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Traditional Chinese Medicine Experts in London offering pioneering natural treatments & natural supplements 

When Lily Li Hua founded GinSen in 2002 she set out to gather the greatest traditional Chinese medicine specialists alongside the leading physiotherapists. Here at GinSen today we have an expert team with Chinese Doctors with over 30 years experience in each of their fields.

We specialise in infertility and general wellness treatments. We look at all the surrounding factors that can affect conditions from lifestyle to emotional well being. That’s why GinSen are London’s leading Traditional Chinese Medicine Experts.

With over 20 years of experience, we take time to discuss all your needs, condition, medical history and lifestyle in order to find the issues that are affecting your health. We offer support throughout every stage, from initial consultation to your last treatment.

We understand that problems like infertility and general wellness conditions such as indigestion, insomnia, skin conditions, pain and weight management can be stressful and upsetting, that’s why everyone, from our front of house team to our doctors and therapists aim to provide a welcoming and calm atmosphere for all patients.

Our unique treatments range from natural, drug-free traditional treatments to pioneering use of traditional Chinese medicine in conjunction with conventional Western medical treatment. We create treatment plans tailored to suit your body, drawing on our range of natural therapies. Our experts will help you discover how acupuncture, Chinese massage, traditional herbal medicine along with daily herbal supplements to take away can transform your life.

To learn more arrange a free consultation or pop into one of our clinics today.

GinSen Clinic - Kensington

Kensington Clinic
15 Kensington Church Street
W8 4L

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Mon – Sat: 10am – 8pm
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GinSen Clinic - Chelsea

Chelsea Clinic
157 King’s Road

0207 751 5606

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Meet The Team

Li Hua Li

CEO & Fertility & TCM Specialist,

Specialist Li is the founder of GinSen clinic. She has training of both Western and Chinese Medicine. She trained at the Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and also studied a MSc in Chinese Herbal Medicine at the University of Westminster.

She is a qualified Practitioner of TCM medicine with over 25 years experience and has helped a countless number of couples conceive in that period. She is a highly experienced and professional clinician, who is able to treat a broad spectrum of medical conditions.

She specialises in Weight Management, with her weight management programmes ranging from lifestyle redesigns to tailor made personal treatment plans, Specialist Li Hua Li has helped thousands of individuals throughout her career.

She is a published author and shared her weight loss secrets and knowledge in her book The Yin Yang Guide To Weight Loss.

Specialist Li is a recognised professional in her field. She was interviewed by Hannah Hope from the Mirror (Lifestyle) in April of 2013. As well as this, she was also interviewed by the journalist Lucy Grey from BBC Radio 5 Live in August 2016. The journalist Tom Ough from the Telegraph also interviewed her in August 2016. More recently she was published in the Guardian in March 2017 regarding her knowledge of TCM and fertility.

Jiang Ling Lu

Fertility & TCM Specialist

Specialist Practitioner Jiang Ling Lu graduated from Traditional Chinese Medicine University of Guangzhou, Also Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ancient Chinese medicine books class. He received tutelage from the famous TCM Practitioner Professor Li Chengke, who is a senior Practitioner at Red Cross hospital. He is also the director of the regions and a PhD tutor.

He is a general practitioner of TCM with extensive knowledge with more than 40 years experience. For the past 4 decades, Dr Lu has been an expert in fertility treatment and has diagnosed and treated various viruses and difficult medical conditions. He specialises in treating chronic lower back pain, chronic fatigue and other sub health issues that are accompanied with infertility or pregnancy.

Yanhua Jiang

Fertility & TCM Specialist

Specialist Yan Hua Jiang has more than 30 years clinical and research experience. Her main area of research is fertility, infertility, especially with regards to blockages in the Fallopian Tube, Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Threatened Miscarriage, and various other issues that might cause or result in infertility. She is also weight management specialist, in particular female health and well-being.

She has published several high level essays in the national Chinese medicine magazine – including the one called “Research on the theoretical Literature of Chinese Medicine” in the eighth General Conference of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2011 which won wide praise from many experts and professors.

Professor Peter Campbell

Advertising and Marketing

Professor Campbell runs our advertising and marketing function, he has an extensive knowledge of art design, with a background in the field of international publishing.

Peter has been the creative director in many projects for the leisure and educational sectors, including books, magazines, packaging and exhibitions.

Professor Xiang Ping Zhang

TCM Expert

Professor Xiang joined GinSen in 2010. Since graduating in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the University of Shandong in 1964, Professor Xiang has pursued a dual clinical and academic career. Positions she has held at the University of Shandong in China include: Professor of TCM, Chief Doctor, Director of Teaching and Head of Research. She has tutored PhD students of TCM.

She is the author, and co-author, of five textbooks of Traditional Chinese Medicine for the Pediatrics Higher Education of University of China. She has published numerous articles in medical journals. Representative medical works: editor in chief of pediatrics of traditional Chinese medicine (ran press, 1 October 1992), participated in “the practical Chinese medicine health study” (people’s medical publishing house, 1 September 1989 edition).

With her deep clinical and research experience, Professor Xiang provides general medical care including treating the most difficult conditions. She also brings her great depth of knowledge to GinSen’s two specialist practice areas: Infertility and Weight Loss.

Member of The Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture UK
Rate as one of Top 100 Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine in UK

Kofo Ogungbayi

TCM Research Team

come fro ma legal background and the role is suited to me as it allows me to research and process data and information. I hope to work in Financial Risks and Analysis. Working with Ginsen has allowed me to develop my research skills and widen it from my legal background. I’ve enjoyed learning more about Chinese medicine and the Chinese culture as a whole.

LLB Honours