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Navigating Endometriosis and Fertility With Chinese Medicine

Endometriosis occurs when the tissue that normally lines the uterus (the endometrium) is found elsewhere in the body, such as the ovaries and fallopian tubes. People suffering from the condition experience painful periods, pain during or after sex, fatigue, and reduced fertility.

According to Endometriosis UK, approximately 10% of females of reproductive age getting pregnant with endometriosis – and only 30% to 50% of women with infertility have the diagnosis. Indeed, getting pregnant with endometriosis can be a battle. However, there are several effective treatments in Chinese medicine for endometriosis and fertility.

How Does Endometriosis Affect Fertility

Can you get pregnant with endometriosis? Yes. If the endometrial tissue is located away from the reproductive system, then, while the symptoms are often worse, you can get pregnant with endometriosis. However, if endometriosis is located around the ovaries or fallopian tubes, it can cause inflammation, scarring, and cysts and make it challenging to conceive.

In time, the fallopian tubes can become blocked due to adhesions, preventing the egg from entering the uterus during ovulation. Moreover, a 2019 paper noted that endometriosis also increases systemic inflammation, altering sex hormones and potentially damaging the egg or sperm, further decreasing fertility.

 Endometriosis can affect pregnancy in several ways:

  • Difficulty Conceiving
  • Increased Risk of Miscarriage
  • Higher Risk of Complications
  • Pain During Pregnancy
  • Implantation Issues
getting pregnant with endometriosis

In Chinese Medicine, endometriosis and infertility occur due to imbalances in the body. In this case, blood stasis and Qi stagnation. It’s not only the uterus or misplaced endometrial tissue involved; other organs also influence the condition.

  • Kidney Deficiency: The kidneys are regarded as the cornerstone of reproductive health. Kidney Deficiency, particularly of the Yin or Yang aspect, can lead to a variety of gynecological issues, including endometriosis and infertility.
  • Spleen Deficiency: The spleen is essential for processing and distributing nutrients vital for reproductive health. A deficiency in the spleen’s function can result in poor digestion, reduced Qi (vital energy), and an accumulation of dampness, which may worsen endometriosis symptoms and affect fertility.
  • Liver Qi Stagnation: The liver is responsible for the smooth circulation of Qi throughout the body. Factors like stress, emotional upheaval, or dietary habits can create obstructions in Liver Qi leading to blood stagnation and the formation of endometriosis lesions, potentially impacting fertility.
  • Blood Deficiency: Blood insufficiency is when the blood lacks proper nourishment and vitality, manifesting as irregular or scant menstrual cycles or amenorrhea. This insufficiency can affect the nourishment of the endometrial lining and disrupt embryo implantation, thereby influencing fertility.

Correcting these imbalances, insufficiencies, and obstructions is the art of Chinese medicine. Through acupuncture and other treatments, you can correct the flow of Qi and prevent blood stasis, improving both endometriosis and fertility.

How to Improve Your Chances of Conceiving With Endometriosis

Endometriosis is challenging to diagnose, often taking an average of 7.5 years from the first symptoms to confirmation via laparoscopy. If you suspect a link between endometriosis and infertility, consult an experienced expert promptly.

How to get pregnant with endometriosis naturally? Chinese Medicine provides one potential answer. Getting pregnant with endometriosis means tackling the root cause of the problem – not just the symptoms. Acupuncture the principal treatment in Chinese medicine, is proving to be an effective option.

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Acupuncture for Endometriosis and fertility

Acupuncture is believed to help getting pregnant with endometriosis by:

  • Qi and Blood Flow Regulation: Acupuncture enhances the circulation of Qi (vital energy) and blood, ensuring their smooth movement throughout the body.
  • Hormonal Regulation: Acupuncture can influence hormonal levels, such as oestrogen and progesterone, essential for menstrual cycle regulation and fertility. It helps correct hormonal imbalances associated with endometriosis, thereby aiding reproductive health.

Indeed, a 2018 review confirmed that acupuncture increases oestrogen, progesterone, and prolactin release. The former two hormones are critical in endometriosis and infertility.

  • Stress Alleviation: Acupuncture has a soothing effect on the nervous system, which can lower stress and anxiety. Since chronic stress can worsen endometriosis and affect fertility, acupuncture’s ability to induce relaxation can support reproductive wellness and boost conception chances.

Stress can impact the success of fertility treatments. Indeed, lower stress levels are associated with significant increases in pregnancy rates. With acupuncture commonly used to treat endometrial pain (a cause of stress) and stress itself, it presents a viable and holistic treatment compared to conventional options.

  • Ovulation Improvement: By affecting the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis, acupuncture can enhance ovulation regulation, promoting regular menstrual cycles and improving egg quality, which is beneficial for conception. In women with polycystic ovarian syndrome, acupuncture increases ovulation frequency due to its effect on sex hormone secretion.

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  • Uterine Lining Enhancement: Acupuncture can boost the endometrial lining’s thickness and quality, which is vital for embryo implantation. It increases uterine blood flow and nutrient secretion, improving the endometrium’s receptivity and supporting successful conception. Alterations to sex hormones likely influence this relationship. However, a 2007 pilot study found that acupuncture and Sildenafil together increase the uterine thickness of four infertility patients, indicating a strong potential for the treatment.

According to a 2016 systematic review, acupuncture significantly increases blood flow in the skin and muscles. The authors suggested that “acupuncture-induced neural signalling” triggers the release of chemicals that dilate blood vessels.

Meanwhile, another review found that acupuncture may improve clinical pregnancy rates and the number of retrieved oocytes (eggs) in women with poor ovarian response undergoing IVF. These results suggest that acupuncture may indeed boost the egg quality (or at least the availability of eggs) in women with infertility.

As a 2018 case study concluded: “Acupuncture can be considered as a successful treatment in restoring fertility in the patients, by improving the sperm quality and ovaries function and balancing the endocrine system and hormones.”

So, getting pregnant with endometriosis is absolutely possible. Acupuncture provides a highly successful, evidence-based option to alleviate not just infertility problems but also the symptoms of endometriosis.

By solving kidney imbalances, ensuring the smooth circulation of Qi, and improving hormonal regulation, fertility is not only possible – it’s likely. Chinese medicine for endometriosis and fertility is, therefore, a highly successful treatment.

For more information about how Chinese Medicine can help you to get pregnant with endometriosis naturally, book your free consultation with our Chinese Medicine experts today

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