Yin Maintenance by GinSen

Yin Maintenance Product

Yin Maintenance by GinSen are multipurpose herbal food supplements. A popular Yin tonic that can be added to your daily routine to help with issues arising from Yin deficiencies such as hormonal imbalance, fertility concerns and sleeping difficulty. Yin Maintenance provides moisture and cooling effects on the body, along with eliminating toxic body heat. 

Tao Hong Si Wu Tang by GinSen

Tao Hong Si Wu Tang Product

Tao Hong Si Wu Tang by GinSen are herbal blend supplements that enrich and restore blood (iron) deficiency, commonly known as anemia. This classic Chinese formula can be used to regulate the menstrual cycle, support hormone balance, fertility concerns, and symptoms arising from blood deficiency.

Si Wu Tang by GinSen Hormonal Balance Tablets

Si Wu Tang Product

Si Wu Tang by GinSen are hormonal balance tablets that can be used to regulate the menstrual cycle, assist with symptoms arising from anemia, fertility concerns and balance the overall female hormonal system. Expertly formulated Si Wu Tang is a natural blood builder ideal and rich in many health benefits. 

Sheng Mai Yin Tang by GinSen

Sheng Mai Yin Tang Product

Sheng Mai Yin Tang or Sheng Mai Yin Wan by GinSen are supplements based on the traditional Chinese Medicine principles. It works to replenish Qi, nourish Yin and assist with a range of health issues resulting from deficiencies such as excessive sweating, sleeping disorders, dry cough, heavy breathing, weak pulse. 

PMS Remedy by GinSen PMS Relief Tablets

PMS Remedy Product

PMS Remedy by GinSen are all-natural PMS relief tablets. Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine these herbal blend supplements work to to reduce and relieve symptoms of premenstrual tension and menstrual cycle irregularity and irregular periods. Expertly formulated to target hormone production, helping to relieve mood fluctuations, optimise energy and support a more stable menstrual cycle.

supplements For menstrual cramps

Menstrual Maintenance Product

Menstrual Maintenance by GinSen are supplements for regulating the menstrual cycle naturally. Ideal for irregular periods – absent periods, heavy/light period flow, period clotting and balancing hormones. It also supports the well-being of female fertility organs to help promote fertility.

Liu Wei Di Huang Tang by GinSen Rehmannia Six Formula

Liu Wei Di Huang Tang Product

Liu Wei Di Huang Tang (Rehmannia Six Formula) or Liu Wei Di Huang Wan by GinSen is a multi-use natural food supplement. Liu Wei Di Huang Tang is widely used as a Yin Tonic. These are expertly formulated herbal blend supplements that assist with symptoms arising from Yin deficiency. 

Kun Bao Tang by GinSen Natural Menopause Supplements

Kun Bao Tang Product

Kun Bao Tang by GinSen are natural menopause supplements to support a smooth menopausal transition without interfering in their daily life. Inspired by principles of Chinese Medicine, this natural remedy can be used to manage menopause symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, restlessness, and reduced lethargy. Formulated by experts Kun Bao Tang works to improve your well-being before, during and after menopause

Gui Zi Di Huang Tang by GinSen

Gui Zi Di Huang Tang Product

Gui Zi Di Huang Tang are herbal blend supplements designed to balance deficiencies in the Kidney. These are multi functional supplements to balance hormones, they can also be used for symptoms arising from the Kidney deficiencies such as lower back pain, frequent urination, low energy, chronic limb swelling, joints cramps pain.

herbal supplements For hair growth

Hair Growth Remedy Product

Hair Growth Remedy by GinSen are hair growth supplements designed to promote hair growth naturally. These food based hair growth supplements also help nourish damaged hair, hair balding and hair loss.