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chinese medicine herbs 

To those who are not familiar with the herbs ...

To those who are not familiar with the herbs that are most commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the variety of options available on the market may seem both a tad overwhelming and even a little bit confusing. The good news about the best Chinese herbs is that they are all readily available for purchase online or at any local herbal shop. If you are not sure what Chinese medicine herbs are right for you, then keep reading to learn about the 11 best TCM herbs everyone should have at home.

chinese medicine herbs 

Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbs List

Wolfberry fruit:

Also known by the name Goji berry, wolfberry fruit is commonly found in Asia. This fruit deserves a spot on any traditional Chinese medicine herbs list. It is a powerful antioxidant that works to reduce oxidative stress. This aids in reducing free-radical damage which has been shown to harm DNA. It also has antiaging and anticancer properties and is great for immunity support. The fruits are traditional dried and eaten. Click here to purchase Goji Berries.


One of the most popular Chinese medicine herbs, panax ginsenghas been used in TCM for thousands of years. A study out of Kyung Hee University in Seoul stated that ginseng has long been used to treat fever, vertigo, headache, fatigue, cramping, and general weakness. It is commonly sold as a tea, capsule, or in powder form. Click here to purchase Ginseng.

Wild Yam

Also known by the name Dioscorea villosa, wild yam is one of the best Chinese herbs. It has been used in TCM for its anti-inflammatory, anticancer, and antibacterial qualities. The most popular use of wild yam is for the treatment of menopause and other menstrual issues. This is one of the Chinese medicine herbs that can also be found in capsule, tea, or powder form. Click here to purchase Wild Yam.

Hawthorn berries

Commonly known in TCM as Shan Zha, hawthorn berries are great for heart health. They have been used in TCM to treat cardiovascular disease and the underlying conditions, such as high blood pressure and obesity, for centuries. It is beneficial in the treatment of diabetes and atherosclerosis. It can be found online or in any herbal shop in tea, powder, or pill form.


This widely used fungus is also one of the best Chinese herbs. It has been commonly used in TCMthanks to its anticancer, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. This medicinal mushroom also has antiaging and antitumor effects. It is grown in North America, Europe, and Asia. Most users of cordyceps drink it as a savory mushroom tea, but it is also available in capsule form. Click here to purchase Cordyceps.


Another herb that deserves a spot on this traditional Chinese medicine herbs list is astragalus. Practitioners of TCM use this herb to invigorate the spleen and replenish qi. Like many of the best Chinese medicine herbs, it has anti-aging and anti tumor properties. It works to regulate blood glucose in diabetic patients, and it even has antiviral qualities. Teas and capsules made from astragalus are widely available online and at herbal shops. Click here to purchase Astragalus.

Ginkgo Biloba

One of the more well-known Chinese medicine herbs, Ginkgo Biloba has a number of uses. It has been effective in the treatment of low sexual desire. It aids in the treatment of vertigo. Some TCM practitioners use it for the treatment of psychiatric disorders and cardiovascular disease. Before you decide to add Ginkgo tea or capsules to your diet, consult our practitioner to discuss if it is right for you as it may not be an option for those who take certain medications. Click here to purchase Ginkgo Biloba.

Licorice Root:

Grown in parts of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, licorice roothas been used in TCM to treat lung conditions, liver problems, circulatory issues, and kidney disease.  It is also one of the best Chinese medicine herbs for the treatment of menopausal symptoms and infections. Thanks to its pleasing flavor, it makes a great tea. It is also commonly sold in pill or drop form.

Bupleurum Root:

Known in TCM as Chai Hu, Bupleurum Root has been used to sooth liver stagnation. It aids in autophagy which is the means by which the body cleans out damaged cells to make way for healthier ones. Some practitioners have used it for the treatment of both fever and chills. You can find the teas and supplements containing Bupleurum Root available for purchase online. Click here to purchase Bupleurum Root.

Dong Quai

No traditional Chinese medicine herbs list would be complete without including Dong Quai. This root has been used by TCM practitioners for thousands of years to treat pelvic pain, menopause symptoms, and to aid in recovery after childbirth. It can be sipped as a tea or purchased as a capsule with other herbs that are commonly used in the treatment of premenstrual syndrome. Click here to purchase Dong Quai.

Chinese medicine herbs 


The above traditional Chinese medicine herbs list includes all of the must-have herbs for optimal health. When looking for the best Chinese herbs, there are plenty of sources online. These Chinese medicine herbs come in many forms from tea to pills. Before adding these for daily use, be sure to consult with your medical provider or TCM practitioner.

Wild Yam Supplement⁣

Wild Yam

Wild Yam or Shan Yao by GinSen is a widely used herb known as “colic root”. This herbal remedy is traditionally used for its digestive benefits, gastrointestinal irritations, assists with loose bowel, bloating and gas, and slow metabolism. It has powerful antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties. These wild yam supplements can relieve menstrual cramps and chronic pelvic pain, and supports women’s uterine health.


Cordyceps Supplement by GinSen are pure and highest quality cordyceps extract (cordyceps sinensis). 100% Cordyceps with no added ingredient or fillers. Ideal to add to your daily routine to harness its many health benefits. Cordyceps sinensis has been a staple in Chinese Medicine for centuries, it possesses potent antioxidant and immune boosting properties. Cordyceps can also be used for boosting energy and stamina, reducing fatigue, persistent cough as well as fertility concerns.

Cordyceps Supplement
Astragalus Herb (Huang Qi)


Astragalus herb supplements (Huang Qi) has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine. This powerful herb can be added to your daily routine to strengthen the immune system, increase stamina, strength, and vitality. Astragalus herb tablets are one of the primary immune tonifiers and natural antioxidants that protects the cells from external influences by increasing the antibody production to enhance the immunity system.

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