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ectopic pregnancy treatment

Ectopic Pregnancy Treatment & Prevention With Traditional Chinese Medicine

An ectopic pregnancy is one in which the fertilized egg becomes implanted elsewhere, usually in the fallopian tube, before it reaches the uterus. Since the fallopian tubes are not capable of nourishing and growing an embryo due to their inability to expand as the uterus does, the situation may very well become life-threatening for expectant mothers. In some cases, emergency treatment may be the only option. Sadly, ectopic pregnancies are not viable and will not result in the birth of a child. To learn more about, ectopic pregnancy treatment,  ectopic pregnancy prevention and how to prevent ectopic pregnancy using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), read on.

Is Ectopic Pregnancy Serious?

In short, an ectopic pregnancy is a very serious situation. The fallopian tubes, unlike the uterus, do not expand and stretch to allow for the implanted egg to develop and grow. This can lead to a rupture in the fallopian tube which can then cause excessive internal bleeding. Immediate ectopic pregnancy treatment is needed to avoid damage to the fallopian tube and, in some cases, death to the mother.

What Are the Causes of Ectopic Pregnancy?

Knowing how to avoid ectopic pregnancy starts by understanding some of the possible causes. The causes that can increase a woman’s risk include:

  • Previous pelvic surgery: Any surgery in the pelvic area including tubal ligation has been shown to increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy.
  • Scar tissue: Though scar tissue may result from surgery performed on the fallopian tubes, it can also result from infections of the female reproductive organs. If scar tissue is present, this may increase the risk in some women.
  • Infection: Women who experience pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) are also at a higher risk for ectopic pregnancy. It is important for women experiencing stomach and abdominal pain, as well as their partners, to be treated in an effort to prevent future fertility issues.
  • Debris in the fallopian tube: The presence of mucus plugs in the fallopian tubes can prevent proper implantation and result in an ectopic pregnancy.
  • Muscle tension: Any tension in the fallopian tubes’ fine muscles may also increase ectopic pregnancy risk.
  • Thin fallopian tube lining: If the lining of the fallopian tube is inadequate, the embryo may not be able to properly move toward the uterus for implantation.
  • Abnormal fallopian tube shape: In addition to an obstructed fallopian tube, a misshapen or kinked tube is a known risk factor for ectopic pregnancy.
ectopic pregnancy treatment

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ectopic Pregnancy

According to TCM, an ectopic pregnancy is a disorder that is associated with blood stasis in the lower abdominal area. If an embryo implants outside of the uterus, it will result in blocking the circulation of Qi. As Qi becomes stagnant, blood stasis will result causing damage to the fallopian tube. When blood is unable to properly flow through meridians, it will spill out resulting in life-threatening internal bleeding.

When treating an ectopic pregnancy, TCM practitioners seek to remove and alleviate blood stasis, improve blood flow, and remove any lumps or nodes when removing the embryo.

ectopic pregnancy treatment

How to Avoid Ectopic Pregnancy with Chinese Herbs : Ectopic Pregnancy Treatment

Those wanting to understand how to prevent ectopic pregnancy may consider use of the following Chinese medicinal herbs that have been shown to reduce risk:

  • Dan Shen: Also known as red sage, Dan Shen improves blood flow by reducing the collection of platelets in the blood and by preventing clotting and coagulation. Dan Shen helps to widen the blood vessels and improve overall circulation. Thanks to its ability to relieve blood stasis, it can be helpful in removing blockages which may lead to an ectopic pregnancy. Buy here.
  • Gan Cao: Known as licorice root or by the scientific name of Radix Glycyrrhizae, Gan Cao has been used in TCM for hundreds of years. It has been shown to reduce inflammation and also eliminate phlegm-causing blockages.
  • Chi Shao: As it enters the liver meridian, Chi Shao improves blood circulation. As it removes any congealed blood, it also helps to reduce pain and swelling.
  • Tao Ren: Tao Ren may help prevent ectopic pregnancy by reducing the presence of ectopic endometrial cells. It works to improve blood flow thanks to its ability to create new blood vessels.
  • San Leng: Not only will San Len help to eliminate blood stasis, but it has also been shown to improve the flow of blood and Qi. It does so by acting as an anticoagulant that inhibits the aggregation platelets.
ectopic pregnancy treatment

Prevent Ectopic Pregnancy with Acupuncture and Massage

In addition to the use of Chinese herbs, acupuncture can be an effective ectopic pregnancy treatment. The centuries’ old practice of acupuncture has been shown to promote the opening of the fallopian tubes while diminishing any obstructions present. Treatment with acupuncture will bring balance to Yin and Yang while promoting proper blood circulation.

Reproductive organ massage can help to prevent ectopic pregnancy in a number of ways. Massage aids in relaxation, and this reduction in stress will help to encourage proper embryo implantation. It will also improve blood flow to the region of the body that is undergoing massage. It can even help to bring relief to pelvic pain.

ectopic pregnancy treatment


An ectopic pregnancy is a serious condition that requires immediate attention. If you are hoping to conceive and want to know how to avoid ectopic pregnancy, consider speaking with a TCM practitioner to ensure your blood is circulating properly, and your fallopian tubes are free of any possible obstructions. Herbs such as San Leng and Gan Cao will help to remove blood stasis, reduce inflammation, and reduce phlegm that can lead to blockages.  Acupuncture and massage are also helpful in promoting the opening of the fallopian tubes while helping to relieve pain and stress. To learn more about how to prevent ectopic pregnancy, speak with a TCM practitioner about your options.

Red Sage Root (Dan Shen)

Red Sage Root

Red Sage Root (Dan Shen Herb) is a popular herb that supports cardiovascular health. These Dan Shen pills are primarily used to promote blood circulation and are a rich source of antioxidants, nourishes heart blood nutrition, and relaxes the mind. Offers a natural solution for menstrual conditions, Red sage root eliminates heat and relieves inflammation.

For more information about how Chinese Medicine can help you with ectopic pregnancy, book your free consultation with our Chinese Medicine experts today

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