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Questions About GinSen

  1. Q. What Qualifications do GinSen’s Practitioners hold?

    Practitioners working at GinSen must have a Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine gained from a reputable, well-respected Chinese university. They must have trained in both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine for at least 5 years. They must also have gained at least 5 years clinical experience working in major Chinese hospitals and must have had some experience of working in the UK prior to joining GinSen.

  2. Q. Of which Professional Bodies do GinSen's Practitioners have membership?

    GinSen’s Practitioners hold membership of the following Professional Bodies: Practitioner Xianping Zhang, Practitioner Zianglin Shi (known as Practitioner Linda) and Practitioner Junmang Chang are Members of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine (UK) (ATCM). GinSen founding Practitioner, Li Hua Li (known as Practitioner Lily) is a Member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC).

    The ATCM – www.atcm.co.uk – is the main regulatory body for the practice of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and Tuina therapeutic massage in the UK. The BAaC – www.acupuncture.org.uk – is the leading self-regulatory body for the practice of traditional acupuncture in the UK.

  3. Q. What are GinSen’s areas of Specialisation?

    GinSen has three areas of specialisation:

    • Fertility in men and women
    • Skin problems: Eczema and Psoriasis
    • Weight Loss

    It is generally accepted that TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) can be extremely effective, often more effective than Western Medicine, in treating these difficult health problems. We have in-depth experience combined with a strong track record of success in these areas


  1. Q. What is the success rate of GinSen’s fertility treatment?

    GinSen treats couples with fertility problems using Acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Problems treated include: difficulty in conceiving, hormonal imbalance, low sperm count, recurring miscarriages and early menopause, to name but a few.

    We have an on-going, high success rate in treating infertility, which is one of our areas of specialisation. We frequently see results very quickly, including one couple where the mother became pregnant two weeks after treatment was completed.

  2. Q. How does Traditional Chinese Medicine treat Infertility?

    TCM treats infertility using Acupuncture, Massage and Chinese Herbs in the form of Herbal Tea or Herbal Capsules.

    • Treatment by Acupuncture and Massage: improves blood flow to the organs involved in pregnancy, improves organ function, increases blood flow to create a stronger uterine lining, harmonises the reproductive system and corrects hormonal imbalances.
    • Chinese Herbs (whether taken as Herbal Tea or Capsules): enhances well being, improves the general condition of the organs involved in pregnancy, regulates the menstrual cycle, assists ovulation, clears clots and removes toxins.
  3. Q. How long do I need the treatment for?

    Infertility treatment has three stages, lasting between three and six months.

    • Stage 1: Takes between one and two months and is focused on: detoxing, changing hormone levels to improve blood flow to the organs involved in pregnancy, and improving sperm production.
    • Stage 2: This stage also last one to two months. Treatment is aimed at improving the quality of eggs and sperm.
    • Stage 3: This stage lasts two weeks to one month. This involves recording your morning temperature and taking guidance from our Practitioner as to the best time to have intercourse so that you become pregnant.
  4. Q. How quickly does treatment result in Pregnancy?

    The length of time taken for the treatment to result in pregnancy depends on the underlying reason for the problem. In our experience, between six weeks and three months is common, some cases take between three to six months and occasionally we have a result in two to three weeks.

  5. Q. Should both partners undertake treatment at the same time?

    We advise both partners to attend the first, free consultation. This consultation allows our Practitioner to diagnose the reason for your fertility problems. The diagnosis will determine the treatment plan, i.e. whether it is the male or female partner, or both partners, who should receive treatment.

  6. Q. Should I carry on taking Herbal Tea after I have become pregnant?

    Yes – herbal tea is safe and gentle. The formula you are taking will be chosen to improve your general health and that of your baby as well as deal with the issues relating to your fertility.

  7. Q. Can Acupuncture help during Labour?

    Yes. Practitioner Lily has co-operated with midwives to provide prenatal care, postural care, and labour delivery.


  1. Q. How does GinSen Diagnose and Treat Eczema?

    Eczema is a chronic skin condition which causes itchy, red, dry and cracked skin. It can appear anywhere including the front of the elbows, back of the knees and hands, the chest and around the ears and eyes.
    Even though Eczema appears as a skin rash, TCM considers it to be a sign of internal disharmony. There are several different causes of this disharmony. Making the correct diagnosis of the underlying cause is essential to successful treatment.

    Once your GinSen Practitioner has made their diagnosis, they will treat your Eczema with a combination of Acupuncture and a Herbal formula customised to heal your specific underlying condition as well as relieve your symptoms. They may also prescribe a herbal wash and herbal ointment.

  2. Q. Will Eczema be cured and never come back again?

    Yes. Herbal Tea will cure Eczema. Over 90% of GinSen’s clients are cured of their skin condition. The skin condition of the remainder is much improved, as is their general health. Traditional Chinese Medicine treats the root cause of the condition as well as the symptoms. Once the condition has been completely cured, you should not suffer a recurrence. However, GinSen’s Practitioners recommend that your follow their advice on diet and lifestyle to ensure that you do not suffer a relapse.

  3. Q. Do I need a special diet?

    Chronic intake of spicy, frying, greasy or sugary foods and alcohol will deplete the body. These undigested materials actually create a toxic climate in the body that encourage red, sore, itching skin develop. Therefore you should avoid or cut down on those foods also include seafood during and after the treatment for 3 months.


