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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

The lymphatic system is the body’s front line of defence for fighting infection, detoxifying, transporting waste, excess fluid, bacteria and toxins out of the body. A well functioning lymphatic system can be crucial for good health. If the lymphatic system is blocked, fatigue, susceptibility to coughs and colds, fluid retention and ill health can result.

How does it work?

It uses very light pressure combined with soft pumping movements. This stimulates the lymphatic system and aids the body’s immune system. Deeply relaxing, it, this process can help with the following:

  • Promotes the healing of fractures and sprains, and aids pain relief
  • Helps relieve fatigue
  • Strengthens the immune system and detoxes the body
  • Reduces swelling of the legs and ankles during pregnancy
  • Is an effective component of the treatment and control of lymphedema (swelling after cancer treatment or surgery which damages or removes the lymph nodes).


What are the benefits?

  • Clearing areas of congestion such as swollen ankles, puffy eyes and swollen legs
  • Promotion of scar tissue healing, torn ligaments and sprains.
  • Post-operative healing
  • Swelling relief following plastic surgery

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If you’d like to learn more about the power of massage or our other natural drug free weight loss treatments why not arrange a free consultation today? Our experts are happy to answer any questions you have and help you get the treatment that’s right for you.

Experts in weight loss

Over the past decade GinSen has developed a particularly effective slimming programme which can offer fast, excellent results. The programme is focused not just on weight loss but on treating the factors that lead to weight gain. If your body and lifestyle are in balance, the body’s metabolism should function properly. After an initial consultation, a tailor made treatment plan is developed combining complimentary treatments like acupuncture and herbal teas.

Disclaimer & Important Information

We can’t guarantee any treatment results. Symptoms, conditions and results are unpredictable and vary from person to person. treatment lengths and recovery times also vary from person to person. GinSen’s specialists will discuss your care needs before carrying out any treatment. All content on this site is provided as illustrative and for informational purposes only and does not guarantee results.

Whilst Acupuncture and Chinese herbal remedies are very effective in helping you lose weight, in order to stay healthy it is necessary to eat a balanced diet and take regular exercise.

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    review rating 5  The specialists in GinSen are very helpful. They have suggested me to take herbal medicines as well as to have acupuncture sessions in order to help me improve my health. I was feeling tired all the time last year, after following the instructions of the specialists, I feel much better these days. Also, my hands and feet were cold most of the time and after taking the herbal medicines as well as the treatment, they are not cold anymore. I highly recommend GinSen for people who want to try alternative way in improving their health.

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