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How to Get Pregnant with PCOS using Chinese Medicine

Challenges with fertility are not uncommon. In fact, around 1 in 7 couples may have difficulty conceiving in the United Kingdom. Though there may be a few different causes of infertility, the most common cause is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). It is not easy to quantify how many women in the UK suffer from PCOS, but it is estimated that it affects about 10% of women. The good news is that having PCOS does not mean that you will be unable to conceive.

Thankfully, there are natural, drug-free ways that will help you when trying to conceive with PCOS (TTC PCOS). If you are interested in learning more about how to increase chances of getting pregnant with PCOS naturally, read on.

What is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome?

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a condition that is characterized by having a few different symptoms. Those include high androgen levels, irregular periods, and cysts on the ovaries. The high levels of androgens can discourage follicle development while encouraging the development of small cysts. In some, it may prevent ovulation and cause other changes to the menstrual cycle. Other common symptoms of PCOS include acne, skin tags, hair loss, pelvic pain, and the excessive growth of dark, coarse hair on the face and chest known as hirsutism.

How Does PCOS Affect Pregnancy?

Getting pregnant with PCOS is a challenge that many women face. Women with PCOS will have higher levels of both luteinizing hormone (LH) and reduced levels of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). Add to that increased levels of both insulin and androgens, and the result can be periods that are either infrequent or absent. These hormone imbalances will have an impact on ovulation, many women with PCOS don’t ovulate regularly; some don’t ovulate at all.

Ovulation occurs when an egg is released from ovary and into fallopian tube. In order for conception to occur, sperm needs to fertilize the egg before it moves on down the fallopian tube. If the body is not ovulate, there will be no egg waiting in fallopian tube for sperm to fertilize—and pregnancy can’t happened. 

Depending on the severity of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), people with pcos may be concerned about their ability to conceive and bear children.

Traditional Chinese Medicine’s View on PCOS

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) view on PCOS is that it is an indication of imbalance in both the liver and the kidneys.

Liver Qi stagnation may lead to the development of ovarian cysts. The likely cause of stagnation is poor blood flow which can lead to a buildup of fluids. The fluid accumulations can then lead to excessive dampness and the development ovarian cysts. This fluid buildup can then give rise to the production of phlegm. Phlegm may signify that there is a problem with Kidney Yang. If the kidneys are not to disperse water upward, then the phlegm that results will cause the kidneys not to support the liver properly.

If both the liver and kidneys are not able to carry out the important function of toxin elimination, women may find that they are experiencing abnormal immune system function. Such dysfunction can lead to the overgrowth of tissue and cysts throughout a woman’s reproductive system. Kidney Yang deficiencies may even lead to altered energy metabolism causing obesity.

how can i get pregnant with pcos 

How Can I Get Pregnant with PCOS?

If you have been diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), there are many things that can be done—especially through Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)—to improve your chances of conceiving. And yes, it is entirely possible for women with PCOS to ovulate and conceive naturally. So what do you need to know about dealing with fertility issues from a TCM perspective? Let’s explore more here.

Traditional Chinese Medicine’s approach is to help the body as a whole rather than just treat individual symptoms using medication. Due to the role played by the kidneys and liver function, TCM works to boost blood circulation by alleviating blood stasis, to clear phlegm and excess dampness from the female reproductive organs, to nourish the kidneys, and to bring balance to the hormones and endocrine system.

This combination of treatments to achieve these outcomes includes a healthy diet, plenty of regular exercise, and acupuncture.

how can i get pregnant with pcos 

Start with weight loss

According to statistics from the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, women who are overweight or obese have nearly two times greater risk of failing at fertility treatments than normal-weight counterparts.

 In Chinese medicine, fat viewed as  phlegm or dampness. The spleen is responsible for transforming the food we eat into the energy and eliminating excess waste and fluid from our body, This dampness is due to the accumulation of overconsumption of sweet, greasy, and processed food, which in turn damages the Spleen function, subsequently the build-up of fats in the body. Some may also experience other symptons such as: slower to move, foggy thinking, headaches and digestive issues. So it makes sense that many women who with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) start loss weight before trying conceive. 

Diet: Those trying to conceive with PCOS will benefit from a healthy diet. Having Bone broth made from scratch and slow cooked for 24 hours is another excellent way to improve your qi, blood and Kidney energy. Include foods with Vitamin A such as eggs as it may bring about changes to the levels of adrenal steroids. Since high levels of homocysteine may cause reproductive symptoms in women with PCOS, be sure to include foods with B complex vitamins such as salmon, leafy greens, beans, and beef. Lack of Vitamin D correlates with insulin resistance, so try to get an optimal amount of sunlight and include sardines, tuna, and salmon. Foods with Vitamin E, such as avocado, mango, and asparagus, will help to balanced hormones by reducing oxidative stress on the endocrine system. 

Acupuncture: If you are asking “How can I get pregnant with PCOS?” then consider acupuncture. A staple of TCM for thousands of years, acupuncture can increase egg quality as it warms kidneys and reduces the buildup of phlegm. It works to improve blood stasis by restoring the blood flow back to normal. Acupuncture will also detoxify the liver and invigorate blood and while reducing stagnation. This leads to improved egg quality and ovarian function while bringing balance to the hormones.

Self Anti-Anxiety & Stress Management , Combining exercise with acupuncture: This will further improve your chances of getting pregnant with PCOS. The combination will improve and balance hormones by reducing androgen levels while also bringing regularity to the menstrual cycle.

Getting pregnant with PCOS will be more likely when regular exercise is incorporated.  The practice of yoga can bring hormone balance by controlling endocrine function and providing some relief of PCOS symptoms. The physical activity associated with Tai Chi will also helpful in calming your mind and managing your emotions, sustain harmony of both qi and blood while also balancing yin and yang. It can even substantially reduce body mass index (BMI).

Herbal supplements if you are trying to conceive with PCOS

Herbal supplements are one of the top recommended natural remedies for PCOS. Approximately two out of five women with PCOS report that they have tried herbal medicines. Plant-based medicines contain biologically active compounds that have the potential to alter reproductive endocrinology in women with PCOS.

PCOS Infertility Kit

PCOS Infertility Kit is designed for women who suffer from PCOS and who are looking for natural ways to balance hormones and improve chances of conceiving naturally. This kit is specifically for women experiencing symptoms such as irregular period and ovulation, period cramps, all resulting in difficulty to conceive.


For the TTC PCOS community, there is hope. Acupuncture, exercise, and a healthy diet will treat the body as a whole to improve your chances of getting pregnant with PCOS. If you would like to know how to increase chances of getting pregnant with PCOS naturally, speak to your healthcare practitioner about these natural, drug-free options.

For more information about how Chinese Medicine can help you to get pregnant with PCOS, book your free consultation with our Chinese Medicine experts today

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