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How to Improve Egg Quality for IVF with Natural Chinese Medicine

Infertility is a problem faced by many couples. One of the most common reasons for failed IVF is poor embryo quality due to poor egg quality. Other factors that contribute to infertility include age, which is considered the most significant determinant of poor egg quality in women. However, even young women can face similar challenges especially of there are other factors present such as Endometriosis, PCOS, genetic issues, and immunological problems, among others. Read the article to learn about how to increase egg quality with the wisdom of Chinese Medicine.

What Causes Poor Egg Quality

Poor egg quality is one of several factors that may result in a failed or canceled IVF cycle. Age, genetics, reproductive history and lifestyle are among some of these factors. A cycle cancellation due to poor egg quality typically occurs when fewer than five mature eggs are retrieved from a woman during ovulation stimulation.

There common reasons a woman may have poor egg quality thus compromising her fertility:

  • Reduced ovarian reserve produces poor egg quality, which is one of the most prevalent reasons of infertility, especially in women over 35. Age plays a primary role in the quality of eggs.
  • Along with age, PCOS and endometriosis are some of the most common victims.
  • PCOS is among the most common causes of infertility in females. PCOS is known to cause hormonal imbalance thus affecting ovulation. If you have PCOS you will usually have a significant number of eggs collected during IVF, although due to the PCOS being present some of egg  may be immature. In simple terms, it might indicate that your eggs are of poor quality, which implies they won’t fertilise or develop to a level appropriate for transfer and successful pregnancy.
  • Scar tissue forms in many regions of the reproductive tract as a result of endometriosis. Scar tissue can obstruct normal blood flow to or inside the ovaries, limiting oxygen availability. This can prevent eggs from maturing and impair their quality.

AMH & FSH Levels , Eggs & Fertility

AMH is a protein hormone produced by cells within the ovary. An AMH test in a woman is taken to check whether she can produce viable eggs. While a woman’s body can produce thousands of eggs, the number declines as she ages.

Women with higher AMH levels often respond better to ovarian stimulation for IVF since more eggs can be retrieved. Those with lower AMH levels experience lower antral follicular counts and have fewer eggs. The FSH levels are an indication of the number of follicles in the body. A high FSH level is an indicator of poor egg quality and quantity,  and a low prognosis for various infertility treatments such as IVF. 

AMH and FSH are important as they used as measurement of egg quality. Studies showed high FSH is possible to conceive, but for some cases it can be more difficult due to the low ovarian reserve and older age comes diminished egg quality. Additionally, high FSH tends be have an early ovulation, and the shorten the follicular phase. This means the fertility window can easily be missed. 

Additionally, high FSH and low AMH are predictive of a woman’s response to medicated cycles. Many clinics may have cutoffs take of those high FSH (or FSH at thresh hold point ) patients for in-vitro fertilization (IVF) cycles, as response to medications may not be effective. But can you still can get pregnant naturally with low AMH and high FSH ? The answer is yes, as long as you ovulate and still have period. 

The Basics Of Fertility In Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine has shown immense potential in helping with fertility issues. More recently, Chinese medicine has become popular with couples undergoing IVF, and research has shown that it can increase IVF success rates to 61% compared with just 48% for usual care alone. It focuses at underlying reasons of infertility such kidney energy deficiency, as well as the Liver and Spleen’s health.

Liver function are crucial for maintaining fertility. Research has shown estrogen receptors found in the Liver play a major part in women’s fertility.

Kidneys are the foundation for all of the body’s yin and yang energies. Energy stored in the kidneys decline as we age. Fertility can also decline as we age but other factors can lead to kidney energy deficiency and the inability to conceive as well. These include things like chronic stress, poor eating habits, as well as taking certain medications.

The spleen function also plays a vital role in fertility since it is the source of blood and Qi. It influences the quality of eggs and sperms, Spleen Qi’s primary function once the embryo is transferred is to transform and move fluids and nutrients to supply the embryo with nutrition. A weak spleen Qi could result from irregular eating, skipping meals, eating raw or cold fluids and food, failing to eat enough, or overeating.

How to Improve Your Egg Quality for IVF with Chinese Medicine

TCM has been used to help with fertility problems for thousands of years all over the world. The Chinese medicine treatment helps to improve the quality of eggs as well as overall fertility whether you are looking to conceive naturally, trying IVF for the first time or failed IVF due to poor egg quality. Chinese medicine works to improve egg quality for IVF by:

  • Balancing hormones
  • Invigorating the kidneys
  • Reducing inflammation and stress
  • Improving circulation to the ovaries and uterus
  • Improve blood circulation. Poor blood circulation is the most prevalent reason for infertility is the low ovarian reserve in Chinese Medicine. Chinese Medicine for ovarian function has proven to be effective in clinical studies. TCM takes into account the primary ovarian reserve dysfunction pathogenesis to be blood stasis and kidney deficiency.

