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si wu tang benefits

Iron Deficiency Natural Treatment With Si Wu Tang

Herbal medicine involves the use of plants with inherent therapeutic qualities and properties as a base for traditional medicine. Herbology is extremely popular within China and many other countries as a longstanding historical tradition as within Chinese Medicine, health conditions are believed to be caused due to “disharmonies” present in the bodily system. Traditional medicine has been utilised for the treatment of a wide variety of ailments, ranging from mental disorders, heart disease, stroke, and numerous other disorders.

What does Si Wu Tang contain ?

One such Chinese herb medication is Si Wu-Tang which is also commonly known as Four Substances Decoction.  Si Wu-Tang is a natural supplement that is composed of four different herbs:

  • Dong Quai (Dang Gui, Angelica Sinensis)
  • Szechuan Lovage Roots (Chuan Xiong)
  • Two principal herbs of the formula: Prepared Rehmannia (Shu Di huang) and White Peony Roots (Bai Shao) 

This combination of ingredients is believed to not only promote balanced hormones but also be an effective iron deficiency natural treatment. This makes it highly useful in the treatment of a wide variety of disorders from blood-related issues to menstruation and fertility 

Dong Quai

Dong Quai, which is also known as the “female ginseng” is a powerful herb that typically grows in Asia and is known to not only help with the regulation of estrogen levels and aiding with helping to strengthen the uterus but it also helps regulate a women’s menstrual cycle (Al-Bareeq et al., 2013). It also promotes reduced dysmenorrhea, which are painful cramps which occur around the onset of menstruation. These cramps are typically located in the lower abdomen or pelvis and are caused by specialised substances known as prostaglandins which trigger uterine wall contractions and aid with its shedding. 

Additionally, Dong Quai also induces a pain-relieving effect it causes increased blood flow to the reproductive system which decreases pain through increased circulation. 

Szechuan Lovage Roots

The dried rhizome of Szechuan Lovage Roots, which is also known as Chuan Xiong are also an herb which is found in Si Wu Tang. Chuan Xiong is considered one of the fundamental 50 herbs (Ligusticum wallichii Chuan Xiong PFAF Plant Database, 2021) within Chinese traditional medicine and is a flowering plant that is a member of the carrot family. This plant is native to Nepal, Kashmir and India with the roots known for their earthy brown colouring and pungent taste.

Traditionally, the herb has been used to treat ischemic strokes by improving blood circulation within the brain, which reduces the risk of clots forming within the cerebellar structures (Chen and Chen, 1992). Schezuan Lovage root also contains compounds known as alkaloids and phthalides which have anti-myocardial ischemia, anti-cerebral ischemia, antithrombotic and anti-atherosclerosis properties which further reduce the risk of ischemia induction (GAO and XU, 2010). 

What are the principal ingredients of Si Wu Tang?

Shu Di Huang, and Bao Shao are also considered king or principal ingredients. This means that these ingredients not only are the most powerful ingredients in Si Wu Tang, but they also exert the most effect upon the body (Si Wu Tang, Four Substances Decoction, 2021). These principal ingredients are supported by deputy ingredients such as Dong Quai and Chuan Xiong which function to help the principal ingredients treat the main ailments via their respective properties.

The role of Prepared Rehmannia

Prepared Rehmannia or Shu Di Huang is prepared via a combination of steaming and drying in the sun, before being dried for a final time, producing dried root tubers. This herb is renowned within Chinese Traditional Medicine for the effects it exerts upon the Liver and the Kidney as it helps to tonify both the blood and the kidneys which can aid individuals suffering from iron deficiency.

It is used in a range of other formulas such as Bai He Gu Jin Tang which aids with the clearing of phlegm and helping lubricate the lining of the lungs as well as Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, which is a formula that affects the parasympathetic system of the body and also exerts an effect on the liver and kidney, similar to the role it plays in the Si Wu Tang formula.

The role of White Peony Roots

White Peony Roots or Bai Shao is a flowering plant that is native to East Asia including Mongolia, Siberia, and China. It has been used within traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years for the treatment of a wide range of ailments such as inflammation, pain, and fever. It is also useful in helping to relieve abdominal pains and ease muscular spasms as white peony root contains a chemical compound known as Paeoniflorin (Hu et al., 2018).

Paeoniflorin has been found to exert anti-inflammatory effects on the central nervous system and induce a pain-relieving effect which can help to reduce period cramping as well as reducing muscle spasms. Furthermore, White Peony Roots can also help to improve fertility by helping to improve circulation within the pelvic area, which can help with uterine affecting conditions such as endometriosis, PCOS and uterine fibroids by preventing stagnation.

What is Si Wu Tang used for?

Iron Deficiency Natural Treatment With Si Wu Tang

Iron is an important compound within the body as it is responsible for the production of a protein which is known as haemoglobin. This protein is present within red blood cells and plays a vital role in transporting oxygen around the body to tissues and organs so they can continue to function properly. Iron deficiency or anaemia is very common in women of childbearing age, especially in individuals who menstruate and pregnant women.
Heavy menstruation can cause iron deficiency due to significant blood loss and pregnant or breastfeeding women are statistically more likely to develop anaemia as they have to support the iron requirements of their child as well as themselves.
This makes it important for the individual to ensure that they are taking a supplement such as Si Wu Tang to prevent developing anaemia which can cause symptoms such as pale skin, heart palpitations, lack of energy and feeling out of breath (Iron deficiency anaemia, 2021). 

Where to buy Si Wu Tang 


Si Wu Tang by GinSen are hormonal balance tablets that can be used to regulate the menstrual cycle, assist with symptoms arising from anemia, fertility concerns and balance the overall female hormonal system. Expertly formulated Si Wu Tang is a natural blood builder ideal and rich in many health benefits.



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