Reflexology is a natural, healing therapy. It is based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet which correspond to every part and organ of the body. Applying pressure to these reflexes releases blockages, which interfere with the body’s natural energy flow.

Reflexology is mainly applied to the feet, is a deeply relaxing and energising therapy which stimulates healing and treats the whole person. Whilst stimulating the body’s own healing force, tensions are eased, circulation is improved, toxins are eliminated.

Pregnancy and Menstruation

Beneficial for women during pregnancy, especially with regard to labor lengths and post-partum recovery time.


Effective in clearing out toxins from the body, balancing hormones and reducing stress helping body prepare for conception

Reduces Headaches

Provides relief from headaches and migraines by relieving tension in the muscles that cause this.

Benefits of Reflexology

Almost everybody can benefit from Reflexology. As well as treating those with health issues, it is also used to maintain good health.


Boosts Metabolism and Energy Levels

Improves the functionality of many organs in your body.

Eliminates Toxins

Improves blood circulation which results in faster healing and re-growth of damaged cells.


Puts the body in a more relaxed state.

Why Choose GinSen Clinics for Reflexology?

Experience We are one of the leading Chinese Medicine clinics in London with over 20 years of experience in Reflexology.

We understand Methods used in Reflexology could be a new experience for many and how it works may not be fully understood. Which is why here at GinSen Clinics we offer no obligation free consultation.

We listen We take time to discuss your needs, conditions and understand the issues that are affecting you. We offer support throughout all stages of your treatment plan from initial consultation till the end of all treatments.

We examine all aspects of your health during your free consultation. Our experienced therapists will look into your history, lifestyle to identify the root cause of the issues and pinpoint any imbalances that may exists internally.

Disclaimer & Important Information

We can’t guarantee any treatment results. Symptoms, conditions and results are unpredictable and vary from person to person. treatment lengths and recovery times also vary from person to person. GinSen’s specialists will discuss your care needs before carrying out any treatment. All content on this site is provided as illustrative and for informational purposes only and does not guarantee results.