Latest GinSen News, and Thank You to Our Customers


GinSen has the pleasure of announcing that this year we will be celebrating our 15th Anniversary in filling lives with joy and happiness.

We’d like to take this opportunity and say thank you to all of our patients for their continued support, patronage and belief in our unique services and therapies.

Our patients have been instrumental in our success, their trust, confidence and recommendations have ensured that we can continue to provide the highest quality of Traditional Chinese Medicine, to people who haven’t found solutions to their problems using western medicine.

New Website

Our mission is and always will be, to deliver the best patient care through traditional remedies. We can now proudly extend this mission to our overseas clients around the world through our new online presence and virtual consultation facilities.

In September 2017, we launched a new rebranded website. Our new website contains better information and is streamlined to help patients find the answers they are looking for, quicker and easily than ever before.

Our new online consultation facilities mean that our patients can talk to our experts wherever in the world they may be. What’s more, we now also offer an international face to face consultation service. Meaning our experts will visit clients abroad when required


Extended Product Line

To complement our rebranded website, GinSen have also launched an online product range of traditional herbal medicines in powder and capsulated form.

Each medicine is blended by GinSen expert practitioners to ensure the highest quality, consistency and effects are achieved, each and every time a medicine is prescribed or purchased via our online store.




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