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Take Control Of Your Hormones Naturally

Hormonal Imbalance Treatment 

Hormone Imbalance and its symptoms takes a while before they become visible. Discover natural treatment for hormonal imbalance. Fix hormonal imbalance with GinSen’s natural hormone balance supplements that are formulated by experienced women’s health experts with you in mind and get to the root cause of your hormonal imbalance.

Helping You Achieve Hormonal Balance

GinSen’s supplement are made from extract of natural herbal powder- this special formula contains a range of natural ingredients that are blended together to give positive results. Unsure? Speak to our experts, we offer free hormonal imbalance treatment consultation. Our consultants offer free advice both online and in our clinics.

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Natural Hormonal Balance Supplements

 √ Regulate menstrual cycle naturally

 √ Works by getting to the root cause

 √ Hormonal Imbalance Treatment

Balancing Hormones Naturally can regulate period, help with heavy irregular periods, irregular periods after pregnancy and birth, irregular periods after miscarriage, perimenopause irregular periods, irregular periods and bloating.

Not sure which hormonal imbalance treatment supplement is right for you? Get free advice from our experts on natural irregular period treatments. 

 √ Regulates menstrual cycle naturally

 √ Rectifies blood deficiency 

 √ Supports overall  hormone balance

The absence of menstruation can be a sign of many health problems. If you are looking for amenorrhea treatment, light period treatment, or any hormonal imbalance natural treatment. These are the right supplements to fix hormonal imbalance!

Not sure which supplement is right for you? Get free advice from our experts on natural missing period treatments. 

 √  PMS / PMDD Supplements 

 √ Treatment for PMS symptoms 

 √ Regulates menstrual cycle naturally

PMDD natural treatment? PMS treatment? You can learn about different pms symptoms treatment by consulting our experts, they will provide you advice on herbs for pms mood swings and how to get natural pms relief as soon as possible.

Not sure which supplement is right for you? Get free advice from our experts on natural PMS / PMDD treatments. 

 √ Gets to the root cause of hormonal imbalance 

 √ Addresses menstrual irregularities

 √ Reduces menstrual discomforts

Not sure which supplement is right for you? Get free advice from our experts on natural menstrual cycle treatments if you are experiencing other menstrual problems like abnormal bleeding between periods, ibs and period.

 √ Gets to the root cause of PCOS 

 √ Addresses PCOS symptoms 

 √ Reduces menstrual discomforts

Not sure which supplement is right for you? Get free advice from our experts on natural PCOS treatments. 

 √ Regulate menstrual cycle naturally

 √ Work by getting to the root cause

 √ Overall menstrual health

A holistic approach starts by correcting hormonal imbalance!

Not sure which supplement is right for you? Get free advice from our experts regarding holistic treatments for period. 

 √ Manage estrogen and weight gain

 √ Works by getting to the root cause

 √ Manage weight gain after 40

Hormonal balance for women is so essential for weight management

Not sure which supplement is right for you? Get free advice from our experts on hormonal weight gain treatment and natural remedies for hormonal imbalance in females

Balancing Hormones Naturally

Balances hormones are essential for women’s health. Chinese medicine offers a natural alternative for addressing hormonal imbalances. It works by getting to the root cause and can help with a range of issues such as PMS, PMDD, absent period, irregular period, light period, heavy period, even irregular period after birth.

Chinese Medicine helps with balancing hormones naturally. Not Sure where to start ? Get FREE Expert Advice
Women’s Health Experts will suggest which treatment and supplements are right for you to fix hormonal imbalance.

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Condition We Can Help With

 Delayed Period 

Missing Period 

Light /Heavy Period 


PMT/  PMDD / PMS Treatment

Weight Gain / Loss 

Mood Swings & Period Pains

Personalised Treatment

Regulate Period

Join Others Who Have Successfully Balanced Their Hormones

Unique natural Chinese Medicine for hormone balance

KatrinaTao Hong Si Wu Tang

My period is finally back - I was on the pill and after stopping I didn't get my period for 9 months. My period came back! I ended up taking almost the full bottle before it did, so give it time ladies! It worked for me! I've just placed my second order.

Ubah OmarMenstrual Maintenance

A few months ago I started to use Women life power, Menstrual Maintenance, Fertility Remedy No.1, from Dr Lily. Before I use to be sick but now I felt better with lily medicine I recommend you take the medicine and you get your period back. Best wishes to the company.

FluturaMenstrual Maintenance

I saw the reviews on Amazon and how it has worked for other women who weren't getting their period but I never truly believed it would work for me, too! I decided to try it as a last resort just wish I had tried sooner. Not sure if it down to this supplement but my mood has been better recently too

SusanMood Balance Remedy

I've just finished my first bottle, took it after the recommendation from the consultation with Lily, my moods seem to be better. I personally found them good for me, its calmed me down, im less irritable more level headed and good for anxiety, says it exactly what it does on the box.

VeenaPMS Remedy

I have suffered with horrific pain, pms symptoms, and extremely heavy periods. I started looking into alternative treatments after watching some youtube video - which is when I came across this brand. I was desperate but reluctantly bought this, being very sceptical that it would work. I started taking it 2 weeks before my period and it made a huge difference. I am now having my second period and the flow has decreased

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Value For Money Unique formula and clinic experience for high success rate in balancing hormones

Get personalised recommendation Receive personalised natural supplements recommendation 

 Sit back and relax! We’ll blend and deliver straight to your door worldwide.

Not sure which supplement is best for you? Speak to our women’s health experts for guidance

Aftercare We will  answer any further questions for free and hold your hand through your journey with GinSen 

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Hormone Imbalance Treatment

Enhance Your Treatment For Hormonal Balance With Acupuncture 

Acupuncture for hormones in London. GinSen have been around for over 20 years and have 2 dedicated West London clinics in Chelsea and Kensington. 

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