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how to increase chances of twins

Can You Really Increase Your Chances Of having twins?

If so how can you increase chances of having twins

Many trying parents consider how to increase chances of twins naturally. As surprising as it sounds to some, there are actually a number of different factors that can influence the chances of getting pregnant with twins.

This article discusses the multitude of herbal treatments, remedies, dietary changes, and lifestyle factors that can influence and increase the chances of having twins.

Factors that Influence Chances of Having Twins

Genetics are not the only element that can impact the statistical chances of getting pregnant with twins. Besides genetics, there are over a dozen different factors that coincide with pregnancy that may also influence probabilities.

Here are a few of the most influential factors in determining the likelihood of twins during pregnancy:

Over 35

A study was recently conducted showing the increased likelihood of “advanced maternal age” women getting pregnant with twins. The study detailed how the hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause women over the age of 35 to release more than one egg during the same ovulation cycle.



A wide variety of studies show that only the mother’s genetics matter when trying to calculate the chances of having twins. When an old relative says “twins run in the family,” they are often telling the truth. According to a study published in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine, the likelihood of having fraternal twins (which come from two separate eggs being fertilized by two separate sperm) is influenced by the mother’s genetics, specifically her family history of fraternal twins.



Fertility treatments (such as IVF) can greatly influence a mother’s chances of getting pregnant with twins. Most studies have shown that the chances of conceiving multiple children in one pregnancy with IVF is over 30%. This is because with treatments like IVF, multiple embryos are often given the chance to implant in the uterus at the same time.



Ovulation patterns and behaviours can also influence thae chances of having twins. Women who have what is known as “hyperovulation” (releasing more than one egg), have a far greater chances of conceiving multiples.



Certain studies have shown that taller women may have an increased likelihood of having twins. Most researchers attribute this to an insulin-like growth element of the pregnancy.



A mother’s BMI will also play a role in her likelihood of having twins. More specifically, women with a BMI over 30 have the highest chances of getting pregnant with multiples. Similar studies have shown that the chances of having twins increases only after a BMI of 25.



With diet, it is the potential insulin growth factors that impacts the chances of a multiple pregnancy. Certain foods, such as dairy, root vegetables, and other fibrous foods can increase the chances of having twins. On the other hand, one study showed that an all-vegan is far less likely to support a multiple pregnancy.

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Most scientific literature supports the number of 1 in 250 pregnancies resulting in twins. While there are obviously several factors that can impact that number, it means that at a baseline, the odds of having twins are around 0.3%. While that number can sound small at first, twins are still an exceptionally common occurrence during pregnancy.

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Chances of Having Twins by Age

The baseline chances of having twins change with age. At age 30, a mother has the greatest statistical chances of getting pregnant with twins at 7.3%. After age 35, that number drops just below 7% and then down to 6.8% for ages 38-40.

Interestingly, women aged 41-42 have only a 5.1% baseline chance of getting pregnant with twins. For women aged 43 and older, the chances of having twins increases to almost 6% again.

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How To Increase Chances Of Twins with Chinese Medicine

Regardless of age, it is possible for trying mothers to conceive twins naturally. For hopeful mothers wondering how to get pregnant with twins, there are a number of different Chinese Medicine treatments that could influence the changes of having twins.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) takes a natural and holistic approach to improving the odds of having twins. The aim is to improve and promote healthy ovulation through a selection of different treatments.

In Chinese medicine, the occurrence of hyperovulation, which is the release of multiple eggs during a menstrual cycle, is considered a favorable condition for conceiving twins. While there are no specific techniques in Chinese medicine to intentionally increase the chances of hyperovulation or conceiving twins, there are certain principles and approaches that are believed to support chances of having twins.

Practitioners of TCM are able to target energies in the body (Qi) and improve blood flow with certain practices. By improving the flow of Qi in specific areas of the body, the body’s reproductive cycle will reach its most productive balance, allowing for an increased chance of having twins by improving levels of ovulation.

  • Acupuncture: Perhaps the most popular and effective way of improving the chances of having twins. Acupuncturists are able to pin-point specific meridians in the body’s reproductive region, stimulating energy and blood flow. Research has shown this treatment to be especially effective for women who may repeatedly struggle to get pregnant.

Acupuncture aim to strengthen the Kidneys.  In Chinese medicine, the kidneys are considered the foundation of reproductive health and are associated with fertility. Strengthening the kidneys is believed to enhance reproductive function and increase the chances of hyperovulation.

It also promotes regular free flow of Qi, balance hormones and nourishing Yin and Blood. Chinese medicine places great importance on the balance between Yin and Yang energies, with Yin representing nourishing and cooling energy. Nourishing Yin and blood is believed to support the production of multiple eggs.

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  • Herbal Treatment: There are multiple herbs, such as Dang Gui and Shu Di Huang that have been successfully used to increase the chances of having twins. These herbs work in similar ways to acupuncture, by tonifying and moving the blood flow to reproductive regions (ovaries, uterus, etc.). This improved blood flow to reproductive organs and other tissue has been shown to directly support ovarian function, thus increasing the chances of multiples in pregnancy.
  • Dietary Changes: Foods that are high in folic acid have been shown to increase the chances of having twins. A diet higher in foods like avocado, broccoli, spinach, liver, and beans can have enough folic acid to better the chances of having multiples in a pregnancy.

Conclusion – Can you really increase chances of twins?

If you, like many, are wondering how to increase your chances of having twins, there are several lifestyle changes and treatments you can undergo to improve the odds. While there is a great track record of women improving their chances through methods such as acupuncture, its still important to keep overall health and safety in mind.

Its essential to discuss any plans to conceive twins with a doctor or healthcare provider to ensure the health and safety of both the mother and babies. But, with the right information and practices, it is more than possible to increase the chances of conceiving twins.

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