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waking up at the same time every night

Why You Wake Up At The Same Time Every Night


Have you ever woken up at night, only to realize that you had also woken up at the same time the night before? If you have, you are not alone. Many people have experienced this. While some associate it with paranormal activity, and others with being watched over by guardian angels, the actual explanation resides in our inner biology. If you want to understand why you wake up at the same time every night, keep on reading:

waking up at the same time every night

The body’s internal clock:

Our bodies have evolved in a way that many of our hormonal and neurological functions are governed by natural light or its absence. This is what we call the circadian rhythm, which is an inner biological clock that rules our bodily functions. At sunrise, our body secretes the hormone cortisol, which signals to the different body organs that it’s the morning. And at night, melatonin is secreted, which signals to the different organs that it’s nighttime. Some organs function optimally during the day, while others function best at night [1].

waking up at the same time every night

Why you wake up at the same time every night:

Waking up at the same time every night can be explained by many things. For instance, it can be caused by drinking coffee or tea at the same time before bedtime, by a neighbor that goes to work at the same time every night, or even by your bladder waking you up at the same time every night because you have a habit of drinking a large glass of water before you go to sleep. All of these things can indeed cause you to wake up at the same time every night, but there is a better explanation that’s provided by traditional Chinese medicine.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine concept of the biological organ clock:

Similar to the concept of the circadian rhythm, traditional Chinese medicine believes that each organ has an inner biological clock [2]. According to this concept, the Qi energy that animates us all moves through energy channels known as the meridians. Each organ has an optimal performance period that lasts about 2 hours. Any blockage in the energy or channels associated with this organ will result in a discomfort felt at the time that represents the organ in question, which will result in waking up at the same time every night. Being aware of the time a person wakes up every night is an indicator of which organ is disrupted, and is thus the first step toward balancing disrupted Qi energy.

waking up at the same time every night

Different times for different organs:

According to traditional Chinese medicine, different periods represent different organs. For instance: the time between 9 PM and 11 pm is believed to represent the heart and pericardium. If you suffer from a Qi imbalance in this area, you might experience symptoms such as guilt, depression, slow metabolism, or fatigue. The time between 11 PM and 1 AM represents the gallbladder, and a Qi imbalance in this organ can manifest itself as indecision, resentment, or high cholesterol. The period between 1 AM and 3 AM represents the liver, and a Qi imbalance can bring symptoms such as excessive anger, high blood pressure, digestive issues, and a red face. And lastly, the time between 3 AM and 5 AM represents the lungs, and a Qi imbalance can present itself as a dull complexion, feelings of sadness, or frequent flu episodes [3].

How to free up Qi energy and balance energy channels:

Sleep is an essential part of one’s health and inner biology. According to traditional Chinese medicine, it’s important to sleep at around 10:30 PM for the sleep to be restful. Every hour of sleep before midnight equals 2 hours of sleep after midnight. Thus, going to bed early will help the body, mind, and emotions balance themselves.

Paying attention to the time you wake up each night is essential to understand what’s wrong. Being aware of where your energy is blocked will allow you to seek the steps necessary to balance this energy.

Many practices and habits can help you balance your energy channels and free up any blockages. In traditional Chinese medicine, emotions, the mind, and the body are strongly related to one another, that’s why keeping a healthy lifestyle is essential to one’s health. Eating a variety of vegetables and fruits, staying away from stress, and toxic and negative foods, as well as regularly exercising and moving the body will all result in energy harmony. 

Certain practices like Yin Yoga are also embedded in the traditional Chinese medicine system, and many yin yoga postures can help you soothe any meridian blockages or organ disharmony. 

Perhaps the most studied and most popular therapy to harmonize Qi energy and free up any energy blockages is acupuncture [4].

The benefits of acupuncture:

A trained acupuncture therapist will help to free any energy blockages or meridian issues that can manifest themselves as various uncomfortable symptoms, including waking up at the same time every night. Acupuncture is a traditional therapeutic tool the benefits of which are supported by a wide body of scientific research. Acupuncture sessions will make you feel more youthful, invigorated, and balanced. It will help you to heal any issues with organs and energy channels, and will balance not only physical ailments but also mental and emotional ones [5].

waking up at the same time every night


According to traditional Chinese medicine, waking up at the same time every night is an indicator of disrupted organ functions caused by an imbalance of Qi energy. Since every period of 2 hours is associated with an organ, paying attention to which time you wake up is the first step to fix the problem. Afterwards, practicing various lifestyle interventions to improve the balance of Qi energy can be helpful. But the most helpful tool to balance Qi energy, free up blocked meridians and help you heal any issues you may have is acupuncture. Acupuncture is a therapeutic tool, the practice of which is thousands of years old, and has largely proved its benefits. 

For more information about how Chinese Medicine can help you to stop waking up at the same time every night, book your free consultation with our Chinese Medicine experts today

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waking up at the same time every night

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