Ma Pak Leung Massage Oil

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Folium Purpuraea, Rhizoma Drynariae , Xu Duan, Niu Da Li, Du Zhong, Fang Feng, Mao Dong Qing, Hong Hua, Du Huo, Wei Ling Xian.




Rub a small amount of oil on the painful area and massage the area and the surrounding area for 15 minutes for a better result. Use 2-3 times a day.

External use only

Ma Pak Leung Massage Oil

50ml GinSen Ma Pak Leung Massage Oil & Wood Lock Oil | Muscles and Joint Pain | Arthritis | Sciatica | Back Pain | Tennis Elbow | Golfer’s Elbow | Injury Relief | Herbal Infused Massage Oil



What Is It For?

Ma Pak Leung Massage Oil is the latest well developed famous product since 1822, as similar as wood lock oil from Hong Kong. It is top brand and widely used in health care facilities, hospital and pharmacies as well as sports injury centres in treating athletic injuries and a variety of pain conditions.

Mainly Helps Back Pain, Sciatica, Arthritis, Injury, Muscles and Joints stiffness, Frozen shoulder, Tennis elbow.

Ma Pak Leung Massage oil selected special herbal ingredients to stimulate blood flow and blood circulation, therefore to bring more nutrients to the injured area to speed up the healing process, reducing inflammation and swollen, or just unblocked energy channel, fast relief pain.

Product Quality 

GinSen offer product sourced from Prestige Manufacturers using herbs blended then extracted for optimal efficacy in strict accordance with Chinese herbal medical tradition.
Produced at an internationally certified GMP factory. (Good Manufacturing Practices)