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Talk to our Chinese Medicine specialist and discover solution for the root cause and symptoms of Polycystic Ovaries.

We Offer Bespoke Natural PCOS Treatment

  Best Treatment For PCOS – Reverse PCOS Naturally 

PCOS Symptoms 

PCOS Heavy Periods 

PCOS Irregular , Missing Periods


PCOS Bloating & Gut Health 

Inflammatory PCOS 

PCOS Weight Loss 

PCOS and Migraines

PCOS Fertility 

 PCOS Hormone Imbalance

PCOS Acne & Skin Troubles 

PCOS Bloating

 GinSen’s PCOS specialist can help you navigate the complexities of PCOS and develop a tailored plan to manage, reverse and address the root cause with free PCOS consultation.


Natural PCOS Supplement Range

Paves The Path Towards PCOS Free Life

 √ Helps women with PCOS symptoms such as weight, hair loss, acne & more

√ Family planning struggles due to PCOS

 √ Maintain normal ovarian function

 √ Balance hormones and live healthier life

Not sure which supplement is right for you? Speak to our PCOS experts for free.

PCOS & Menstrual Irregularities

√ Balance hormones naturally with herbs

√ Natural anti-inflammatory & strengthens uterine wall

√ Relief Irregular periods & Support Healthy ovulation

√ Support women with PCOS and healthy conception in women with PCOS.

√ Relief PCOS heavy periods

√ Relief PCOS irregular period

√ Relief PCOS absent period treatment

Not sure which supplement is right for you? Speak to our experts for free.

Classic Formula Herbal Supplements 

√ Take control of your body and hormones holistically

√ Receive a full spectrum of nutrients

√ Specially formulated to help support women with PCOS symptoms

√ Maximise chances of conception in women with PCOS

Not sure which supplement is right for you? Speak to our  experts for free.

PCOS Kits for Maximum Effect

√ Natural ways to balance PCOS hormones and improve chances of conceiving naturally

√ Based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine

√ Correct imbalances at their source

Not sure which supplement is right for you? Speak to our experts for free.

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Join Others In Healing PCOS Naturally

Unique Formula to support and take control of your health

As Seen In

Paves The Path Towards PCOS Free Life

Save Time

Free Consultation Available Anytime. Our expert are available on video, call, WhatsApp, or email consultations.

Expert Advice

POCS specialist based in London with 30 years of experience under their belt will suggest a tailor-made PCOS treatments plan and supplements best suited to your condition. 

Ready for your FREE consultation?

Improve PCOS symptoms with free PCOS Consultation

Call Us Today 

Chelsea: 0207 751 5606 or  Kensington: 0207 937 7968

KatrinaOvary Maintenance

Have been taking ovary maintenance for 2 months now as instructed and the thirds order is on its way. I was highly skeptical at first because I wasn't seeing an immediate results but I tend to be quite impatient. But I carried on and after 7 months of not getting a period it finally arrived. My period are regular and the pain I used to have has also subsided and after a long time I’ve finally stopped worrying about my PCOS

MartyWomen's Life Power

I took Woman's life power and followed a strict diet routine. Initially I didn't see a huge difference but continued to take these for 2 months and I was surprised but my periods got regular and it actually worked. Thanks Dr Lily for all your help.

YasmeenOvary Maintenance

Fast delivery, received the product sooner than expected. I ordered this product as I wanted to get have a baby with I struggled due to PCOS. I conceived 3 months after taking this supplement.

DominikaOvary Maintenance

I thought I had severe stomach infection ... and had been ignoring it thinking that it was some gas or upset stoamch. I had a free consultation with Lily and she made me aware about PCOS ... I ordered the product she recommended ... I feel much better already and I have also lost some weight which has made me more active and a happy.

JuliaPCOS Kit

I HIGHLY recommend this product. I was on the pill for over 15 years then I came off and struggled to conceive. I wasn't diagnosed with PCOS I have always suspected as my high testosterone were high and so was my AMH, I have always had more facial hair and acne than others. I started taking these after a friends recommendation. I’m now on my second bottle and have noticed my skin has improved dramatically

Save Money

For those who are trying to get pregnant, Chinese Medicine can sometimes offer a better success rate for less cost when compared to other treatments such as IVF.

Save Time

Free Consultation Available Anytime. Our expert are available video, call, WhatsApp, or email consultations.

Expert Advice

Fertility pioneers will suggest which natural fertility boosters, treatments and supplements are right for you to gives you the highest chance of conceiving.

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