When a patient has kidney deficiency, it manifests as dysfunction in the heart, liver, and spleen. TCM works by invigorating the kidneys, tonifying the blood, increasing blood flow to ovaries, filling the crucial essence, and regulating menstruation.

Chinese Medicine for improving egg quality for IVF aims to invigorate them to their natural function of distributing essential energies to the whole body. Eventually, the body can restore its natural fertility, and the egg quality is improved.

When TCM is used together with Assisted Reproductive Technologies such as IVF or IUI, chances of success improve. Combining standard fertility medicines with herbal formulas has more potential for enhanced IVF outcomes.

Acupuncture for Improving Egg Quality for IVF

After a TCM practitioner diagnoses a patient’s condition, they formulate a plan to help these patients realign their bodies back to their balanced state using acupuncture. Acupuncture for fertility involves the insertion of needles into the body’s acupoints to help release blocked energy that may be hindering the body from restoring its natural balance. The process eventually boosts the fertility process.

Acupuncture as a poor egg quality treatment also improves the reproductive organs’ efficiency by bringing the required nutrients and improving the energy flow. A study has shown that there are numerous benefits of acupuncture for IVF in women experiencing failed IVF attempts. Acupuncture to improve egg quality for IVF works by:

  • Improving blood flows to the uterus improving egg quality
  • Promote relaxation and relieve stress – which is beneficial for IVF
  • Increases embryo implantation rates
  • Boost normal functioning of the immune system

The acupuncture points are found on the lower abdomen, arms, and legs, all of which are closely related to the spleen, liver, and kidney. Since these organs are important for fertility, invigorating them can help improve egg quality for IVF.

How long does it take to improve egg quality for IVF?

It might take three months to improve egg quality since an egg needs 90 days to develop before ovulation. However, even a month of acupuncture, diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes can enhance egg quality, especially if you’re getting ready for an IVF round.

Can egg quality be improved after 40?

Although the changes when trying to conceive when you are younger are higher. It is still possible to conceive over the age of 40. The egg quality of women over 40 can be improved with a range of poor egg quality treatments such as fertility supplements, a balanced diet. Read more about how to conceive over the age of 40 and improving egg quality after 40 naturally here.

Chinese Herbs for Fertility

According to this study, Chinese herbs help can effectively improve ovarian and uterine function, enhance endometrial thickness, promote embryonic nidation, and enhance egg quality, which results in a higher success rate in IVF.

Chinese herbs also help enhance the results and safety of assisted reproductive technologies. Some of the commonly used herbs include Chinese Motherwort (Yi Mu Cao), Dong Quai and more.

Read more about herbs for fertility and supplements to improve egg quality and quantity
on our Top herbs for fertility blog.

Egg Herbs by GinSen Supplements For Egg Quality

Eggs Herbs

Egg Herbs by GinSen are fertility supplements for egg quality. Blend of 8 fertility boosting herbs, expertly formulated by fertility experts to improve ovarian reserve. These natural supplements can be used to support egg quality and healthy ovarian function. Ideal to add to your daily routine Eggs Herbs by GinSen give you the highest chance of conceiving naturally. 

Eggs and Infertility Kit

GinSen’s Eggs and Infertility Kit is ideal for anyone who is looking to conceive naturally. It improves the quality of eggs and sperm, and increases IVF success rate. The Kit consists of food-based supplements based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine that will help correct imbalances at their source.


Some foods to eat when trying to conceive include avocadoes, nuts, olive oil, and grapeseed oil. These lower body inflammation, and in turn improve fertility and regular ovulation.

Foods that should be avoided include trans fats, excessive alcohol, foods high in mercury, soda, and low-fat dairy, among others.

A health practitioner will also advise patients to get quality sleep, proper exercise, a healthy diet, and reduce stress levels when trying to conceive through IVF.

Bottom Line

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine has shown great potential for improving reproductive function. This treatment invigorates the vital organs responsible for fertility thus helping improve the egg quality for IVF.  When combined with proper diet, exercise, and enough sleep, the possibilities are unimaginable.

A GinSen, we help patients improve their egg quality for IVF through TCM. With over two decades of experience by acupuncture and Chinese herbs to improve fertility and general wellness.

Get in touch with us today for a virtual consultation. We also do international deliveries.

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