  1. Q. Why am I gaining weight although I follow a healthy diet?

    If you are eating healthily but still gaining weight, Traditional Chinese Medicine believes your body is out of balance. TCM considers that excess weight is the result of disharmony between Yin and Yang caused by dysfunction of the spleen and stomach, and kidney deficiency. Once balance is restored, the body’s metabolism will process food properly and excess weight should no longer be a problem provided you eat correctly, in moderate quantities, and live a healthy lifestyle.

  2. Q. What does GinSen’s Weight Loss Programme Involve?

    GinSen’s Weight Loss Treatment deals not just with weight loss, but also treats the underlying body condition that has led to the weight gain.
    Once our Practitioner has diagnosed the underlying cause of the weight gain, they will prescribe a combination of Acupuncture and Detoxing to enable you to lose weight and a customised Herbal Tea formula to treat the underlying cause of the weight gain.

  3. Q. How long and how much weight I can loose?

    After you have completed one or two sessions of Acupuncture and taken Herbal Tea for 3 – 4 days, you will feel less bloated, energised, calm and more relaxed. You will sleep well whilst water retention will be reduced. You can lose between three and five kilos in one week. The rate of loss is governed by the number of treatments you take, and the amount of herbal tea you consume.

  4. Q. What dietary advice do you give following treatment?

    When we treat you, we treat the root cause of the weight gain, as well as enabling you to lose weight. After treatment, your health will be improved and your weight will remain stable provided you eat sensibly, in moderation and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


  1. Anti-Ageing treatment has been a part of TCM for thousands of years. GinSen provides the following natural therapies for beauty and anti-ageing:
    • Firming
    • Anti-wrinkle treatment
    • Lifting
    • Facial Flexibility
    • Whitening
    • Improving Circulation
    • Boosting the Immune System


  1. Q. Does Acupuncture Hurt?

    Acupuncture do not hurt however you may feel some sensation during the treatment which is normal.

  2. Q. How often should I have acupuncture session?

    You will be advised to have acupuncture once a week but our doctors may suggest more than 1 session a week according to individual condition.

  3. Q. Does Acupuncture have side effect?

    Acupuncture do not create side effects it is safe, natural and effective.

  4. Q. Does Acupuncture can treat all health issue?

    Acupuncture can treat majority of illnesses but some health issues need to combine with herbal medicine to enhance the results.

  5. Q. Can I use acupuncture for general well being?

    The answer is for sure. Acupuncture works to help maintain your body’s equilibrium, it can relieve pain, reduce stress, enhancing your feeling of well being, restore balance and improve overall health. Many people have acupuncture as a preventative health measure, to maintain health and energetic balance.


  1. Q. Do Chinese Herbs have any side effects?

    Chinese massage is in use of the meridian system and is considered to be effective for a range of health problems. Our hands can detect a number of diagnostic information and you can feel the healing immediately from touching. Therefore the benefits are obvious.

  2. Q. How do I prepare my Herbal Tea?

    Chinese Herbs are traditionally taken in tea form, as the body absorbs tea easily and quickly. As part of its high standards of client care, GinSen prepares the Herbal Tea for you, thereby saving you the inconvenience of cooking it yourself. It is also possible to take the herbs as a capsule, but tea is the most commonly used method.

  3. Q. Can I take Chinese medicine just for well-being?

    Yes you can. Chinese medicine emphases on prevention of illnesses therefore is your perfect choice for general well-being.

  4. Q. How long will it take to see results?

    The speed with which herbal tea works depends on the condition being treated. In general, clients see an improvement after 3 or 4 days. However, treatment of some conditions, for example, eczema can be a slow process. On the other hand, treatment for weight loss can see the client losing up to 3 kilos in the first week.

    The effectiveness of Herbal Tea depends on the quality and purity of the herbs used. GinSen is the only TCM practice in the UK which prepares the herbal tea for its clients. Normally, the client must prepare the herbal tea at home themselves. Herbalists at GinSen always use the finest Chinese herbs and prepare the herbal tea remedy using natural mineral water. In this way we ensure the effectiveness and purity of our herbal tea treatments.

  5. Q. Can I take herbal tea with my GP prescribed medicine?

    Yes. Our herbal tea can be combined with your GP prescribed medicine for achieving the full benefits.

Questions about Chinese Massage

  1. Q. Should I feel different after massage?

    Chinese massage is in use of the meridian system and is considered to be effective for a range of health problems. Our hands can detect a number of diagnostic information and you can feel the healing immediately from touching. Therefore the benefits are obvious.

  2. Q.Can I have massage even I am pregnant?

    Massage therapy is generally safe and incredibly beneficial throughout pregnancy. Massage therapy may have positive effects on:

    • Lowering anxiety and stress
    • Reducing back pain and leg pain
    • Improving sleep
    • Improving mood
  3. Q. Is it normal when my back pain becomes worse after massage?

    Sometimes the pain can get worse before it gets better. This is because Chinese Massage is based on the theory of channels; we believe Blockage of the channels causes pain, therefore you may feel pain becomes worse after massage due to unblocking of the channels.

Question about cupping

  1. what are the benefits of cupping?

    Chinese massage is in use of the meridian system and is considered to be effective for a range of health problems. Our hands can detect a number of diagnostic information and you can feel the healing immediately from touching. Therefore the benefits are obvious.

  2. Q. How long wills cupping section last?
    One cupping section usually last approximately 15-20mins according to individual circumstances.
  3. Will cupping leave marks on my back?

    You will experience some cupping marks left on your back after the treatment. But don’t worry, the marks will usually disappear within a week.

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