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Increase Cervical Mucus

 Increase Cervical Mucus To Get Pregnant

Cervical Mucus also known as fertile discharge or ovulation discharge is an important sign of ovulation, reproductive and general health. Cervical mucus is necessary for fertilisation to take place: Fertile cervical mucus – sometimes referred to as egg white cervical mucus improves sperm survival and helps them to swim from the cervix into the uterus and eventually the fallopian tubes where fertilisation takes place. In this article we will discover you can optimise your chance of conceiving by providing some helpful Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) tips about how to increase cervical mucus levels naturally.

Increase Cervical Mucus

What is Cervical Mucus (Fertile Discharge, Ovulation Discharge) ?

Cervical Mucus is secreted by glands located in and around your cervix. Changes to your hormone levels that take place over your menstrual cycle change the amount and consistency of this mucus. When your oestrogen levels rise so does the production of Cervical Mucus. There are two main roles of Cervical Mucus:

  • It nourishes and helps the sperm to swim through the cervix into the uterus 
  • It blocks the passage of things from entering the uterus through the cervix

When you notice that your levels of fertile Cervical Mucus are increasing this is sign that you are about to ovulate. You will notice that your vaginal discharge becomes sticky and resembles raw egg whites and to have a stretchy viscous consistency. This is the most effective time to have sex if you wish to become pregnant. After ovulation, the hormone progesterone causes the cervical mucus to become much stickier and more thick. This prevents sperm (and any other substance) from passing through to the uterus

Changes in Cervical Mucus consistency over your menstrual cycle:

  • Menstruation
  • Mucus becomes dry or sticky
  • Changes to a creamy like lotion consistency
  • To a wet, watery fluid
  • To a raw egg white consistency (Ovulation)
  • Then, (after ovulation) back to dry and sticky
  • Back to menstruation

Problems with cervical mucus

Having the correct consistency of Cervical Mucus is an essential factor of becoming pregnant and problems with your cervical mucus can hinder your chances, known in Western Medicine as as hostile cervical mucus. This condition is associated with a number of other health conditions and has symptoms of severe vaginal dryness, problems with vaginal secretions that are too acidic. Hostile Cervical Mucus can severely reduce fertility. This is why many look to increasing cervical mucus when trying to increase their chances of conceiving. 

What can cause hostile Cervical Mucus

  • Medication: Women who experience thick, dry, or sticky mucus often suffer with hormonal imbalances and problems ovulating. The thickened mucus hinders the free movement of sperm. The side effects of some medication can cause this.
  • Hormonal: Acidic mucus caused by hormonal imbalances creates an environment that damage sperm
  • Infection: Inflammatory cells are produced in response to an infection. When this happens in the vagina or cervix, the cells can actively target and kill sperm.

How does Chinese Medicine interpret Cervical Mucus?

Cervical Mucus is viewed as an expression of Kidney Yin and Yang.

Yin represents the energy that is responsible for moistening and cooling bodily functions. When this energy is depleted your body begins to show signs of heating up. We can imagine this heat not as the heat that comes with a fever but more a lack of the moistening and cooling functions that are necessary to maintain a healthy balance.

Women are more yin and men are more yang – for example yin is all of the fluids in the body for women (breast milk, menstruation, vaginal discharge/lubricant) which men don’t have in the same way. There are many causes for Yin deficiency. These include working too hard, trauma, excess sexual activity, too many yang hot foods, poor diet and living a high octane lifestyle. See below for some helpful tips to recharge your yin and increase cervical mucus. 

Kidney Yin represents the cooling watery fluids and the Blood that circulates around your body. If you can visualise a cool damp cave you will have pictured a healthy Kidney Yin energy. Levels of Yin also correspond to oestrogen levels which as we know helps to stimulate the growth of endometrial lining, increasing body fat and stimulating breast tissue.

Kidney Yang is associated with heat – it is created by the warmth generated by the activity of the organs and the movement of blood. Kidney Yang it is more related to Progesterone, which helps maintain the endometrial lining and burns up our reserves of body fat for energy.

Lets interpret some problems associated with Cervical Mucus from a TCM perspective

Vaginal Dryness:

 A lack of Yin (or oestrogen) in the body has caused this and this means that we need to support the Blood as well as Fluid to rebalance the dryness and to flush away any damage that this has caused.

Too thick levels of Mucus

 Suggest that an excess of Yin has caused a build up of to too much fluid. This has created a Damp internal environment. This can be caused by excess oestrogen and a poor diet which includes too much fried or sugary food. Other lifestyle factors such as a lack of movement and exercise contribute to this.

Mucus that is too watery

It may sign of Cold around the reproductive organs and circuits through the uterus. This Cold slows down the circulation in the organs and muscle layers that are affected meaning that the Mucus is not sufficiently enriched. Warming therapy such as Moxibustion alongside Acupuncture as well as warming herbal medicine helps re-engage circulation to the uterus lining, ovaries, cervix and fallopian tubes. 

There is a wealth of evidence to suggest that acupuncture is effective at boosting natural fertility and also when used to complement IVF treatment.

Helpful Herbs – let nature support your fertile cervical mucus levels

A recent large scale study demonstrated that TCM herbs doubled fertility rates when compared with Western Medicine alone. Here at GinSen we are passionate about using our expert knowledge of TCM and Chinese Herbs to help to optimise your chances of fertility success. Check the supplements are recommended by herbalists for improve cervical mucus level. 

Uterus Maintenance by GinSen

Uterus Maintenance

Uterus Maintenance is a unique herbal blend supplement to help with fertility related issues caused by difficulties in implantation. It works by encouraging the uterine lining to thicken appropriately and prepares the body for pregnancy. It has been expertly formulated to increase the chances of conceiving naturally. 



Nuan Gong Yun Zi Tang by GinSen

Nuan Gong Yun Zi


Nuan Gong Yun Zi Tang by GinSen are natural herbal supplements for a cold uterus. This formula will warm the uterus, improve the uterus lining, boost ovulation thus improving your overall fertility.  These natural supplements can be used to resolve unexplained fertility issues, and to give your natural fertility a boost. 



Yin Maintenance by GinSen

Yin Maintenance


Yin Maintenance are multipurpose herbal food supplements. A popular and important Yin tonic they can be added to your daily routine to help with issues arising from Yin deficiencies such as hormonal imbalance, fertility concerns and sleeping difficulties. Yin Maintenance provides moisture and cooling effects on the body and also eliminates toxic body heat. 



What can I eat to nourish my Yin and increase cervical mucus?

Ginseng and royal jelly are marvellous Yin boosters. Everyday delicious foods to include in your daily routine include:

  • Fruit smoothies with honey and banana
  • Fruit salads
  • Fish, eggs and asparagus
  • Tofu
  • Pork
  • Miso soup with tofu and seaweed

What food should I avoid to increase cervical mucus?

Caffeine, alcohol, sugar and food that is too spicy will all deplete your levels of Yin still further so give them a wide berth!

Other Yin boosting tips:

meditate a little more, eat more fresh fruit and salads, drink more water and juices, stretch, get out into nature, listen to relaxing music, light candles at night…. Sounds lovely doesn’t it?

For more information about how Chinese Medicine can help you to improve the quality of your cervical mucus, book your free consultation with our Chinese Medicine experts today

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We can’t guarantee the treatment result, as the symptoms of conditions are unpredictable and vary greatly from person to person. The treatment length and recovery time also varies for individual. Please visit our clinics website: GinSen where a specialists will discuss your care and provide a consultation, and the treatment will be designed to meet your individual needs.

Increase cervical mucus

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