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choosing high quality natural supplements

Supplements are a bit controversial. But that does not take away the fact that they have become an important part of our lives. While it is expected that we should get all the nutrients our body requires from food, this is far from obtainable. This study established that a good percentage of the human population do not get enough essential vitamins and minerals from food. 

In essence, we cannot do away with supplements.


However, a look through the aisle at the supplement and herbs section of health stores will reveal an array of supplement products that claim to possess certain health benefits. Or the number of products displayed on the supplement section of online merchants. This can get you either overwhelmed or confused about which high-quality natural supplement you should settle for.

All of these products claim to be of high quality; they are also marketed with the word “natural”, leaving you scratching your head searching for the truth. If you have to settle for a natural supplement, it should provide your body with all the needed nutrients. In this article we will be looking at advice from experienced experts on choosing high quality natural supplements, what to look for and how to judge a good quality herbal and natural supplement. 


Tips for choosing high quality natural supplements

Today, we know very well that advertising tends to exaggerate and abuse the term ‘natural’. Only those supplements that are produced with at least 95% agricultural materials are natural. Natural supplements are 100% animal or plant-based, made up of ingredients that are free from synthetic or artificial sources.

In this piece, we’ll focus on how you can choose the right natural supplements for you.

1.Consider The Product’s Extraction Process

The extraction process involved eliminating the unwanted from the desired in a raw material. Different extraction procedures exist depending on the product being produced and the firm producing them. Note that the extraction process influences the effectiveness of the product.

The use of wrong extraction techniques might lead to a range of issues like ineffectiveness of the product, proper removal of harmful substances present in the raw materials and waste of money. An improper extraction process can lead to toxins finding their way into the final product, consuming unsuspecting customers and cause severe damage to the body.

It is in your best interest to choose a natural supplement made by firms with a sound extraction process. This will assure you that you are not putting yourself in harm’s way.

2. Explore Fillers and Binders Included

Fillers are inactive substances found in a product that helps deliver the active substance to the target site of action. They are used to conveniently package the active substances mostly used in quantities that are not easy to handle alone.

On the other hand, Binders aid in binding all ingredients found in a product together so that they stay in a stable form. The types of Binders and Fillers used in supplements are important points to consider.

A new study led by a group of researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts Institute of technology in the U.S proved that most medications contain at least one inactive ingredient capable of triggering adverse effects.

This evidences the need to carefully study the type of binders and fillers used in the supplements you wish to choose to make sure you are not likely to react.

3.Check The Concentration Ratio

Supplements are marketed in varying concentrations that portray different degrees of potency. A higher ratio mostly signifies a faster effect. You should, however, be careful with choosing products with higher concentration, especially if you are using the product for the first time.

The ideal is to start with a lower concentration and work your way up once your system is convenient with it. That way, you’ll be protecting yourself from harsh side effects by building up your body’s resistance.

Also, it would help if you considered the concentration of the product that is considered safe for human consumption and how often it’s safe to consume it. As stated in a research by Tuffs University published in 2019, in the journal Annals of internal medicine, daily consumption of calcium of more than 1000 milligrams(mg) has a higher death risk than cancer.

Therefore, it would help if you were wary of the concentration and quantity of the supplements you intend to purchase and consume.

4.Choose The Form Comfortable For You

Supplements, as stated earlier, come in various forms like powders, extracts, capsules and pills. It’s necessary to choose a form that’ll be convenient for you based on its availability, your preference, budget and need.

Pills are known to be more concentrated, effective and easier to use than liquids. Other people prefer powders, though. They mostly mix it with their favourite beverages.

Whichever form of a supplement you decide to pitch on, you must be sure that it’s one you like enough to want to take as frequently as necessary. It also has to be readily available in your locality and within your budget. This will prevent you from running out of the product often.

5. Combination With Other Supplements

Sometimes, people need to use two or more types of supplements to achieve their desired result. In making your choice of a product, you want to be sure it can be effectively combined with other products in your medication.

Some combinations of products have adverse effects on the body. Study the instructions regarding using the products you decide on choosing to make sure they don’t fall into this category.

In 2011, a study on over 35,000 healthy men showed that the combination of Vit E and selenium supplements increased the risk of prostate cancer by 17%. Such combinations as this are those one needs to be careful of and avoid.

6.Consult an Expert

Still quite confused about choosing high quality natural supplements? You should consider speaking to a consultant. A biologist, nutritionist, biochemist or clinical researcher will work specifically on your concerns and recommend products effective in addressing these concerns.

This will clear your mind of all doubts and confusion and set you on the right track to making the right choice of a high-quality supplement.

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choosing high quality natural supplements

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