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Xi Xian Cao st pauls wort benefits

Xi Xian is Chinese for a medical herb family, the Siegesbeckia species. A yellow flower plant with serrated edge triangular leaves that blooms in late summer and early autumn in some European countries, North America, and Asia.

Out of the Xi Xian family herbs, one with incredible properties is Siegesbeckia Herba or Xi Xian Cao – 豨莶草 – in Chinese, but if you live in Europe you may have heard of “St. Paul’s Wort” its most common western name.

Chiefly produced in China, collected and cleaned just before blooming, aboveground parts are dried in sunlight and sliced to be used unprepared or steam-baked with wine, this herb has been regarded as an important medicine since the Tang dynasty. The Siegesbeckiae family plants are also used as medicine in Japan, Korea, and Vietnam.

Xi Xian Cao (St. Paul’s Wort) has a long history of safe use in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and many herbal medicine traditions around the world.

8 Benefits of Xi Xian Cao (St. Paul’s Wort)


1.Anti-inflammatory and pain relief

From the Siegesbeckia family, S. Orientalis, S. Pubescens, and S. Glabracens stand out and have been used in Chinese Medicine for pain and inflammation treatment for years. Patients are given the aerial parts of the sun-dried plant to make a concentrate by boiling it in water or rice wine, alone or in combination with other herbs to increase their effects. That is the traditional formula for Xi Xian Cao (St. Paul’s Wort) in China to treat rheumatic conditions such as arthritis, joint and muscle pain, sciatica, or other extremities disorders such as numbness, spasms, cramps, and in the treatment of atrophy or debilitated legs as a sequela of sciatica, paralysis, or ischemic stroke.

Far from China, in Ecuador, it is known as Sacha jícama, and it is also used in local traditional indigenous medicine to strengthens sinews and bones and counteract chronic pain in joints associated with arthritis or rheumatic disease. Ethnomedicinal records thus indicate it (De La Torre et al., 2008).

In modern pharmacology studies, the Siegesbeckia derived extracts and/or purified components Xi Xian Cao (St. Paul’s Wort) have been reported to possess various pharmacological activities, including joint and muscular pain reliever and anti-inflammatory.


2. Unblock fallopian tubes

In the female anatomy, the fallopian tubes are two thin tubes that connect the ovaries to the uterus, and it ́s where eggs travel for fertilization to occur. Infertility can be a distressing condition for couples, and in almost a third of cases, infertility is attributed to blocked fallopian tubes.

Chinese herbs such as Siegesbeckia, when used in combination with Yi Mu Cao Leonurus Japonicus, have shown in clinical research studies conducted in China to open blocked fallopian tubes. Most of the women responded to treatment within 10 days. The blockages in these cases were attributed to thickening of the tubal lining, excessive mucous discharge, partial blockage with scar tissue, inflammation, or infection.

In the case of women suffering from polycystic ovarian disease, Xi Xian Cao (St. Paul’s Wort) in combination with the enzyme serrapeptase breaks down the scar tissue and cystic tissue of the body while stimulating blood circulation in the area to form new healthy tissue.

Discoveries like this are something we can grow accustomed to without ceasing to be surprised by the wonders of gifts that botanical medicine brings us. Furthermore, research interest in this field of Traditional Chinese Medicine grows day by day along with the demand and users of this kind of therapy. Studying both modern and ancient pharmacology together is also a recent trend among many scientists too, giving the world a more rounded image of herbs and how they are used, from a contemporary point of view and pre-modern perspectives.

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Natural Chinese Medicine treatment for blocked fallopian tube 

3. Enhance immune function

Based on current phytochemical studies, the main substances in Xi Xian Cao (St. Paul’s Wort) include flavonoids, sesquiterpenoids, diterpenoids, triterpenoids, sterols, and additional components which help your body function more efficiently while protecting it against everyday toxins and stressors and well known for their calming properties, additionally, these compounds are supportive to the immune system protecting us from harmful microbes, acting as antioxidants, and assisting in cellular repair.


