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This is Why You Should do San Fu Moxibustion

Preventative measures have long been a key piece in traditional Chinese medicine. Just as there are traditional procedures for treating winter diseases, there are also preventative measures that can be performed in the high heat of the summer. San Fu Moxa is an ancient treatment, proven over generations dating back to the Qing Dynasty, that greatly supports immunity function and respiratory illnesses.

The effectiveness of the treatment is determined by the timeframe the patient undergoes San Fu Moxa. It is offered by qualified practitioners during the three-10-day periods that make up the hottest days of the year. To some, these are known as “the dog days of summer”, while in the Chinese Lunar calendar, these days are known as the Yang days.

The Process: How San Fu Moxa Works

As mentioned before, San Fu Moxibustion is a preventative treatment, and undergone during the hottest days of the summer because that is when the body’s pores or defensive Qi are most receptive to the expelling of cold pathogenic entities.

The process includes the application of warming herbs on the body, at specific acupuncture points that target the source of the most troubling winter ailments. For most adults, the herbs are recommended to be left on the skin for several hours. After removal of the herbs, it isn’t uncommon to see a red mark, small blister, or skin reaction. In fact, in traditional practice, this marks the successful penetration of yang into the body. The marks will fade eventually, and are of no concern to the body’s health.

Those who prefer moxibustion at home can use pure moxa sticks or smokeless moxa sticks on specific points for 10-30 minutes for the same health benefits.

What Can San Fu Moxa Help With

While it is an incredibly beneficial treatment for anyone who tends to struggle with general immunity during the harsh winter months, it has broader healing applications as well.

The treatment is known to aid those suffering from allergies, asthma, frequent colds, arthritis, and bronchitis. San Fu Moxa can be an incredibly powerful treatment for those who are immune compromised or have chronic coughs and colds. The proverbs of Chinese Medicine state that after San Fu treatments for three consecutive years, the conditions mentioned will be fully cleared from the body.

As previously stated, the San Fu Moxa process is all about timing. In the months of July and August, the entire period usually lasts 30-40 days. Although the dates are approaching fast, there is still time to protect the body from harmful respiratory illnesses and boost general immunity.

Suggested San Fu Moxa Dates 2022

July 16
July 26
August 5
August 15

If you have never done it before, San Fu Moxa may seem a bit overwhelming. To answer any remaining questions you may have, feel free to contact us. Were happy to walk you through the process, or even schedule a free consultation.

Moxa is commonly applied to the following acupuncture points to treat chronic and cold-related diseases that commonly occur in the winter: Lu 1, Ren 22, and UB 13 for asthma; and Ren 4, Du 4, and UB 23 for kidney deficiency, back pain, or frequent colds. Many people suffering from arthritis received application on local ashi points on the neck, arms, or back, in addition to nourishing the kidneys with UB 23. Those suffering from digestive issues took St 36 and Ren 12.


San Fu Moxa is a powerful treatment that has been successfully used for generations. There may be nothing more effective for the body during the summer months in regard to restoring yang, and protecting immunity. If youve grown tired of winter illnesses and ailments, dont hesitate to reach out and ask us about how San Fu Moxa can help.

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More Questions?

If you have never done it before, San Fu Moxa may seem a bit overwhelming. To answer any remaining questions you may have, feel free to contact us. Were happy to walk you through the process, or even schedule a free consultation.

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