Guangdong Green Tea



Guangdong Green Tea




Drink 2 or 3 cups a day ( each cup tea can refill hot water in 2- 3 times, best value tea which is in the second refill boiling water- cup made ), Best served in smaller cups or teapot. The amount of leaf of each teapot as general according to people taste.

Safety Information:

Made of 100% Natural Ingredients

  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Free from dairy, wheat grain, gluten, added sugar and soya
  • Free from genetically modified products
  • Not a substitute for a varied and healthy diet.
  • Not suitable for children or pregnant women.


  • Store in cold and dry place
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Best used before 31/12/2019

Guangdong Green Tea

Loose Leaf Guangdong Green Tea Famous Blend Birthplace of Green Tea | Weight Loss | Antioxidant | Slimming | Liver Detox | Boost metabolism | Fat-Burning | Digestive Health | Detox | 1st Class Grade | No Additive | No Laxative



What Is It For?

Green Tea leaf is one of the most popular tea widely using in well-being, weight loss, slimming, healthy digestive, reduce Liver fat, Liver detoxing. If you drink Green tea immediately after you had a heavy meal, or oily meal, or fatty food, or heavy drinking, You will feel so comfortable because it is quickly empty your stomach heavy and fullness, digestive fast clear. It is excellent to protect Liver damage.

Mainly helps weight loss, slimming, healthy weight, daily detoxing, calm and relax.

Guandong Green Tea is one of best green tea birthplace in the world. It contains High antioxidants & the amino acid Theanine. The consumption of Green Tea is believed to have originated in China sometime before 2700 BC, where it has been enjoyed both as a beverage drink for its wonderful taste & for its incredible health benefits, such as: strengthening the immune system & helping the body fight free radicals which helps maintain a healthy body & youthful appearance.

It has become popular in the entire world since it was first drunk in the Orient & has since then been enjoyed both as a highly potent health supplement & as the incredible beverage that it is.

Product Quality 

GinSen offer product sourced from Prestige Manufacturers using herbs blended then extracted for optimal efficacy in strict accordance with Chinese herbal medical tradition.
Produced at an internationally certified GMP factory. (Good Manufacturing Practices)


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