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unexplained infertility

Unexplained Infertility? How to Get Pregnant with Chinese Medicine

Struggling to conceive is a challenging experience. Couples may rethink their diet, do more exercise, and have every test performed to identify the cause. Yet, despite these investigations and lifestyle changes, their infertility persists without any answer.

Known as unexplained infertility, it affects approximately 25% of couples diagnosed with infertility. It’s easy to lose hope – after all, a diagnosis of unknown infertility doesn’t provide any solid answers. However, this condition is not a definitive diagnosis, and several options are available to prospective parents.

What is Unexplained Infertility?

Unexplained infertility is something of a controversial diagnosis. With unexplained infertility despite undergoing a thorough medical evaluation and test, they fail to identify a specific cause for the infertility. 

It essentially means the medical staff cannot identify the underlying cause of your infertility. Unexplained infertility is something of a controversial diagnosis. With unexplained infertility despite undergoing a thorough medical evaluation and test, they fail to identify a specific cause for the infertility. It essentially means the medical staff cannot identify the underlying cause of your infertility.

In couples with unexplained infertility, both partners typically have normal reproductive anatomy and hormone levels, and there are no apparent issues with ovulation, sperm count, or fallopian tube function.

Is It Possible to Get Pregnant with Unexplained Infertility?

Yes. It is possible to get pregnant even with unexplained infertility diagnosis, although it can be more challenging to pinpoint the exact cause of difficulty conceiving in such cases. While frustrating, the condition doesn’t necessarily mean that conception is impossible, but it may require more time, patience, and sometimes with assistance from treatments such as Chinese Medicine getting pregnant with unexplained infertility is possible.

TCM consultation

Chinese medicine can help address underlying imbalances and deficiencies that may be contributing to unexplained infertility, thereby enhancing the chances of conception. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) works to address the root cause of infertility, not just mask the symptoms. Compared to in-vitro fertilization (IVF), it is much affordable option and can help couples improve their overall infertility. According to a 2018 paper, 84% of women will conceive after 1 year, and 92% will conceive after 2 years of regular unprotected intercourse.

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Underlying Causes of Unexplained Infertility According to Chinese Medicine

In Chinese medicine, unexplained infertility may be viewed through the lens of imbalances in the body’s Qi (life force energy) and the harmony of Yin and Yang energies. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners often assess various factors adapting a holistic approach to unexplained infertility treatment. Some of the most potential causes that could contribute towards unexplained infertility and often get overlooked include:


Lack of Cervical Mucus

Cervical mucus is critical for facilitating the passage of sperm into the uterus. Also known as fertile discharge, it helps improve the sperm’s survival and guides them to the uterus and fallopian tubes, where fertilization takes place.


Having the correct consistency of Cervical Mucus is an essential factor of becoming pregnant and problems with your cervical mucus can hinder your chances. This condition is associated with a number of other health conditions and has symptoms of severe vaginal dryness, problems with vaginal secretions that are too acidic. Hostile Cervical Mucus can severely reduce fertility. This is why many look to increasing cervical mucus when trying to increase their chances of conceiving.

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Poor Uterine Lining

The uterine lining (or endometrium) is where the fertilised egg implants and begins to grow.

If the lining is too thin, then the egg cannot implant, or the baby cannot receive sufficient nutrition, leading to infertility. In TCM, a healthy endometrium is dependent on factors such as blood circulation, the balance of spleen and kidney Qi, Yin nourishment, and overall emotional well-being.

Chinese medicine aims to thicken the uterine lining, fostering an environment conducive to conception and implantation, by reversing these factors.

Recommended Supplement: Uterus Lining Maintenance



Stress disrupts the flow of Qi (vital energy) and blood within the body. By forcing the body to enter a heightened state, stress prevents successful implantation and causes the reproductive organs to function ineffectively. This only occurs if the stress is severe and persistent.

Under chronic stress, you can experience an imbalance in the hormones which can also contribute towards irregular periods. In addition, if hormones levels are affects by stress irregular period may also contribute towards irregular ovulation affecting fertility as well as the quality of eggs.

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Cold Uterus

According to Chinese Medicine, fertility is decided not just by the number of sperm or the release of an egg but also the warming energy is known as Yang. The newly fertilised egg needs a warm, nurturing environment to implant, grow, and thrive.

A ‘cold uterus’ refers to a condition where there is an insufficient flow of warm, nourishing blood to the uterus. The result is a thinner uterine lining and less nourishment available to the growing child. A warm uterus is necessary for implantation and nurturing the newly formed life.

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Qi and Blood Deficiency

Fertility organs and a growing child require constant nourishment in the form of Qi and blood.  In Chinese medicine, Qi and Blood Deficiency are often cited as underlying causes of unexplained infertility due to their crucial roles in reproductive health.

Qi provides the energy necessary for the functioning of organs, while Blood supplies nutrients and nourishment. When there is a deficiency in either Qi or Blood, or both, the reproductive organs may not receive adequate nourishment, leading to irregular menstrual cycles, poor egg quality, or insufficient uterine lining thickness. This deficiency can also result in decreased libido, fatigue, and overall weakness, which can further impact fertility.


