Menopause (Peri Menopause) Irregular Periods Kit

Menopause (Peri Menopause) Irregular Periods Kit Product


Menopause and peri menopause Irregular (absent) Periods Kit is a natural herbs that helps ease the symptoms associated with menstruation irregularities, such as early and delayed periods, support ease progress in menopause or peri menopause. This kit contains a blend of herbs that can help to reduce the amount of bleeding and lessen the pain associated with menstruation irregularities. 

Menopause (Peri Menopause ) Weight Imbalance

Menopause (Peri Menopause ) Weight Imbalance Product


GinSen’s Menopause and Peri menopause weight imbalance kit is a natural, safe, effective and reliable peri menopause and menopause weight gain solution for women with hormone imbalanced conditions, including menopause symptoms, weight imbalance, irregular periods, hot flashes and sleep disorders. 

Menopause ( Peri Menopause ) with Insomnia Kit

Menopause ( Peri Menopause ) with Insomnia Kit Product


Ginsen’s Menopause with Insomnia kit is intended for women experiencing the struggles of menopause including insomnia, hot flashes and who are looking for natural ways to balance hormones. It has all the natural herbs you need to help solve these problems. This non-habit forming Herbal blend promotes restful sleep, fall asleep more easily and maintain a healthy sleep cycle. 

Menopause ( Peri Menopause ) with Fatigue Kit

Menopause ( Peri Menopause ) with Fatigue Kit Product


This Menopause with Fatigue Kit includes many precious natural herbs to help reduce fatigue level. It’s a great kit for women who are experiencing both menopausal and perimenopausal symptoms.

Menopause Hot Flush With Stress Kit

Menopause Hot Flush With Stress Kit Product


GinSen’s Hot flush and stress Kit has been designed by TCM experts are targeted at women who experience hot flush with emotional stress. This kit  helps “balance” hormone levels and keeps you feeling healthy throughout the menopause or perimenopause journey.

PCOS & Periods Cramping Pain Kit Product


PCOS & Periods Cramping Pain etc Kit has a special blend of potent herbs to help reduce the PCOS symptoms associated with periods of cramping pain. This kit contains all the essentials needed to aid in your journey towards a healthy body and mind.

PCOS & Weight imbalance Kit Product


PCOS & Weight imbalance Kit was designed by Ginsen professional TCM experts to support optimal PCOS and weight management. PCOS, also known as a polycystic ovarian syndrome, is a hormonal disorder that affects many women under 40 years old. The effects of PCOS can lead to weight imbalance if without proper treatment.

PCOS & Hirsutism Kit Product


PCOS & Hirsutism  (Facial Hair Growth etc) Kit contains special natural and precious herbs selected by GinSen experts that help women overcome the problems associated with Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and excessive facial and body hair growth in women.

PCOS & Hair Loss Kit Product


Ginsen’s PCOS & Hair loss Kit is specifically designed for women who have hair loss concerns with PCOS. It is made of the highest quality natural Chinese herbs and is most effective at helping PCOS, regularizing the menstrual cycle and getting rid of unwanted hair loss.