving kidney and Qi deficiency. Studies have shown that it reduces blood glucose and urinary protein excretion which can be damaging to the health of the kidneys. It helps to reduce pathological changes to the renal organs. Those suffering from diabetes could benefit from rehmannia root and should consider adding this as a treatment with their health practitioner.

Tu Si Zi

Also known as dodder seeds, Tus Si Zi works to tonify kidney yang. Refractory nephrotic syndrome (RNS) is an autoimmune disease which affects the kidneys and can result in the loss of protein through urine as well as an overall decrease in kidney function. Though there are many prescription drugs available that help to suppress that immune response, practitioners of TCM recommend Tus Si Zi. It is an immunosuppressant that also works to invigorate the spleen and improve kidney health. It is often a safer alternative to the poor side effects that come along with many immunosuppressive drugs.

Rou Gui

Known also as Cinnamon Bark, rou gui is commonly served in tea form. This traditional herb has been used to treat both diabetic neuropath and kidney disease. Studies show that it has been used along with other Chinese herbs for kidney health since as far back as 1276 AD. Like many of the other herbs discussed, it is also an antioxidant. A study carried out in the School of Laboratory Medicine and Medical Sciences in South Africa has shown that cinnamon bark has the potential to regenerate kidney damage that has been caused by diabetes.

How to Take Chinese Herbs for Kidney Health

The above herbs are sold in many forms. Ginger can be served as a tea or grated and added to meals. Some even eat candied ginger as a sweet snack. Goji berries can be eaten whole or dried. Rehmannia root is often found in tea or pill form in combination with other Chinese herbs. Tu Si Zi comes in pill and powder form. Cinnamon bark can be found in its whole form or made into pills and teas. All of these Chinese herbs for kidney health can be found online or at a local herbal shop.


Healthy kidney function is a necessity for the overall health of the human body. If the kidneys are not able to do their job of eliminating waste, the rest of the body will soon feel those negative side effects. Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners have used herbs to improve kidney health and function for thousands of years. Now that kidney disease is on the rise thanks to the prevalence of adult-onset diabetes, it is even more critical to ensure that maintaining kidney health is a priority. Speak with your health care practitioner about taking Chinese herbs for kidney health to understand how these herbs can be used to keep kidney function at its best.

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chinese herbs for kidney health

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