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chinese medicine for summer

Tips To Stay Healthy in Summer According to Chinese Medicine

The summer season is amongst the most popular seasons in the world. All year long, people prepare for summer and wait for the fruits it brings and its activities. However, once the heat and humidity start, a good majority of the individuals start wishing for cooler weather or remedies that could protect them from the heat. Chinese medicine for summer is one of the ways recommended by experts to protect from the heat and humidity of summers.

Chinese Medicine For Summer Months

Chinese medicine has been practiced for 1000 years; however, it has gained popularity recently amongst other populations of the world in the way it may help an individual prepare for summer. According to Chinese medicine, summer is the season of yang, as this is when the body has a prevalence of energy and metabolic processes. This was initially suggested by the Yellow Emperor, who suggested one should prepare for summer by cultivating the energy of yang. Meanwhile, the energy of yin should be preserved for the colder weather.

The Chinese medicine for summer believes that this season correlated with the element of fire. Fire in chines medicine suggests the maximum activity of the body or the greatest yang. This is why the greatest amount of hears is also produced. On anatomical levels, the heart, mind, and spirit of an individual are beloved to be associated with the element of fire as well. This is why to prepare for summer, according to Chinese medicine; one should give the highest priority to these structures.

Two Prevalent Factors During Summers

Two of the most prevalent factors associated with summer are Heat and Dampness.

Heat may be of an external and internal origin. The external heat may be associated with the external temperature of the environment, while the internal heat is the one produced by our body and the foods we intake. Chinese medicine believes in introducing measures that can balance the hotness of the summer with coolness, which may be attained by different sources that will be discussed.

The other factor, known as Dampness, is associated with the sweat and high humidity experienced during the summers. This Dampness experienced by the individual can lead to lethargy, weakness, and feeling of fatigue. Hence foods that promote Dampness like thick yogurts and fried foods should be avoided.

chinese medicine for summer

The Division of Summer and Organs Associated With it

Chinese medicine for summer divided this season into two periods known as classic summer and late summer. Like the two summer periods, there are also two organs of the body that are most commonly associated with this season. These are the heart and the spleen.

The heart is often correlated with colours like red, elements like fire, and emotions like excitement and happiness. This is why the heart is more often linked to the early summer of the classic summer, where individuals are encouraged to have fun and enjoy.

On the other hand, the late summer is correlated with colours like yellow and elements like earth. This is usually seen in August when nature is found to undergo the last bursts of growth before the fruits and vegetables are ready for harvest. Hence, this is when the individual should look after their digestive system and nurture their body. Hence, the organ associated with his period may be the spleen.

Role of Stomach and Spleen in Summers

Chinese medicine suggests that when the elements of the earth are out of balance, they may lead to an increased condition of Dampness. A major role of the stomach and spleen is believed to be the transportation of the Dampness and fluids in the body to promote balance. If the spleen becomes dysfunctional or is considered weak, this balance of fluids in the body may not be achieved. Therefore, individuals who have a weak spleen may experience a higher level of internal Dampness and feel colder. To promote the health of the spleen, the individual is recommended to avoid excess heat and Dampness and eat sugary and greasy foods.

chinese medicine for summer

Tips to Stay Healthy this Summer Season

Eating Cool Foods That Are Full Of Yin

Foods that are cool and full of yin are recommended to be consumed in abundance, as they help an individual prepare for summer. The heat during summers is believed to harm the yin and feed on an individual’s body fluids. This is why foods that are cooling in nature should be consumed during the summers as they allow the heat to be dispersed and body fluids to build up. These most commonly include fruits like apple, lemon, watermelon, and kiwi; they include vegetables like cucumber, spinach, and tomatoes.

Eating Bitter Flavored Foods

Bitter flavored foods are closely associated with the symbol of fire. Therefore, consuming bitter and cold foods during summers is recommended as they help stimulate the heart and small intestine and keep these organs functioning during the season.


As unusual as that may sound, Acupuncture is another modality recommended during the summer season. Acupuncture helps balance the flow of energy, also known as one’s Qi or Prana. Chinese medicine experts recommend Acupuncture during summers as it helps calm the body and create equilibrium and hormones within.

Acupuncture offers a range of benefits and summer is a great time to start acupuncture. It can make you more relaxed, a study in 2013 by Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies, concluded that acupuncture reduced anxiety and memory.

Alteration of Sleep Cycles

Another recommendation often made by Chinese experts who allow an individual to prepare for summer is by waking up early in the morning during summers. This allows the individual to take maximum advantage of their higher yang energy. They may then rest during the middle part of the day. This will allow them to stay fresh and active during the evening and go to bed late. They may also indulge in activities like swimming and take cool baths and showers to help balance out the element of fire.

chinese medicine for summer

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