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Cupping For Fertility

Cupping or fire cupping is a form of traditional medicine found in cultures across the globe. GinSen’s cupping for fertility treatment involves placing cups containing reduced air pressure or suction onto the skin and is based on the same principles as Acupuncture.

Cupping is a popular fertility treatment used to remove toxins and stimulate your body’s functions. Helping remove the residues in your body, restore your body’s natural balance and invigorating your reproductive system.

Boosts Fertility

Restores hormone balance, induces ovulation, increase probability of IVF success and improve sperm quality


Removes toxins, clears blockages, relieves inflammation. Detoxification allows for excess fluid to be drained out, promoting the circulatory system, lifting connective tissue and a range of other benefits.

Eliminates Excess Heat

If overstimulation occurs during an IUI or IVF cycle excess heat can occur, cupping eliminates excess heat reducing side effects from other medicines.


Benefits of cupping for fertility

This natural treatment is excellent for unlocking energy channels , detoxing of heat, blood clotting and inflammation, increasing blood circulation.


Dry and hot (fire)cupping

Drug free, non invasive and pain free treatment. The therapist will simply place the suction cups on the skin for a few minutes. The suction may facilitate healing with blood flow.

Reduces Stress

Factors like stress can affect your body functions and menstrual cycle. But Cupping can be used to reduce stress and improve blood flow for helping ease the psychological factors and help boost your reproductive system.

Improves Blood Circulation

Improves blood circulation by attracting immune cells, promoting cell repair, forming new connective tissues and creating new blood vessels in the tissue. Improved blood circulation offers a range of different benefits.

Why Choose GinSen’s Cupping For Fertility Treatment ?

Experience We are one of the leading Acupuncturist clinics in London with over 17 years of experience in using Acupuncture and Cupping for fertility along with other natural treatments for fertility.

We Provide fertility Cupping treatment for men and women. We assess and look at all factors including lifestyle and emotional balance in order to develop a tailor made cupping plan to suit your needs.

We Listen We take time to discuss your needs, conditions and understand the issues that are affecting you. We offer support throughout all stages of your treatment plan from initial consultation until the end of all treatments.

We Examine All aspects of your health During your free consultation our experienced Acupuncturist will look into your history, lifestyle to identify the root cause of the issues and pinpoint any imbalances that may exist.

Best cupping for fertility near me Visit us to find out the perfect fit practitioner for cupping, if you don’t have much experience with alternative medicine. Our acupuncture clinic offer cupping services in Kensington and Chelsea, west London. 

Stimulates whole body relaxation response
Support blood circulation to reproductive organs

Discover the amazing benefits & healing technique  with Cupping for fertility !

Cupping For Fertility Questions Answered

Frequently asked questions about cupping for fertility

Q. Does cupping help fertility ?

Cupping with acupuncture treatments are effective for helping with fertility. It helps relax muscle tension, support Qi movement,  removes stagnant, improves the circulation.

Q. How long will the fertility cupping section last ?

One cupping section usually last approximately 15-20 mins according to individual Circumstances.

Q.Will cupping leave marks on my body?

You will experience some cupping marks left on your body after the treatment, and the marks will usually disappear within a week.

Q. If cupping painful?

No cupping is not painful. The suction will feel slightly tight but not painful, the sensation passes quickly. Our practitioners will always ensure you are feeling comfortable.

Q. Preparing for Cupping Therapy

Eat: eat an hour before the appointment going for cupping physical therapy.Take enough water before the treatment as cupping detoxing the lymphatic system, ensure it effectively clear the cellular waste.
Avoid sunburned skin: If you have an irritated, sunburned area, avoid cupping therapy before your skin heals.
Avoid exfoliating aggressively: Remove dead skin and it leaves you sensitive. After aggressive exfoliation, you need to wait a couple of days before cupping therapy.

Disclaimer & Important Information

We can’t guarantee any treatment results. Symptoms, conditions and results are unpredictable and vary from person to person. treatment lengths and recovery times also vary from person to person. GinSen’s specialists will discuss your care needs before carrying out any treatment. All content on this site is provided as illustrative and for informational purposes only and does not guarantee results.

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