GinSen's Success Stories

Discover some of our success stories

Here you will find some of our success stories videos, testimonials, cards/letters thats have been sent by our patients. We hope these stories give you hope and inspired you to a natural alternative approach with Chinese Medicine. You can learn more about who we are and our team here.

  • Infertility due to Irregular Period
  • How Chinese Medicine helped me start a family
  • Chinese Medicine for fertility 
  • Pregnancy with Endometriosis

Infertility due to Irregular Period

Pregnancy with Endometriosis

Chinese Medicine for fertility

Some of the success we have had over online consultations

Along with our 2 clinics in London, we also offer online consultation via email, video, call and WhatsApp. Explore some of our recent success stories.

Psoriasis before and after 3 weeks of  treatment

ross barkley acupuncture