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Professor: Xiang Ping Zhang

  1. Expertise

    Professor Xiang joined GinSen in 2010. Since graduating in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the University of Shandong in 1964, Professor Xiang has pursued a dual clinical and academic career. Positions she has held at the University of Shandong in China include: Professor of TCM, Chief Doctor, Director of Teaching and Head of Research. She has tutored PhD students of TCM.

  2. Work experience

    She is the author, and co-author, of five textbooks of Traditional Chinese Medicine for the Pediatrics Higher Education of University of China. She has published numerous articles in medical journals. Representative medical works: editor in chief of pediatrics of traditional Chinese medicine (ran press, 1 October 1992), participated in “the practical Chinese medicine health study” (people’s medical publishing house, 1 September 1989 edition).

    With her deep clinical and research experience, Professor Xiang provides general medical care including treating the most difficult conditions. She also brings her great depth of knowledge to GinSen’s two specialist practice areas: Infertility and Weight Loss.

  3. Memberships
    • Member of The Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture UK
    • Rate as one of Top 100 Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine in UK