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Statement from GinSen Regarding Mr Peter Campball


“I suffered from a blocked and infected saliva gland for four months since February 2016, the infected gland was the size of a golf ball, my GP prescribed a course of antibiotic, this was ineffective.

I was sent to the hospital for blood tests, a scan, an ultra sound and biopsy. After these investigations surgery was recommended by the consultant at Charing Cross hospital. I wasn’t happy with this solution” said. peter Campbell.

“I visited Ginsen in 157 Kings Road, SW3 5TX, I had a course of treatment involving Acupuncture and Moxibustion 1st July 2016, it was effective within days, after 7 sessions during the next 2 weeks the size of my blocked and infected saliva gland was reduced by half, in the 12th sessions on 28th July 2016 it had completely disappeared

I did not have knowledge of Chinese Medicine, but I believe it was worth trying as it was non-invasive. It was a wonderful experience.

In September 2016, I had a follow- up free consultation with them. In the saliva infection area, new hair had grown back black, not grey”

Ginsen was founded and have practiced traditional Chinese medicine in UK Since 2006,

Director Li Hua Li, says:

“Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used for 5000 years. It has a record history of being medically effective.

We think of our bodies as a whole: the principle of Qi, Blood, Qin, Yang balance. In Mr Peter Campbell ‘s case, it was QI and Blood blockage; Acupuncture and Moxa treatment were used to simply to target and unblock Meridians enhancing the area Qi and free blood movement.

Ginsen’s experts are fully trained and educated in traditional Chinese Medicine and West Medicine. We have built a highly successful practice in several different areas including fertility, skin disorders and weight gain, achieving excellent results treating different difficult and complex cases.

We do feel that Traditional Chinese Medicine has a greater value in the modern Society when the traditional and modern co-exist.

In Chinese medicine with the advantage of scientific extraction and purification, the absorption, distribution and metabolism of ancient traditional Chinese herbs is enhanced significantly in the form of encapsulated granules of concentrated herbal extracts.

We always keep up to date with modern medicine and Scientific Research, developing our prescriptions using pharmacological data such as exact ingredients, bioavailability, excipient percentage etc.

However, we often disagree with the Scientific approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We believe that modern science will provide more evidence, but nevertheless Traditional Chinese Medicine originates from plants- all natural and proven to be effective.

We always look for opportunities to work with modern medicine research and we integrate our results with  Modern Science research”.


31/08/2017 Press Releases, TCM
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