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herbs to boost mood 

Top 5 Ways to Restore Energy and Use Herbs to Lift Your Low Mood

At one time or another, everyone has had the experience of feeling a low mood accompanied by fatigue. Feelings of low energy and poor mood are unfortunately quite common. Many people may believe this is just a natural side effect of aging or that they are spreading themselves too thinly between work and family. Of course, these can play a role. Regardless of what is causing a low mood, there are many options in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) such as mood enhancing herbs, acupuncture, and light exercise that have been shown to help. If you are interested in giving your mood a boost, then keep reading to learn more about herbs to boost mood.

Causes of Fatigue According to TCM

According to TCM, low energy can have a number of causes:

Qi deficiency: Though the causes of Qi deficiency can vary, some studies have shown that it can be caused by changes to the gut microbiome. This can cause symptoms such as a slow metabolism, low pulse, and fatigue.

Yang deficiency: Together, yin and yang work to create Qi. Causes of yang deficiency include dysfunction of the mitochondria. Like Qi deficiency, this can also result in fatigue. Associated with coldness, symptoms of yang deficiency are more common during the winter months.

Blood deficiency: Stagnation or deficiency in the blood can drive fatigue as well. Sometimes it is due to the introduction of certain pathogens. Common symptoms include a low mood and even a pale tongue.

Other causes of low mood and fatigue include physical exertion, anger, fear, anxiety, and sadness. For some, the lack of energy can be due to a poor diet.

herbs to boost mood

How to Restore Energy and Lift Low Mood According to TCM

Thankfully, there are plenty of drug free, readily available options when it comes to improving your energy levels.  

1. Diet: Avoid foods that have been shown to cause dampness. High fat good and dairy along with sugary foods will weaken the spleen while increasing phlegm. Increases in phlegm will lead to mental fogginess. Instead, stick with eating lighter meals consisting of low-fat foods such as vegetables and lean meats.

2. Add Herbal Supplements to your Routine: Looking for herbs to boost mood? Below are a few mood enhancing herbs:  

  • Astragalus: Also known as Huang Qi, astragalus is an adaptogen that protect the body from the effects of stress and disease. Huang Qi has been shown to minimize fatigue and improve physical performance. Use of Astragalus has been shown to lower the ammonia and serum lactase levels while boosting the storage of glycogen in the muscles and liver. This means more glycogen will be stored and available for use during physical activities. It can be found in herbal shops and online in capsule form or as drops and extracts.
  • Ginseng: Used not only in TCM, ginseng has been approved for use to treat fatigue in parts of Europe as well. This is thanks to its ability to nourish and enhance the immune system. It can be found at almost any drug store or herbal shop in pill form or more commonly as a tea.
  • Cordyceps: Grown near the Himalayas and in other parts of Asia and Europe, Cordyceps Sinensis has been used in TCM for thousands of years. Thanks to a metabolite that is called Cordycepin, this mushroom exhibits a number of benefits. Among them are its anti-tumor, anti-cancer, and anti-oxidative effects. In addition to its ability to improve sexual function, it can also have a positive influence on the immune system. It can be purchased online and usually comes in capsule form.
  • Schisandra Berry: Known by the scientific name Schisandra chinensis, this berry has been used for years to improve endurance. Extracts of the schisandra berry prevent the reduction of muscle strength. Pills, extracts, and teas are widely available for purchase online.
herbs to boost mood

3. Gentle Exercise: Though it can feel difficult to exercise when energy is low, there are many low-impact ways to improve mood and reduce fatigue. For example, meditation, yoga, or Qigong. The deep breathing and gentle stretches required for these practices have been shown to improve self-esteem and boost mood. Try holding some simple yoga poses for one minute each day to increase energy and feelings of empowerment.

4. Acupuncture: Another ancient TCM practice, acupuncture will help the body to recover more quickly after intense exercise. A study out of the Shanghai University of Sport examined the effects of acupuncture on male athletes. Thanks to its ability to reduce stress and promote healing, it aids in the reduction of fatigue.

5. Acupressure: Those who do not have access to an acupuncture practitioner can consider trying acupressure at home. Try stimulating the gu point by applying pressure to the space between the index finger and thumb for about five minutes up to three times per day to relieve pain associated with fatigue. Applying pressure to the bai hui point, located on the scalp 7 finger lengths behind the hairline, will help to reduce brain fog by improving neurological function.

herbs to boost mood


If you are suffering from fatigue, low mood, or a lack of energy, there are many options that will help you gain that needed boost. There are herbs to boost mood, such as ginseng and cordyceps. In addition to these mood enhancing herbs, light exercise such as yoga will also help to improve your energy levels. The practices of acupuncture and acupressure have also demonstrated mood enhancing effects and have been used in practice for years. If your mood could use a boost of energy, then speak with your healthcare practitioner to determine which of the above solutions will work best for you.

Recommended Supplements for Energy and Mood

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