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Schisandra Berry Benefits

Schisandra Berry Benefits: Super Berry To Add To Your Routine

Schisandra berry is also known as ‘Wu Wei zi’ is a vine plant with 22 species found in the forests of Northern China, the Russian Far East, and Korea. It has been a vital part of Chinese Medicine since old times thanks to the numerous Schisandra berry benefits.

Properties of Schisandra Berry

Schisandra berry contains bioactive chemical compounds that include Schisandrins A, B, and C. These have anti-oxidizing and anti-inflammatory qualities that positively impact health as it acts on all the systems of the body. It is an adaptogenic herb that helps maintain homeostasis and balance body health while coping against the negative effects of stress on the body. Schisandra berry promotes the metabolic system and helps in keeping a person healthy.

Schisandra Berry in Chinese Medicine 

Schisandra berry is also termed a “five flavor berry” because it is the only fruit with all five tastes in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which are sour, sweet, salty, bitter, and pungent.

Schisandra Chinensis berry extract has proved to be beneficial in maintaining good health and stamina. It is a vital part of “Qi,” which is the core principle of traditional Chinese medicine. Schisandra berry  increases the energy of the organs and tonifies your heart, kidney, and lungs.

Yang deficiency is a part of Chinese medicine that may occur due to genetic or environmental factors. Spleen and kidney yang deficiency can be treated using Schisandra berry, which boosts its energy and improves function.   

Schisandra Berry Benefits

What does Schisandra Berry do for you? It is the first question that arises in people’s minds, or they ask when they hear about the berry for the first time. Schisandra Chinensis berry extract is like a small surprise that has many health benefits.

Some of the Schisandra Berry benefits have been listed below: 


1. Improve Female & Male Fertility

Schisandra berry regulates the release of fertility-related hormones in both males and females to maintain a healthy production of sex cells. It also helps women detoxify their bodies to increase the chances of pregnancy.

It also has aphrodisiac properties, which help add a spark to the physical intimacy of two individuals. Moreover, Schisandra is considered beneficial for males suffering from premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea, and erectile dysfunction.

study was conducted in rats, where Schisandra Chinensis gave positive results in treating hyperprolactinemia which acts as a hurdle in females’ pregnancy. This can help regulate the amount of prolactin in the body and treat its conditions.  

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2. Symptoms of Menopause 

A regular intake of Schisandra berry powder helps maintain a healthy endocrine system, thus a balanced production of hormones. It helps deal with stress which is one of the major triggers of symptoms during menopause.

In a controlled trial, 36 women who had menopausal symptoms were given Schisandra and were closely monitored. It was found that all of them reported having reduced symptoms such as palpitations, hot flushes, mood swings, and excessive sweating.

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3.Deal with Stress / Fatigue

Schisandra Chinensis is known for its adaptogenic qualities, which help people fight against the symptoms of stress and deal with anxiety and depression. A study was carried out over the pharmacological effects of Schisandra. It was suggested that the herb has protective effects under stress conditions like heat stroke, frostbite, burn, etc.

Schisandra has a positive effect on the adrenal gland function, subsequently aids in dealing with stress and fatigue. A 2007 study reported that after taking Schisandra Chinensis berry extractthe normal cortisol levels in its body despite being under stress were restored.


4.Supports Healthy Liver

To maintain a healthy body, it is important to maintain the liver’s healthy functioning as it acts as the detoxifier of the body. It plays a primary role in producing and regulating nutrients and hormones. Schisandra Chinensis contains two major compounds called gomisin-A and glutathione peroxidase, which have a protective effect on the liver.

To investigate its effects, a study was carried out that concluded that Schisandra prevents liver cells’ damage and reduces inflammation. It also treats Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) by lowering the body’s fatty acids through its anti-oxidizing properties.


5.Helps Maintain Focus

Schisandra Chinensis berry  is more commonly recommended to maintain focus and concentrate. It improves attention and the speed of thinking of an individual so that he may work efficiently.

review on Schisandra Chinensis showed that the lignans present in the herb help increase cognitive function along with having neuroprotective effects. It upgrades memory and concentration by acting as an acetylcholine esterase inhibitor while also having cholinergic functions.  


6. Anti-Aging

Schisandra Chinensis not only reverses and helps the human body cope with the effects of aging, but it also increases life span by improving the quality of life. The neuroprotective effects of the herb help deal with memory loss and other neurodegenerative disorders that might be associated with age.

The anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidizing effects of Schisandra help in dealing with diseases that occur more frequently with increasing age. An experiment was conducted to study the beneficial effects of Schisandra berry on an aged mouse. It showed that the herb not only improves the sensitivity of insulin but also prevents muscle atrophy.




Schisandra Berry (Wu Wei Zi) is a multi-function adaptogenic herb often known as a ‘super berry’ which enhances performance, increases testosterone levels, promotes endurance and enhances vitality. Pure extract which contains significant protective antioxidants and dopamine. Schisandra Berry can be added to your daily routine to enhance overall wellbeing.



Side Effects

There are no severe side effects or complications that might be associated with Schisandra berry. Still, it is essential not to take an excessive dose as it may result in heartburn.

Most people suffering from GERD, acidity, or ulcer are recommended to avoid Schisandra as it may aggravate their symptoms. A pregnant or lactating woman must consult their physician before they start taking Schisandra Chinensis berry though it is considered safe.

The Bottom Line 


Schisandra Berry benefits us in many ways, and a few of them have been mentioned above to make you aware of how beneficial the herb is. It helps improve your quality of life and maintains the proper functioning of your organs and organ systems.

In traditional Chinese medicine, it is a widely recommended herb that should be added to the daily routine to deal with various conditions.

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Schisandra Berry Benefits

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