Yang Deficiency of Kidney and Spleen

chinese herbs for kidney healthchinese herbs for kidney healthThe kidneys are believed to govern reproduction and growth. A deficiency in kidney Qi or Yang can lead to a weakened reproductive system, manifesting as infertility. Moreover, both the kidneys and spleen must maintain a balance of Yang, the warm, active energy. Any form of deficiency can result in a lack of warmth necessary for regular menstruation and egg development. This leads to irregular periods and inadequate egg growth.

Dampness and Phlegm

Dampness and phlegm can block the channels through which Qi and blood flow, leading to fertility issues. This condition can arise from a poor diet, environmental factors, or weakened digestion.

Dampness and phlegm accumulation can manifest as irregular menstrual cycles, cervical mucus abnormalities, or the formation of ovarian cysts. It can also create an unfavourable environment in the uterus, making it difficult for implantation to occur and increasing the risk of miscarriage.


Egg Quality

The egg quality reflects the overall health of the individual, particularly the balance of Yin and Yang. High-quality eggs are usually associated with strong kidney Qi and essence, good blood circulation, and balanced liver function. 

When there’s a deficiency or imbalance in the body, it can lead to poor egg quality, characterised by abnormalities in size, shape, of the egg.  Additionally, inadequate Blood circulation to the ovaries and hormonal imbalances, often linked to Liver Qi stagnation or Spleen deficiency, can further impact egg quality.


Excessive Inflammation

Excessive inflammation in the reproductive organs can be seen as energy blockages caused by dampness and phlegm. This can slow down blood circulation and Qi flow, leading to various health issues, including unexplained infertility, often exacerbated by poor dietary habits or a sedentary lifestyle.

Excessive inflammation may affect varian function, disrupting hormonal balance, and compromising the quality of cervical mucus. It can also create a unfavourable environment in the uterus, interfering with implantation and increasing the risk of miscarriage.


5 Natural Unexplained Infertility Treatment

Unexplained infertility treatment in Chinese medicine involves diet and lifestyle changes alongside acupuncture and moxibustion. Here’s the evidence:

1. Acupuncture: Acupuncture involves the insertion of fine needles into specific points on the body to regulate the flow of Qi. Acupuncture works by improving blood flow to the reproductive organs, acupuncture can enhance ovarian function, promote follicle development, and increase uterine lining thickness, thereby optimizing conditions for conception and implantation.

Additionally, acupuncture may help regulate menstrual cycles, reduce inflammation, and alleviate symptoms of conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or endometriosis, which can contribute to infertility.

In a 2022 study, acupuncture was found to be a successful treatment for male infertility, regulating hormone secretion, reducing inflammation, and improving semen parameters. In women, a review found that it could balance and regulate sex hormones in infertile women, potentially helping egg development and maturation. Meanwhile, its role in stress management is well-known, triggering the release of endorphins and a drop in stress hormones.

2. Moxibustion

This technique involves burning dried mugwort on or near the skin to warm and invigorate the flow of Qi in the body and dispel specific pathogenic influences.

A 2022 systemic review and meta-analysis confirmed that the treatment could help infertility patients when used with IVF. However, the quality of the studies was generally poor.

Natural herbal supplements can offer several potential benefits for unexplained infertility. They can be easily added to your daily routine. We highly recommend speaking to our experts who offer free consultation for tailor made products recommendations.

3. Recommended Supplements:

Ferti Support His & Her : Unexplained Infertility

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Nuan Gong Yun Zi Tang : For Cold Uterus

This herbal supplements are idea for cold uterus, reducing the chances of miscarriage, boosting natural fertility and increasing IVF success rate.

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Unexplained infertility due to Kidney deficiency

Kidney Maintenance are formulated supports Kidneys overall health and helps with symptoms arising from deficiency in the kidneys.

Kidney Maintenance by GinSen Kidney Tonic

Uterus Support : For uterus health

Healthy Uterus is an important aspect of your overall health and especially pregnancy wellness, which is why it is crucial to focus on promoting a healthy uterus as you start trying to conceive. GinSen’s Uterus Support supplement is a new improved formula that can strengthen and nourish the uterus by improving hormone nutrients and enhancing your body’s natural reproductive health.

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Uterus Support

4. Diet Changes:

Consume nourishing foods that tonify Qi and Blood, such as dark leafy greens, legumes, nuts, seeds, and lean proteins like chicken or fish.

Warm, cooked foods are often recommended over raw or cold foods to support digestive function and prevent the accumulation of Dampness. Additionally, incorporating foods rich in essential fatty acids, such as avocados, salmon, and flaxseeds, can help nourish Yin and promote hormonal balance.

Reducing or eliminating intake of alcohol, caffeine, and processed foods can help optimize fertility, as these can negatively affect hormone levels and overall reproductive health.

5. Lifestyle Changes:

Moderate, regular exercise can improve circulation and reduce stress, both of which are beneficial for fertility. Ensuring 7-9 hours of quality sleep per night helps regulate hormones and reduces stress levels. Engaging in stress-reducing activities like yoga, meditation, or even deep-breathing exercises can improve emotional well-being and, by extension, fertility.

For more information about how Chinese Medicine can help you with unexplained infertility, book your free consultation with our Chinese Medicine experts today

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We can’t guarantee the treatment result, as the symptoms of conditions are unpredictable and vary greatly from person to person. The treatment length and recovery time also varies for individual. Please visit our clinics website: GinSen where a specialists will discuss your care and provide a consultation, and the treatment will be designed to meet your individual needs.

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