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Boosting Your Libido With Traditional Chinese Medicine


A low libido, otherwise known as low sex drive, is a frequent but often overlooked problem. Many people consider it taboo and are uncomfortable talking about it to their friends or doctor. And if the social barrier to talk about our libido is overcome, many western medicine doctors don’t have a definitive cure for having a low sexual drive. On the other hand, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has many solutions to offer that can help boost libido naturally. If you want to know how to increase libido naturally with the help of traditional Chinese medicine, keep on reading!

Having a low libido is a serious issue:

Low libido is a frequent problem that affects both men and women. It is often thought to be a trivial matter that is not worth a doctor’s visit, but the truth is, it can be quite a serious issue with serious consequences. Having low sexual drive can negatively affect the quality of one’s relationship, self-esteem, and fertility and it can make it more difficult to become pregnant. 

If libido has noticeably dropped, the issue should be taken more seriously because it can indicate that something else wrong is going on in the body. Low libido can be a sign of many conditions or health issues such as depression or other mental health problems, menopause, hormonal imbalances, chronic inflammatory conditions and can also be seen during recovery post surgery or trauma [1].

Low libido in Traditional Chinese Medicine:

To avoid any of the negative consequences mentioned earlier, upon noticing a lowered libido people should be motivated to consult and seek help more often, but sadly, western medicine doesn’t offer many solutions to help rectify a low sexual drive. But if you’re wondering what remedies are available to help boost libido, traditional Chinese medicine can provide the answers.

Low libido in Chinese medicine is caused by an imbalance of the Qi energy in the kidney meridian. Low levels of Yin energy may decrease stamina and performance, while low levels of Yang energy may decrease sexual desire. Traditional Chinese Medicine offers many solutions to naturally boost libido in both men and women through the re-balancing of the vital Qi energy using a variety of therapeutic tools such as herbs, acupressure, and many other alternative treatments [2].

low sex drive treatment and Chinese medicine

How to boost libido with Traditional Chinese Medicine:

Traditional Chinese medicine offers many therapeutic remedies to help restore balance to the Kidney meridian which is associated with sexual drive. Additionally, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the physical, mental, energetic, and emotional bodies are viewed as a whole, and an energy blockage or suppressed emotion will negatively affect the wellbeing of the other bodies. Since the body and mind are interconnected, many lifestyle, nutrition, and movement therapies are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to bring harmony and wellbeing to one’s health.


Lifestyle measures

Having a healthy lifestyle is the first step toward boosting libido and improving general health and well being. Having a regular sleep schedule, eating healthy and nutritious food, and finding ways to manage and relieve stress are all essential aspects of living a healthy lifestyle and are necessary aspects of daily life that need to be regulated in order to support any further treatments aimed at boosting libido naturally.

Acupuncture for low libido

Acupuncture for sex drive is an amazing tool that’s scientifically proven to improve low sexual drive and naturally boost libido [3]. Acupuncture helps to bring balance to the meridians and clear any energy blockages, but it is also a great way to relieve stress and improve blood circulation which are all factors that can boost libido [4]. Acupuncture points for libido may include Sanyinjiao point (SP6) which is normally used for women health.

Eat the right foods:

Aside from the importance of keeping a generally healthy diet, including some libido-boosting foods can be helpful. These foods are known as natural aphrodisiacs, and they can naturally boost libido and improve sexual desire. Examples include avocadoes, saffron, pistachios, and other nuts as well as bananas [5].

Add herbs to your lifestyle

Traditional Chinese Medicine has used many different healing herbs and spices for hundreds of years in its practice, and there are plenty of options available that can help boost libido naturally. Consuming supplements made of maca root [6], ginseng [7], and ginkgo [8] are all scientifically proven to improve libido and are some of the most potent Chinese herbs for female libido and male libido.

Try a reflexology massage

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, applying pressure to specific points in the hands and feet can improve libido. According to TCM, each specific point is associated with an organ or a meridian, and thus targeting these specific energy points can bring balance and harmony to the energy body and help to boost libido naturally.

Try Qi Gong exercises or other gentle types of movement:

Gentle movement exercises are another excellent way to clear energy blockages and bring harmony to the body. Specific Qi Gong movements designed to improve sexual drive can be performed to naturally boost libido.

Strengthen the pelvis muscle:

Bringing attention to the pelvis muscles can greatly improve libido and sexual drive. Engaging the pelvis muscles will increase heat and blood circulation to this area, which can help boost libido. Strengthening the pelvis muscles also helps with stamina and endurance during sexual intercourse. Last but not least, many tend to store suppressed emotions in the pelvis, especially women, and performing exercises that target this area can help release any tension stored in the pelvis which can help to boost libido naturally.
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Having a low libido is a common complaint in both men and women, but it is often overlooked because it’s thought to be taboo or insignificant. However, having a low sex drive is a serious problem that can affect a person’s self-esteem, their relationship, and their fertility. It may also be indicative of  a serious problem because it usually means something else is going on in the body, and it can be a sign of various mental illnesses, hormonal imbalances, or other health issues.

Traditional Chinese medicine offers many solutions to boost libido naturally. Acupuncture for libido is a great way to clear Qi energy blockages and balance Yin and Yang energies. Other therapeutic interventions include maintaining a healthy lifestyle, dietary supplements made with Chinese herbs for sexuality and aphrodisiacs, practising Qi gong and other types of gentle movement, as well as trying acupressure or reflexology massages.

For more information about how to boost libido with Chinese Medicine, book your free consultation with our Chinese Medicine experts today

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how to boost libido   

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