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The Chinese Way of Life

Follow the Chinese Way of Life and Enjoy Good Health and Longevity
Aging is a natural process – nature ordains that life does not last forever. Whilst the aging process cannot be stopped, it is possible to age healthily and extend our life span by taking well recognised preventative measures.

How can we improve our quality of life, stay healthy and live longer? By living our daily lives according to the principles of ancient Chinese wisdom. The Chinese have been expert at maintaining health and extending longevity for two thousand years. The key elements of aging healthily are based on:

Lifestyle, Health and a Longer Life


It is vital to keep our minds and body active and retain curiosity about life. Science has shown the importance of keeping active mentally in health aging. Maintain your interests and keep active, for example by cooking, meeting people, spending time with friends and family, reading, traveling, and so on.


Ancient Chinese Philosophy believes we require the free movement of Qi, or vital energy, around our bodies so that our organs function well and we are healthy. One of the ways we can help the movement of Qi is by exercising daily. This means walking, swimming, doing Yoga, Tai Chi, going to the Gym, or doing whatever exercise you enjoy, for between 15 minutes to an hour every day.

Work Balance

Far too many of us work long hours and drive our bodies too hard. We must learn to listen to and obey our body’s limitations. This means not working too hard, for too many hours and becoming overly stressed.

If you do have to work very long hours, it is important to manage your work schedule and take short breaks, even if only a few minutes long.
GinSen has helped hundreds of patients find that balance, whether you work a high stress job or need to better understand your own body, we’re here to help and guide you every step of the way.

Healthy Eating

Time and work pressures prevent many people from having regular meals. In addition, intensive methods of food production, the use of pesticides, additives and preservatives combined with the widespread consumption of fast food and ready meals, mean that our food is no longer as nourishing or as pure as it once was.

It is important to eat healthily on a daily basis. This means eating a balanced diet of fresh food, organic if possible, including plenty of fruit and vegetables so that our body gets all the nutrients it requires to remain healthy and in a balanced state.

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