4.For migraines and headaches

The alteration of emotions, especially anger, irritability, frustration, and hatred according to Chinese Medicine blocks the Liver hence creating too much Yang-type energy, this type of energy always goes up. The ascent of Yang energy disrupts the upper part of the body, causing alteration in the circulation of your Qi or vital energy and blood, consequently obstructing the meridians of the head, and where there is obstruction there is pain.

Some symptoms will appear such as headache, dizziness, paralysis of one hand, vomiting, and irritability, if the blockage in the meridians affects the eyes, it will cause the vision of stars or flashes.

Xi Xian Cao (St. Paul’s Wort) eliminates internal heat resulting from higher emotionality, this pacifies the Liver avoiding Yang-type energy patterns from ascending to the head.


5. Antiallergic

Xi Xian Cao (St. Paul’s Wort)  has been shown to have antiallergic activity by inhibiting Immunoglobulin E (IgE) these are antibodies produced by your immune system. When you have an allergy, your immune system overreacts to the allergen by producing antibodies called Immunoglobulin E (IgE) these antibodies travel to special cells ordering them to release the chemicals responsible for causing the allergic reactions.

Chinese Medicine manuals suggest the use of the cooked sap of Siegesbeckia Herba to comforts sores and rashes, and the juice obtained by crushing the fresh plant is used topically for spider and many animal bites in China, Korea, and Japan. (Bensky, 2015, p.358)




Xi Xian Cao st pauls wortSt Paul’s Wort or Xi Xian Cao is an herb that is effective for the treatment of Blocked Fallopian Tubes. This powerful herb acts as a natural anti inflammatory, eliminates blood clotting and blood toxic heat. Xi Xian Cao can be added to your daily routine to also provide relief from joint pain (arthritis), reduce period cramps, swelling and general pain.





6. Metabolic syndrome and Diabetes

Obesity, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and abnormal cholesterol levels are conditions that when combined all together become a disease called Metabolic Syndrome increasing the risk of heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. A study published in 2017 by MOLECULE journals conducted by doctors from the prestigious E-Da Healthcare Group Hospital and I-Shou University both in Taiwan, showed very promising results of Siegesbeckia Orientalis restraining the creation of AGEs (Advanced Glycated End Products), and inhibitory activities against 4 key enzymes all associated with the evolution of metabolic syndrome. These in vitro studies reveal the therapeutic potential of Siegesbeckia extracts in the prevention and treatment of metabolic disorders. 


7. Hypertension and coronary heart disease

Its water solution can dilate blood vessels lowering blood pressure, furthermore, it significantly inhibits blood clotting and in combination with other herbs in the treatment of coronary heart disease. According to Dr. Yang, Jin in Volume 3: Introduction to Chinese Materia Medica “Siegesbeckiae Herba is capable of lowering blood pressure and it is particularly suitable for hypertension patients with numbness of the limbs and weakness of the waist and knees”. 


8. Antibacterial and antimicrobial activity

Dr. Young-Soo Kim and colleagues from the Biospectrum Life Science Institute in Korea carried out a study in 2012, employing spectroscopic data analysis they found powerful antibacterial components in one of the Xi Xian family plants, the Siegesbeckia glabrescens or Hi-Chum as it is known in Korean. These compounds exhibited strong growth inhibitory activity acting against foodborne bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli causative agents of diarrheas or urinary tract infections and pneumonia. Additionally, they also verified the antimicrobial activity of this plant against P. acnes, S. epidermidis, SS agalactiae, and S. pyrogens and the Enterococcus faecalis this represents a breakthrough since the latter has acquired resistance to practically all antibiotics currently on the market,

thus resulting in the emergence of uncontrollable infections worldwide during the last two decades.

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St Paul’s Wort or Xi Xian Cao is an herb that is effective for the treatment of Blocked Fallopian Tubes. This powerful herb acts as a natural anti inflammatory, eliminates blood clotting and blood toxic heat. Xi Xian Cao can be added to your daily routine to also provide relief from joint pain (arthritis), reduce period cramps, swelling and general pain.



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