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Treatments at GinSen

acupuncture in london


Improves Blood Circulation

Acupuncture can be used to boost fertility naturally or combined with Western medicine to be used in conjunction with treatments such IVF and IUI.



Cupping is a detoxing method which unblocks energy channels, removes accumulated toxins through skin, releasing toxic heat and reducing internal inflammation.



Heat Therapy

Safe, smokeless Moxibustion provides warming energy, which reduces any internal inflammation as well as dispelling any pathogenic elements.

Herbal Tea


Chinese Herbal teas at GinSen are tailor made as a personal prescription for the root cause of the issue you are seeking to address.

Herbal Supplements

Daily Supplements

Herbal supplements by GinSen’s expert team are Made in the UK. These natural supplements are made to target individual symptoms and address the root cause. Free Consultation and International delivery available.


Range of Different Massage

Massage detoxes and balances, it also unblocks energy channels, and stimulates the body to increase blood circulation and energy flow.

Ear Candling

Eliminates Impurities

Ear candling is a safe, simple and non-invasive natural cleansing method used to treat earwax build-up by loosening or drawing out wax and other impurities.

Personalised Treatment

Tailor Made

Tailor made treatment plan created just for you with regular review of progress and ongoing advice.

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