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natural treatment for frequent urination

Manage Frequent Urination with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Frequent urination due to an overactive bladder can cause quite the disruption to an individual’s quality of life. Though it is believed that about 16.5% of people struggle with frequent urination, the truth is that many people do not seek help from a healthcare provider. This means that the number of people with frequent urination symptoms may be much higher than reported. Though often associated with aging, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) recognizes a few possible root causes of the urgent need to frequently urinate. There are many drug-free, natural remedies for frequent urination that may help to bring relief. Read on to learn more about Chinese medicine for frequent urination.

Frequent Urination in Chinese Medicine

According to TCM, the kidneys store essence which is also referred to as jing. This essence is made up of inherited genetic factors, nutrients obtained from food, and other reserves created during the metabolic process. Kidney essence is considered to be the underlying foundation for all of human life making it responsible for many of the important functions involved in development, reproduction, and growth.

Though Western medicine may seek to improve the symptoms of frequent urination, practitioners of TCM aim to understand and address the root cause to provide a natural treatment for frequent urination.

Causes of Frequent Urination in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine pinpoints the root cause of frequent urination down to 3 key points.

1. Kidney Qi Deficiency: In addition to storing essence and driving development, the kidneys are also responsible for creating kidney Qi. Not only is kidney Qi in charge of releasing jing in support of all of the body’s needs, but it also becomes kidney yang and kidney yin. Kidney yang is responsible for growth while kidney yin provides moisture and nourishment to the tissues and organs of the body. When kidney Qi is deficient, the result may be the bladder’s inability to properly function. Poor bone health is also a known symptom of kidney qi deficiency.

2. Kidney Yang Deficiency: Patients who have a kidney yang deficiency will struggle with urinary incontinence and frequent urination at night. Clear urine is a symptom of kidney yang deficiency and may be an indication of late-stage kidney disease since the kidneys will struggle to properly excrete urine.   

3. Damp Heat:Dampness may occur when there exists an excessive of body fluid that has remained stagnant in the body. When dampness is not properly cleared, it can lead to the development of phlegm. When damp heat is left untreated, this can lead to complications within the urinary tract. Dark, yellow urine and even blood in the urine are both the result of damp heat. Such symptoms usually originate in the spleen indicating a deficiency since the spleen is responsible for the movement of both nutrients and fluid throughout the body.

natural treatment for frequent urination

Can Chinese Medicine Provide natural treatment for frequent urination?

Yes, Chinese Medicine provides natural remedies for frequent urination by getting to the root cause of frequent urination.

Traditional Chinese Medicine for frequent urination focuses on improving kidney Qi while clearing both damp and heat. Since the spleen and stomach are responsible for mobilizing fluid and nutrients, TCM aims to improve the function of the stomach and spleen.

In TCM, urgency urination treatment may include acupuncture, Chinese medicinal herbs, or lifestyle changes. A few examples include:

Acupuncture for frequent urination treatment:

The centuries-old practice of acupuncture is a great natural treatment for frequent urination. Acupuncture works by promoting free flow of Qi, clearing phlegm. As it resolves Qi deficiency, the symptom of phlegm will improve as a result. As phlegm is cleared, the symptoms associated with frequent urination will begin to clear as well.

A study published in 2008 also showed that acupuncture was successful in helping patient with frequent urination. After 10 treatments, there was a great reduction in frequency of urination during both the day and night. In addition, this patient’s ability to hold his bladder was also reported to have increased.

Herbs for urgency urination treatment:

  • Kidney Maintenance: As kidneys are the root cause behind frequent urination, Kidney maintenance by Ginsen is powerful Kidney tonic that can be used to provide relief from symptoms arising from deficiency in the Kidneys.

Chinese medicinal herbs such as goji berries and rehmannia have been used for ages to improve kidney health.

  • Goji berries help to tonify and nourish the kidneys while improving jing and bringing balance to yin and yang. When kidney yang is deficient, goij berries can help to relieve the associated fatigue.
  • Rehmannia, made from the root of the of flowering plants in the Scrophulariaceae family, has been used to help with renal disesase because of its renal-protecitve qualities. This kidney tonic helps to regulate bodily fluidsand maintain healthy urine output due to kidney yin deficiency by improving kidney Qi.   
natural treatment for frequent urination
Kidney Maintenance by GinSen Kidney Tonic

Kidney Maintenance

Kidney Maintenance by GinSen are expertly formulated Kidney tonic supplements. Ideal to add to your daily routine, it supports Kidneys overall health and helps with symptoms arising from deficiency in the kidneys including, frequent urination, unexplained pain,  hormone imbalance, cold hand and feet, low energy.

Diet and Lifestyle Tips from Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Because the kidneys and bladder are traditionally considered to be sensitive to cold, it is important to keep warm to support kidney and bladder function.
  • Be sure to manage fluid intake since drinking more than the recommended amount of water can worsen the symptoms of frequent urination.
  • It is also recommended to include foods that nourish the kidneys such as fish, spinach, and sweet potatoes.
  • Keeping an eye on salt intake is also recommended. Reducing salt intake can help to relieve frequent urination as salt may have a moistening effect.


When it comes to urgency urination treatment, there are natural treatments that can help you obtain relief from frequent urination which address the possible deficiencies that can result in continued symptoms.

Whether your symptoms arose from kidney qi deficiency, dampness, heat, or kidney yang deficiency, a TCM practitioner can help to bring relief. Acupuncture combined with Chinese medicinal herbs will clear heat, resolve dampness, and nourish the bladder and kidneys. Lifestyle changes such as keeping warm and including kidney nourishing foods while managing water and salt intake are also good strategies to reduce urination frequency. If you are looking for a natural, drug-free frequent urination treatment, speak to a TCM practitioner about how the above options can help.

For more information about how Chinese Medicine can help you with frequent urination, book your free consultation with our Chinese Medicine experts today

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