Moxibustion for Infertility

Moxibustion for Infertility

How Moxibustion is used to treat infertility

Moxibustion is known for its ability to soothe menstrual cramps and regulate a woman’s monthly cycle. It does this by stimulating blood flow to the reproductive organs through the use of heat. It can also regulate the release of fertility hormones, making it a good way to treat infertility. Medical literature is full of anecdotal reports of women who decided to use moxibustion to treat infertility and had amazing results. You can also use moxibustion to treat infertility.

Moxibustion is an ancient technique used by Chinese medicine practitioners which involves the burning of a herb (mugwort) on or close to the skin to eliminate cold, strengthen the blood, stimulate the flow of Qi and maintain general health. Historically, this plant is grown, dried and pummeled into a soft cloud-like ‘punk’ which is burnt on the skin (scarring or direct moxibustion) or used on the end of a needle (indirect moxibustion). As I’m sure you can imagine, modern technology has made some alterations to moxibustion therapy to ensure the burning of moxa is safer, more reliable and consistent in heat control as well as smokeless.

Moxibustion is fantastic for all aspects of fertility, pregnancy, birth and even after the birth of your beautiful baby. To assist with fertility, moxibustion can be used to warm and increase blood flow to the uterus, improve thickness of the uterine lining and aid acupuncture treatments to encourage smooth movement of Qi through the body.

While pregnant, moxa can be effective in calming the stomach and alleviating morning sickness, encouraging the development and growth of the fetus and help with any aches and pains.

Perhaps the most well known action of moxibustion in relation to fertility and pregnancy is its ability to turn a breeched fetus. There is a very effective acupuncture point located at the corner of the little toe which, when warmed with moxa can encourage a breeched fetus to turn. Moxibustion can also be used to facilitate acupuncture induction by warming points on the sacrum and low back to encourage Qi and Blood flow to the uterus.

As we’re sure you know or can imagine, giving birth can be an extremely traumatic event for your body physically and emotionally and will most certainly leave you feeling exhausted. Moxibustion can be great at increasing your energy levels, improving digestion and metabolism as well as warming the meridians which may have been affected by cold during the delivery of your baby. Burning moxa on a specific meridian has also been empirically used to treat mastitis, a painful inflammation of breast tissue.

Putting aside all the physiological aspects of how moxibustion can assist fertility, pregnancy and birth, it is extremely relaxing and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy and who doesn’t need some of that throughout their fertility experience?

Treatment for Several Conditions :

  1. Periods Pain
  2. Low Quality Eggs or Spam
  3. Chronic Fatigue
  4. Unexplained infertility or IVF Failed
  5. Chronic Back pain
  6. Low faction of sexual activity
  7. Digestive Problems
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Throughout my life, I have always found exams of any kind extremely stressful. Recently, when I was training to be an aerobics instructor, the thought of the practical examination filled me with dread. I had several acupuncture treatments in the run up to my exam to relieve anxiety and reduce stress. The acupuncture, herbal medicine, breathing exercises and reflexology massages made a huge difference. Although I did still suffer some nerves on the day of the exam, the overall effect was that the stress reduced significantly and I passed the exam. I cannot thank GinSen enough, they taught me to control my nerves, and without them, I am not sure I would have made it through my exam quite so easily


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