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Here you’ll find the latest supplement releases and new product formulations we just launched.

New product 2019 Aug

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We know how important your wellbeing and health goals are. We are committed to helping you achieve them. We now has introduced the new supplements and tea, which start to appear on store shelves now:

√ Detox Tea 

√ Fei Yan Plus Capsules 

√ Turmeric Tang


100% Natural Herbal Remedies             Made In UK 

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detox tea by ginsen weight loss tea
Detox Tea

Drinking detox teas can also be a great way to help flush out built up toxins in the body, can help ease constipation, food stagnation, and can be a great way to help promote natural weight loss. Our detox tea is a great way to help cleanse the body and kick weight loss into high gear.

fei yan plus - chinese medicine for natural weight loss 
Fei Yan Plus Capsules

Fei Yan plus supplement is 100% natural and is designed to assist with weight loss by detoxing the body and reducing water retention. Fei Yan plus capsules is also works as a natural way to help your body burn fat and can help promote liver cleansing.

Turmeric Tang

Turmeric have been one of the most beneficial natural herbs known for its powerful anti inflammatory.  It helps with pain, improve focus, and metabolism boosting properties. GinSen’s turmeric tang is a  great anti-inflammatory and antibacterial supplement which naturally aids to lose weight.


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According to Traditional Chinese Medicine Principle, the recommended dosage for effective treatment is 12 to 18 grams of active herbal ingredients daily. GinSen’s herbal remedies’ powder consists at least 3 grams at concentration ratio of 7:1, giving you the most effective and powerful supplement for optimal result.

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