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When Is the Best Time to Have Acupuncture For Fertility Treatment?

One of the first questions most women ask when they visit a fertility acupuncturist is, When should I come in for treatments and when is the best time to do acupuncture for fertility? You may already known that acupuncture for infertility is effective, but you want to know when will it work best. There are countless success stories that show how acupuncture for fertility can even improve the conception rates of women who are undergoing IVF or intrauterine insemination (IUI), and learning about when should you have acupuncture during IVF is also significant. If you are planning to conceive or have been unsuccessful in conceiving without intervention, consider fertility acupuncture to help you to achieve a successful, healthy pregnancy.

How Can Acupuncture Support Conception?

Acupuncture has been used in Chinese Medicine to increase fertility for centuries. Chinese Medicine theory is based on the concept of free flowing “Qi”, if there is disruption to this flow of Qi an imbalance arises that leads to illness, pain as well as fertility struggles.

Acupuncture can help with fertility and increase your change of conceiving naturally as well as increase your IVF success rate.In fact, Acupuncture can increase the chances of getting pregnant for women undergoing fertility treatment by 65%.

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence and some research to back this claim. In 2008, researchers at the Center for Integrative Medicine, at the University of Maryland’s School of Medicine found that when acupuncture took place on the day of embryo transfer, there were significant improvements in the rates of clinical pregnancies. In fact, now Acupuncture is being recognised for its various health benefits by the WHO. Read more about how acupuncture can help with fertility here.

When to Have Acupuncture for Fertility?

Since every woman and every cycle is different, there’s no one answer that fits all cases. However, there are so many studies and research showed receiving acupuncture at the right time can help improve your chances of success. Below are guidelines list in below that you can use as you determine when to start your fertility acupuncture treatment plan.


  • Prior to conception: For those women who are attempting to conceive, plan to begin your acupuncture treatments at least three months prior to planned conception. The reasoning here is to allow your body at least three cycles to prepare itself for implantation. Acupuncture and egg quality are always the focus. Starting treatment about 90 days prior to when you hope to become pregnant will aid in proper egg development.


  • During the menstrual cycle: when in cycle to get acupuncture for fertility? The most important times are day five, six, seven, or eight of the cycle. Completing acupuncture during menstrual cycle in these days has resulted in success according to studies due to the thickness of the endometrium and maturation of follicles that occurs during this period. Your chances of conception may also improve if you undergo acupuncture the day of, day before, or day after ovulation. At this time, there is usually a surge in LH, and acupuncture can help to keep the levels of LH low which may then improve your chances of conception. A study out of the Faculty of Medical Sciences at the University Goce Delchev in the Republic of Macedonia was able to demonstrate that though levels of LH were still within the normal limits after acupuncture treatment, the levels were at the lower end of the normal range.
when to have acupuncture for fertility
  • During ovulation: Treatment during ovulation may also be the best time to have acupuncture for fertility. Endometrial thickness is at its peak during the first days of ovulation, and it will begin to decrease about one day after the start of menses. Acupuncture during ovulation will increase blood flow to both the uterus and ovaries while reducing uterine contractions to allow for successful embryo implantation.


  • Day four or five of the follicular phase: The follicular phase is also one of the best times to have acupuncture for fertility. Acupuncture aids in improving egg production while also stimulating egg growth. This is because acupuncture treatment can result in an increase in blood flow which helps with the absorption of nutrients.


  • During implantation: Undergoing acupuncture treatment during implantation can improve fertility due to the increase in the flow of blood to the ovaries and the uterus. Acupuncture has also been shown to release feel-good chemicals known as endorphins. The release of endorphins will help to reduce the anxiety and stress that may sometimes accompany fertility struggles.
when to have acupuncture for fertility

When to Have Acupuncture During IVF and IUI?

If you are considering either IVF or IUI, when to get acupuncture during IVF or IUI? You will want to begin your acupuncture treatments about six to eight weeks prior to your scheduled implantation. As when trying to conceive naturally, acupuncture will encourage the uterine wall to thicken while helping to regulate both ovarian and uterine blood flow. Another benefit of acupuncture for fertility is its ability to stimulate glandular development which then creates an environment that encourages implantation and improves your chances of successfully conceiving. Since IVF and IUI can both be quite the investment of time and money, a complementary treatment is certainly worth considering to improve the procedure’s chance of success.

Acupuncture After Conception

When to do acupuncture after IUI? You can do it 3~5 days after IUI for calming any uterine contractions. Once you have successfully conceived, it is safe for you to continue with your acupuncture treatment. There are still many benefits that can be achieved in doing pregnancy acupuncture, and it carries very little risk. One of those benefits is the relief of aches and pains that you may experience while pregnant without the use of pain medication. For those women who suffer from morning sickness, acupuncture may help to reduce the symptoms of vomiting and nausea. Lastly, it can also assist in turning the baby into a headfirst position to prevent breech birth. For beech baby acupuncture is also often accompanied with moxibustion for breech baby.

Acupuncture For Fertility How Often Should I Do It?

The recommended frequency varies from person to person. Acupuncture for fertility support works on the Qi and blood energy balance in our body. For those who have a good flow and volume of Qi and blood, they can conduct acupuncture 2~3 times a week. For those who are deficient in Qi and blood, or who suffer from recurrent miscarriage, it is recommended to do it only 1~2 times a week. TCM professionals will schedule a treatment plan that suits every patient’s needs and body conditions. The frequency of acupuncture and selected acupuncture points for fertility will be personalized cautiously. If you have questions to ask acupuncturist for fertility, it will be helpful to book a consultation before using acupuncture when trying to conceive.

Can Acupuncture Help with Male Fertility?

Of course, no conversation about when to have acupuncture for fertility would be complete without considering the role of men in the equation. When it comes to fertility, it goes without saying that women are not the only ones who are responsible for a successful conception that will lead to a healthy birth. Men can also benefit from improved fertility thanks to working on specific acupuncture points for infertility. Some issues affecting male fertility include a low sperm count, poor sperm quality, or low sperm motility. Men who could be struggling with a low sperm count may be able to improve sperm quality by undergoing acupuncture treatment. Studies have demonstrated that as few as four acupuncture treatments may aid in improving both the quality and motility of sperm. Since sperm can take up to 90 days to fully develop, men should consider beginning their treatments at a minimum of 90 days from the desire conception date.


How often should you get acupuncture? There is not just one best time to have acupuncture for fertility. Women can benefit from having acupuncture treatment during ovulation, during their follicular phase, during the menstrual cycle, and even prior to implantation.  If you are planning to conceive, consider beginning your acupuncture treatments about three cycles, or 90 days, prior to your desired conception.

For those women wanting to know when to have acupuncture during IVF or IUI, you will want to begin treatment six to eight weeks ahead of your scheduled implantation or insemination to ensure a healthy amount of blood flow to the uterus and ovaries in order to increase the likelihood of a successful implantation. An added benefit will be a release of endorphins to help minimize both stress and anxiety which can be common among women who are trying to conceive.

After conception, speak with your TCM practitioner about using acupuncture as a natural remedy to alleviate the symptoms associated with morning sickness, aches, and pains.

Lastly, men can also improve their fertility through the use of acupuncture treatments. Low sperm count or reduced sperm motility can both be improved using acupuncture. 

To learn more about acupuncture and fertility, you may also want to read this blog about how acupuncture is effective for fertility here.

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