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Healing PCOS Naturally

Discover the path towards PCOS free life. Find Relief From Your PCOS Symptoms Naturally. Our specialists will help with every phase of your journey.

Personalized medical care that gets to the root cause of your PCOS struggles

Diagnosis, advice & personalised treatment plan from experienced professionals on the below conditions

Irregular / Missing Periods

Natural treatment for PCOS with GinSen works to regulate menstrual cycles by promoting blood flow and getting to the root of menstrual disorders.

PCOS Weight Gain

The treatment at GinSen aims to address the metabolic problems that come about with PCOS. Our PCOS experts also offer diet and lifestyle advice to help you achieve the best result.

Facial / Body Hair

Treatments at GinSen can help you reduce excessive facial and body hair growth. This treatment works by getting to the root cause, that is blood stasis or excess heat, and reduce hirsutism.


PCOS acne is a result of excessive internal heat in Chinese Medicine. Treatment plans at GinSen work to get to the root cause and help you achieve healthy looking skin.

Mood Swings

Herbal treatments at GinSen can promote balanced mood whilst reducing anxiety and stress brought about by PCOS.

Fertility Struggles

Our fertility experts have helped hundreds of couples to conceive naturally when the underlying cause of infertility is PCOS.

Start healing journey in 3 Steps

Stress-free online holistic care

Answer questions about PCOS online. Fill in the free consultation form or call us.

Specialists will review your consultation, and send a personalised treatment plan within 24 – 48 hours.

We offer worldwide delivery, free advice and aftercare until you reach your health goal.

See What Others Had To Say About GinSen

Have been taking ovary maintenance for 2 months now as instructed and the thirds order is on its way. I was highly skeptical at first because I wasn't seeing an immediate results but I tend to be quite impatient. But I carried on and after 7 months of not getting a period it finally arrived. My period are regular and the pain I used to have has also subsided and after a long time I’ve finally stopped worrying about my PCOS.


Fast delivery, received the product sooner than expected. I ordered this product as I wanted to get have a baby with I struggled due to PCOS. I conceived 3 months after taking this supplement.


I thought I had severe stomach infection ... and had been ignoring it thinking that it was some gas or upset stomach. I had a free consultation with Lily and she made me aware about PCOS ... I ordered the product she recommended ... I feel much better already and I have also lost some weight which has made me more active and a happy.


I HIGHLY recommend this product. I was on the pill for over 15 years then I came off and struggled to conceive. I wasn't diagnosed with PCOS I have always suspected as my high testosterone were high and so was my AMH, I have always had more facial hair and acne than others. I started taking these after a friends recommendation. I’m now on my second bottle and have noticed my skin has improved dramatically.


Support You Can Trust

Lily LihuaTCM PCOS Specialist

Your consultation form is reviewed by a tcm specialists.
Our expert will call you to discuss your conditions,
answer your questions at no extra cost, and empower you
to take your next steps in saying goodbye to PCOS.

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GinSen Can Help You Reach Your PCOS Goals

We’re with you through every step

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Frequently asked questions

Q. Who are the experts at GinSen ?

Team of professional experts at GinSen have over 150 years of combined experience. GinSen are one of the leading providers of Traditional Chinese Medicine specialising in Women’s health and PCOS. We’ve been around for over 20 years and during that time we have honed and refined everything from our successful range of treatments and herbal supplements.

All of the specialists and herbalist at GinSen undergo an extensive background check and verification process. They have also undergone extensive training in women’s health. We put product quality and our customers’ well-being as our first priority.

Q. Can I get support in USA ?

Yes, we offer our services worldwide. Our herbal supplements and personalised herbal medicine can be shipped worldwide including USA.

Q. How common is PCOS?

The CDC estimates that 6-12% (or as many as 5 million) of US women have PCOS.

Q. Can I still get pregnant if I have PCOS?

GinSen have helped hundreds of couples with fertility problems due to PCOS over the years using herbal medicine. We have an on-going, high success rate in helping people both men and women who struggle with fertility, which is one of our areas of specialisation. We frequently see results very quickly.
Take a look at our success stories page here.

Q. Why do I need a consultation and how will I get my diagnosis?

Individual experiences of PCOS vary greatly from person to person. The vital hormonal insights from our Chinese Medicine expert can help you to reach the answers you need and get to the root cause of your PCOS. Your PCOS Plan is curated based on your goals, symptoms, and life stage – because each case of PCOS is unique
After submitting our free consultation form online one of our experienced PCOS experts will get in touch with you in 24 – 48 hours.

Q. How will GinSen's PCOS treatment help me?

Treatments at GinSen adopt holistic and natural herbal methods. These herbal treatments can help to stimulate ovulation and increase fertility, decrease insulin resistance to help control weight, improve your body’s blood circulation, provide relief from painful menstruation, regulate your monthly cycles, increase your energy and stamina so you can do more.

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