I fell pregnant without going through IVF on December 2016, Thank you Ginsen!


I was suffering multiple gemological disease(endometriosis , ovarian cyst and depression )for years which brought down my chance of pregnancy and Failed with IVF treatment.Even i was recommended to attend some Traditional Chinese Medicine with treatment before IVF , i was not fully confident about what i would go through.

The treatment been recommenced by Ginsen Practitioner is about 3-month Course including reducing the discomfort symptoms throughout period, building up my healthy circulation and regaining Yin and Yang balance etc. The regular weekly treatment do reward great changes, surprisingly, I found that i fell pregnant without go through IVF on December 2016. I am so excited that i came to Ginsen and attend the treatment. Surely, traditional Chinese medicine is work on my case and I believe it will help someone with same or similar case like me.”

In the case of F Mcbriar, is so complicated, She has successes with TCM , I believe that lots of people has stacked for conceiving that we can help. In the Modern Medicine system that you can have IVF treatment, but Success also depending on your body general condition , reports said success rate of IVF 10-15% on the ages over 40. Traditional Chinese Medicine is harmless and practice near 5000 years, our philosophy is Yin and yang balance , if you can have opportunity to get natural conceived, why not?

31/08/2017 Patient Messages
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